It felt like spring a couple of weeks ago.

On the weekend of February 16 and 17, it was beautiful sunshine, with real warmth in it… then we had two weeks of winter with a vengeance. It wasn’t just cold, it was the evil, hideously bitter wind that made just being outside so miserable.

Then last Sunday, the sun poked its head out and we had three lovely warm, sunny days; daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses are poking their own heads out; it’s light till just-about 6pm… happy days.

It’s p*ssing down now of course – but it feels like spring rain rather than winter rain – and there’s definitely a difference 🙂

It’s still not warm enough for me to want anything other than porridge for breakfast though and I’ve found the best way of doing it.

I used to leave the oats, water, flax seed and mixed spice in water overnight, then cook it on the hob in the morning but then on my mum’s suggestion, I tried starting to cook it the night before; just bringing it to the boil, then adding a bit more water and cooking properly the next day. It makes it much creamier – and a bigger bowlful, so definitely a winner!

My mum’s also been doing some serious baking (she keeps ordering me to test things, it’s a hard life…) including these:

I don’t think I’d ever had Welshcakes before; they’re made from normal biscuit ingredients but you get a batter, rather than a dough, which you cook in dollops on a hotplate or frying pan. The result is somewhere between a biscuit and a cake, with crisp edges and lots of currants and spice… so delicious, I didn’t get round to taking a picture till there were only two left… 🙂 I’m tempted to try other versions; a carrot cake one has to be the way forward.

They helped me resist some serious temptation too. In November last year, I won a giveaway on Ffion’s blog for a Hotel Chocolat Advent calendar, which I then heard they’d run out of. And to cut a long story short, Hotel Chocolat sent me this instead this week:

And if you can think of anything more tortuous than getting that through the post when you’ve given up chocolate for Lent – I won’t believe you. It’s firmly in the back of a cupboard but fear not, in three weeks’ time, I’ll be doing it full justice… 🙂

Have a lovely weekend.

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11 Responses to Spring?

  1. Jess says:

    Ugh, so much for spring – we’re getting snowed on AGAIN on Monday. Methinks it will be bloody snowing in July at this rate :/

    That chocolate is indeed a test of willpower – rather you than me as I would fail miserably!


  2. I know wft has happened to the sun? that chocolate slab is epic, at least Easter isn’t too far away now!

  3. I was so optimistic about the weather. It’s now snowing here, so strange.

  4. That chocolate looks amazing! I love their chocolate 🙂 Just think it will taste even better after waiting for it for 3 weeks!
    And the weather- urgh! I really thought spring was coming.

  5. Danielle says:

    Wow that looks amazing, it is making my mouth water just looking at it! I too wonder where Spring is…I’m bored of jumpers and coats!

  6. Haha that chocolate would definitely shake my restraint! Hold on strong 🙂
    Yeah what is up with the weather. Yesterday was lovely and warm and felt like a beautiful spring’s day. Today it is freezing and reatening to snow! Crazy.
    I’ve only recently just experienced Welsh cakes myself and they were so good. Definitely want the, more often

  7. I’m glad you finally got some chocolate, it’s taken awhile hasn’t it!? Looks good though, at least you only have a few weeks left, and then you will really enjoy it!

  8. That’s a Lot of chocolate! Welsh cakes sound good and look good, too.

  9. sybaritica says:

    Wow … I haven’t had welshcakes since I was a kid …. what a memory flash!

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