The north wind doth blow, and we shall have snow

And what will the robin do then, poor thing?

Well he wasn’t sitting in a barn “hiding his head under his wing”…

He was taking his life in his hands, pecking round under THWWN’s feet. And I think it’s fair to say he’s been keeping well fed, fat little bugger 🙂

But it’s true that whichever wind it was; north, east, southbysouthwestrecurring – it hath indeed blown and it hath snowed big time. My phone’s messing about so no pictures from today but it was along these lines:

We’d actually been very lucky compared to the rest of the country not to get more than a dusting before Friday (much more today) but it’s been freezing, -7C in the mornings is not fun:

I was at home most of today, as there was no riding or driving anywhere to be done – so my house is cleaner than it ever has been and even my fridge is clean. Be impressed.

It’s just so cold though, which is where this sort of thing comes in:

I was lucky enough to be sent some of Yorkshire Provender‘s gluten-free soup to try and I gave it my full attention.

Apart from anything else, the pots look so tempting – and the soup itself doesn’t look too bad either:

That was the vegetable and ham, which I shared with my mum, and it went down a treat. It tasted lovely but my personal preference is for thick, creamy soup, which is where the pea and spinach was a real winner.

I have to say the beetroot wasn’t my favourite thing ever, but then I’ve mentioned the love-hate (mainly hate) relationship beetroot and I have and actually, considering that, it wasn’t too bad! And as for the tomato and red pepper with Wensleydale, I think an mmmmmm sums it up… On that note, can anyone else not say Wensleydale without using a Wallace and Gromit voice? Or is that just me…?

Soup’s always good in weather like this and I think I’m going to have to buy some more as this looks like it’s staying around for a while! Have you got much snow? And have you tried the Yorkshire Provender soups?

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11 Responses to The north wind doth blow, and we shall have snow

  1. Jess says:

    Have we had much snow? Is the Pope a Catholic…do bears poop in the woods? And other such sentiments. And it ain’t going anywhere for at least another week, if not longer. Fun times.

    Nope, I always say ‘Wensleydale’ a la Wallace as well. Sometimes with an accompanying grimace and that weird clenched hand thing he always does 😛


  2. Yes, snow here! All day Friday, a sprinkling on Saturday, then all day Sunday. The roads are awful though as they didn’t get gritted (as if this was not forecast??) so the snow has frozen and they are like ice rinks.
    I have not heard of those soups, love the sound of the red pepper one (and yes to the Wallace voice too!)- am going to make some butternut and sweet potato soup later, yummy.

  3. As Jess said (we live pretty close by) we have indeed had snow, in fact I think Co Durham is one of the worst hit today, fun and games! At least I got in a workout shovelling snow!

  4. You’re right, just looking at the containers makes me hungry!! Travel safe when you do have to go out, Eleanor!

  5. The soups look delicious. I’ve got veggies roasting in the over right now so I can make a puree.
    Beautiful winter wonderland photos!

  6. AnnaTheApple says:

    Yes! I can’t think of wendysleydale cheese without thinking of Wallace and Gromit! I love them!
    I love trying new soups, I especially like soups with bits in it so it adds a bit of variety to it. I’ve never had soup with beetroot in it though, might have to try some or look for a recipe as it sounds intriguing. I do love beet root!

  7. The snow pictures look gorgeous. We have been hit pretty hard by the snow but we are coping. 🙂

  8. Brrrrr I’m ready for spring!!! It IS a good time to make a big batch of soup though! Maybe I’ll do that tonight 🙂

  9. Also, I tagged you in a blogger question thing.

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