Shrove Tuesday

I’m only four days late posting this!

I did have pancakes on Tuesday but only because when I saw my mum, when I was back from work late, she had batter mixed and the hob hot to make some lovely gluten-free Scotch pancakes… lemon juice + sugar = delicious.

Back in the day, the crepe-style with lemon and sugar was the only way I’d ever had pancakes – I never thought of having them for breakfast till I went to America in 2006. Now though, I love them in the mornings, my current favourites being these:

I originally made carrot and blueberry pancakes but I prefer having the blueberries, and some maple syrup, on top of the carrot pancakes.

50g buckwheat pancake mix (or just buckwheat/wholemeal flour and about 1/4tsp baking powder, as that’s all that’s in the mix)

60-70g carrot, finely grated

2tbsp egg white (or one egg white)

1tbsp milk

1/2tbsp water

1/4-1/2tsp lemon zest (optional but it’s good… you can freeze lemon zest, wrapped in a piece of kitchen paper, and just use it straight frmo the freezer)

1/4tsp ground mixed spice.

(Optional, handful of blueberries for the batter)

Mix everything together really well then cook in a preheated frying pan over a low-medium heat till golden both sides. Serve with a handful of blueberries and maple syrup.

They’re delicious – and they’re also my entry to the pancake challenge.

The energy team found that pancakes were the most energy efficient meal to cook so they launched a competition to find the most creative.

The prize is a Philips airfryer, which looks great, so I’m going to make another entry, these mango and coconut pancakes with raspberry sauce:

Mmm, haven’t made those for far too long! The competition’s open till February 28 so if you fancy winning an airfryer, go and have a look 🙂

Did you have pancakes this week? What’s your favourite way to eat them?

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6 Responses to Shrove Tuesday

  1. Jess says:

    I used to have pancakes with lemon and sugar too – not those awful Jif lemons though. We made pancakes at school once and Jif lemons were all they had. I drenched my pancake in the stuff and then couldn’t eat it, despite the teacher trying to force me (traumatised for life, I say). American pancakes are something I don’t think I bothered with since I saw the protein versions on blogs. My Mum did used to make me Scotch pancakes for snacks sometimes though, and I had Staffordshire Oat Cakes for breakfast every single day for a year when I was 11 (three with tonnes of butter and golden syrup. No wonder I had a weight problem even then!)

    Good luck with the competition – the mango and coconut ones with raspberry sauce sound particularly lovely.


  2. No worries about being late. It’s still a delicious looking post!

  3. I like the idea of using grated carrot in pancakes. This week I’ve been on quite a pancake kick, so yummy!

  4. I was exactly the same with pancakes until I went t America. And then my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of big fat fluffy pancakes and bacon and maple syrup. Heaven!
    Both your pancakes look really good. Love the sound of the raspberry sauce. And I’d never think to put grated carrot in pancakes, but then it works in carrrot cake 🙂

  5. runningcupcake says:

    Mango and coconut is such a lovely combination- those pancakes sound fab 🙂

  6. Mmm pancakes… we always had the crepe style ones and I actually made them this Shrove Tuesday for a change. I actually prefer the plump ones though 🙂

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