Fit for purpose

Phew, another busy weekend, mainly playing ponies which is always good 🙂

It was grey, miserable and almost-drizzling all weekend, which isn’t ideal weather for spending time outside but one of the great things about having horses is, they always have to be looked after. There have been a lot of times in the past when I’ve felt knackered, hungover or just generally not very up for going outside on a miserable day – but once I get outside, riding, mucking out and generally being active, I almost always feel better for it.

Similarly, it takes a lot of motivation to get on my bike to cycle to the yard on these pitch black mornings (and if it’s freezing, I don’t!) but when I do, I feel great; it sets me up perfectly for a day at work.

And it’s on that note that I want to introduce the competition I mentioned in my last post – to win a Fitbit activity tracker and a set of “smart scales“!

I was contacted on behalf of MoneySupermarket, which is running a “Get Fit Feel Epic” campaign throughout this month. It’s about “inspiring people to discuss how leading an active lifestyle makes them feel”.

All you have to do is write a blog post about how you have – or how you plan to – get fit and feel epic. Whether it’s climbing Kilimanjaro before breakfast and swimming the Channel and back as an encore or, like me, getting out the trusty bike and enjoying a zumba class, it all counts. As, of course, does running with red paint on your nose and a set of reindeer antlers.

Sooooooooooo….! To enter, just write a post, which can include photos, audio, text and video, mentioning and linking to the Get Fit Feel Epic Campaign, Money Supermarket and this blog. Then, email me, at,  with “Get Fit Feel Epic” in the subject line, and include a link to the post, and your name and phone number in it by the end of January 31 – and if you haven’t got a blog, you can always start one for the purpose!

The best post will win the tracker, which help you keep feeling epic 🙂 , and the scales, which measure BMI and body fat percentage – so what are you waiting for?!

Only open to UK residents, sorry!

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9 Responses to Fit for purpose

  1. This sounds awesome!! If I was in the UK I’d do it!

  2. I still love that photo of you! Too cute! How about an old person who just rides her stationary bike as an excuse to read?!? 😉

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  5. Kerri Knapp says:

    Getting fit has changed how I feel about myself and my perception of what I’m capable of. I feel stronger both physically and mentally and am far more willing to challenge myself. I still have a way to go to get my body to where I want it to be – my current focus is on shedding body fat to get that to a healthy level before my 40th birthday at the end of the year. And then I’ll take on the London Marathon again in 2014 feeling fit and fabulous at 40.

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