This is the view that greeted me on Easter Sunday:

But I’m not going to complain about the weather because I do it all the time – and today, this afternoon in particular, was much more like it 🙂

And at least the snow on Easter Sunday didn’t hang around for this:

The annual duck race in the village, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Hundreds of ducks are tipped into the river, some normal, some “super”. Each is numbered and “bought” by someone and whoever bought the first of each sort of duck across the line wins some of the cash, while the rest goes towards a new sports pavilion. everyone’s a winner.

Loads of people come, it’s brilliant.

Also at Easter, I took full advantage of being able to eat chocolate again, making a fair-sized dent in the Hotel Chocolat slab and providing a good home to a lot of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs *drool*

And there was some baking, including these (don’t laugh)

I used this recipe – but obviously used a different sort of butterscotch chips, ie exploding ones.

But like my other exploded pecan biscuits, they actually tasted delicious.

Whereas I can’t say the same for this:

Because I didn’t try it! Another banoffee cake, although instead of using tinned dulce de leche for the filling, I made caramel, out of butter, brown sugar and condensed milk, so it would be firmer, and used the topping from my caramel apple cake.

It was for my colleague’s birthday but as we didn’t get round to giving it and his presents to him till late, he took it all with him… he said his mates gave it a double thumbs-up though – and I can vouch for just how good that caramel tastes… 🙂

But better than any caramel is the clocks going forward, beautiful daylight till 8pm, and the sun even showed its face today, happy, happy days!

Have a great week.

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8 Responses to Easter

  1. Mary says:

    Loving the annual duck race!!! For a minute I thought you were tipping real life ducks into the river but whilst I was thinking about how that would work I studied the picture a little closer and saw the bright yellow ducks which helped me work out the actual rules of the race!

  2. runningcupcake says:

    Mmmm that caramel sauce does indeed look delicious 🙂

  3. I need that cake in my life, looks yummy!

  4. Your village looks so quaint!

  5. Those cookies remind me of the toffee chip ones I made when I worked for Millies cookies! They exploded a bit but tasted delicious all the same!

  6. Ahh that’s so cool that your village has a duck race! It looks so British, I love it 🙂
    Oh dear about the cookies…but the taste is all that matters! And I think your bannoffe cake looks so good…mmm caramel sauce sounds divine!

  7. For some reason you weren’t coming up in my blog reader… 😦 Love the duck race photos!

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