Feeling Christmassy – and lurgified

Feeling Christmassy yet?!

I’ve only just got this up… and if it looks familiar, it’s the same wonky tree I had last year; it was in a pot so I put it outside in January – and brought it back in tonight. It’s grown too 🙂

I hadn’t had a chance to put it up earlier as it’s been the flattest-out flat-out week ever. My mum and dad had to be out of their house yesterday so I spent Saturday and Sunday at theirs, clearing out bags upon bags and boxes upon boxes… what didn’t help is, my friend and I had arranged to go out for Christmas drinks on Saturday night – so you can imagine I was absolutely knackered by Sunday night!

Then I was editing at work this week, with people off on holiday, and thanks to two council meetings after work, I had a 13.5-hour day on Monday, followed entertainingly by a 12-hour day on Tuesday. I told the council press officer today that it’s the council’s fault I’ve got the lurgy now, for making me too tired by holding too many meetings 🙂

Yesterday was a long day too, but for a much nicer reason…I went to Olympia and it was as good as ever.

The show jumping’s always brilliant but as well as that, there’s always great displays:

I’ve seen this man, all of whose horses are just loose but do exactly what he asks, before but I hadn’t seen the Spanish police display team and they were outstanding. There’s also the Shetland Pony Grand National (as good as it sounds) and dog agility… it’s the sort of show you enjoy even if you’ve got no interest in horses. and when you see the finale:

It’s always Father Christmas, and everyone sings The First Noel, that’s when it feels Christmas has really come.

And this year everyone in the finale – the clowns, the cabaret-style dancers, the English vaulting team, the arena party – was doing Gangnam Style dancing to finish off… genius 🙂

Are you in the spirit yet?

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5 Responses to Feeling Christmassy – and lurgified

  1. We only put our tree up today too. Organised I am NOT. I’m so envious of your trip to Olympia – I haven’t been for years…

  2. Catherine says:

    I went to Olympia years back, loves it, so festive!

  3. AnnaTheApple says:

    I love your little tree, it’s very rustic 🙂
    Sorry your feeling run down. Sounds like an absolutely mad week! But it’s over now and almost Christmas woohoo!
    Wow Olympia sounds amazing. I’d never heard of it before if I’m honest but sounds pretty epic!

  4. Nicole says:

    Looks like a great show.
    I got my (small) tree up this week and last night wrapped presents. So I’m finally in the Christmas spirit!

  5. Finally in the spirit, Eleanor! So cool to see Santa on horseback. Moving is never fun and can really wear you out. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

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