Tyred out

When I got on my bike last Tuesday morning, I realised the back tyre was completely flat. Being disorganised, it took me till Friday to put it in the car and take it to a shop near work. They said it needed a full service, which set me back £38 but it was worth it; I cycled to the yard on Friday evening and it felt brilliant.

Unfortunately, just as I got on the bike to come home, I realised the tyre was flat again. That was a nice walk , especially as the tyre came off the rim half way back and I had to carry the back wheel about a mile 😦

So on Saturday, I took it to the local bike shop. New inner tube, £6.50, job done. Except as I was nearly home from the yard that afternoon, guess what? Flat as a fecking pancake again!

I can tell you, apart from anything else, getting a man’s frame bike into a Golf is not fun and by Sunday, when I tried to take it to the local bike shop again, I’d done it three days in a row. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

But of course, the bike shop now doesn’t open on Sundays so I had to take it to the one near work on Monday. They found bits of flint in the tyre and put a new one on (another £20, thanks) and the bloke said it must have been coincidence… really??

But whatever it was, I’ve now ridden it to do the horses twice since and it’s stayed up; although I don’t necessarily recommend cycling with your head between your knees because you’re continually checking the tyre’s still inflated… 🙂

On a different note, I’ve been enjoying non-chocolate and non-ice creamy type things this week, including this:

I don’t know why that picture came out that size, it looks like a bath of yoghurt! But to be honest, a bathful of Collective Dairy Russian fudge yoghurt would be no bad thing; I did think it might be too sweet, even for me, but it’s plain yoghurt with the caramel swirled through and probably because the yoghurt’s probiotic, it’s got a tang which goes perfectly with the sweetness – very addictive!

And at least I’m sticking to what I’m giving up – my colleague, who’s also “given up chocolate”, apparently asked his girlfriend to put chocolate drops in a cake she made – and then had chocolate cheesecake! Apparently, he’s decided he’s only giving up “bars of chocolate”… so Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs and every other sort of egg is apparently fine, not to mention chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits, chocolate ice cream… as I said to him, I’m not angry – I’m just disappointed. 🙂

Is it just me – or is that a massive cop-out?!

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4 Responses to Tyred out

  1. Ha ha that is a massive cop out! I gave up chocolate once, and I included everything chocolate flavoured (like yoghurts, ice cream), anything with cocoa powder etc- if you do something you had better do it properly!

  2. Haha yes that is a cop-out! Chocolate is chocolate whether it’s a bar or a cake. Hey hum, no will power hehe.
    I’ve never seen this yogurt thing before (I loved how big the pic was hehe). But I really want to try it!
    That really sucks about your bike tire, how frustrating. I remember at uni I pushed my bike all the way to a little bike shop in the centre of town (a good 45 mins away) to get the tire fixed. Only to realise there was a massive Halfords right behind my halls!

  3. That is a huge cop out! I’ve saw those yoghurts a few times and they look delicious, caramel sounds amazing 🙂

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