Same difference

No more firewalking, sadly 🙂

Although one of the organisers of last Friday’s event did say that next time, they’re thinking of doing a broken glass-walk instead – and I’d be up for that too!

No, this is all about breakfast, and me finally getting out of a porridge/toast rut.

First up, and only because I’d run out of the aforementioned porridge/bread, so I can’t take any credit for getting out of the aforementioned rut, was this:

I suddenly remembered how good chia puddings are. This was with almond milk, banana and peanut flour and was really good, especially with a separate bowl of blueberries, and really filling.

And talking of filling, and different breakfasts, I was lucky enough to be asked to become a Danio ambassador a while ago, and try the new Danio yoghurts.

The point is that they’re really high protein (12g a pot) and although they’re fat-free, they’re really thick and creamy – and that’s no lie:

Strawberry – and a cool Danio spoon 🙂

Apparently, they use more milk and Danone’s milk-straining recipe to get that thickness, which is amazing, like the texture of clotted cream (but nicer in my opinion, I’ve never liked clotted cream!)

They make strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, peach, cherry and passion fruit flavours and although I couldn’t find the passion fruit, I liked all the others; I much prefer the natural yoghurt with the fruit puree than fruit flavour throughout.

My favourite was the peach:

I ate them for breakfast, with oats and fruit, and they were really filling as well as tasting good, which might be owing to the protein content.

It’s cool to be part of the “ambassadors” scheme too. It was a shame I was at work when they did the official launch, with Olympic gymnast Louis Smith among others, but there’s a forum with health and fitness tips, etc, which looks interesting.

Plus, it was good to have a quick option for breakfast this weekend. I was on a horse-related course in Essex so it was long days, long drives – and not much time in the mornings! It was great, although freezing standing around in the cold wind, and now I’m back at work for a rest… 🙂

Have you tried the yoghurts – and do you find that mainly protein or carbohydrate for breakfast keeps you fuller for longer?

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8 Responses to Same difference

  1. I have not tried them but they are popping up on loads of blogs at the moment- they look a lot like the chobani ones- they were strained too so the 0 fat ones had no additives or anything. I think peach would be my ideal flavour, that or cherry. I find I do better with more carbs in the morning- I like some protein but porridge or soaked muesli are my ideal ones and the most filling.

  2. I’ve tried one of those yogurts and really loved it, I’m going to buy more flavours!

  3. I’ve never had chia pudding… It sounds interesting. Ive be one too attached to my porridge too…can’t seem to break away hehe.
    I’m really not a fan of the fruit puree yogurts. It’s something about the texture. It makes me feel a bit ill, which I know is so silly as its just fruit. Thats why I always go for plain and then add my own fruit. I like the sound of how thick the yogurts are though!

  4. Jess says:

    I do wish there were some high protein vegan yoghurts out there besides the ones made of soy. I’d adore a vegan passionfruit yoghurt!

    Gosh, a broken glass walk sounds even more terrifying than a fire walk! You’re a brave soul indeed if you decide to do both 😀


  5. Chia puddings are my fave, you have me craving one now!

  6. I haven’t seen this brand here. Is this like Greek yogurt? Sounds like it. I love the Greek for the high protein, which I’m now tracking to be sure I’m getting enough. It’s so filling and there are now two brands that come in at 2 Points on WW as opposed to 3 or 4 Points for most. I love it. Very filling.

  7. I have seen those yoghurts about, they do sound nice but I think I’m so addicted to my plain greek with frozen fruit I’d be worried I didn’t like them as much!

  8. The strawberry looks delicious.

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