All recipes are gluten-free, unless stated otherwise.


Banana pancake/omelette

Baked breakfast cookie

Breakfast cookie 2

Oatbran breakfast bake

A (very) basic and (very) easy granola…

A variety of pancakes/crepes

My favourite banana bread

Lemon/coconut “ultimate breakfast bars”

Banana pancakes, flourless (under the pitta recipe!)

Banana and oat pancakes

Breakfast-worthy apple crumble (and “custard”!)

Baked apple

Stewed fruit breakfast bowl

Raspberry/almond pancakes

Peach/almond pancakes

Raspberry/oat pancakes

Mango/coconut pancakes

Carrot cake porridge

Sweet potato/coconut pancakes

Blueberry carrot cake pancakes


Spinach/squash Spanish omelette

Colourful “fish pie”

Mushroom chick pea burgers

Healthy cauliflower (and broccoli) cheese

Lentil loaf

Lentil “lasagne”

Crustless spinach and mushroom “quiche”

Butternut “potato cakes” with FatFree Vegan’s mushroom sauce

Simple baked stuffed pepper

Adzuki bean burgers
(dairy-free, vegan)

Easy mushroom and leek soup (dairy-free and vegan with milk swap)

Crispy cashew polenta fingers
(dairy-free and vegan)

Buckwheat beany burgers (dairy-free and vegan)

Roasted red pepper and almond pesto (dairy-free and vegan)

Bubble and squeak (dairy-free, vegan)

Courgette frittatas


Two-minute oaty cookie/cake

Oaty cookies

Chocolate meringues, mixed-berry “jam”  (dairy-free)

Light-as-air chocolate cake – gluten-free, dairy-free (with tweaks to icing) and fat-free!

Guilt-free apple cake (dairy-free)

Gluten-free courgette pitta breads (dairy-free)

Butternut pitta breads (dairy-free)

My favourite banana bread (dairy-free)

Indulgent quadruple chocolate chip coconut oil cookies (dairy-free and have been made vegan)

Strawberry cheesecake

Pecan and cherry cookies

Chocolate peanut butter brownies (with mayo – trust me!)

Almond butter and banana blondies

Chocolate avocado cupcakes (GF, dairy-free and vegan!)

“Digestive biscuits”

Carrot cake coconut flapjacks
(dairy-free and vegan)

Classic Victoria sponge cake (not gluten-free)

Light hazelnut cake (dairy-free)

Coconut dream cake with coconut icing (dairy-free)

Light lemon cake with lemon icing

Gooseberry fool, made with…

coconut milk custard (both dairy-free and vegan)

Iced star gingerbread biscuits (on sticks!)

Dairy-free and vegan “buttercream” and chocolate ganache icing

Coconut oil “buttercream” (dairy-free and vegan)

Apple cake with cashew “buttercream” and caramel topping (dairy-free)

Banoffee pie (dairy-free and vegan)

Frozen strawberry yoghurt (dairy-free and vegan)

Creamy chocolate fudge/ice cream/pudding! (dairy-free and vegan, and on a guest post)

Carrot cake cupcakes (dairy-free and on a guest post)

Coffee cake (dairy-free)

Banoffee cake

Ultimate flapjacks

White chocolate hazelnut brownies

12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies and Sweets 2011:

Coconut crunch biscuits

Quinoa/maple/almond butter cookies

Carrot cake cookies (dairy-free and vegan)

Honey cookies

Honey oaties

Panforte (dairy-free and vegan)

Ginger spice cookies

(dairy-free and vegan with milk change!)

Golden truffles (dairy-free and vegan)

Iced German sables

12 Weeks of Christmas Treats 2012:

Caramel apple ring cake

Ultimate flapjacks

Spiced pecan sweets (vegan)

Gingerbread stars

Pecan/caramel/chocolate popcorn

Honeycomb ice cream (no ice cream maker needed)

Crunchy glazed pecan cookies

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