Gale force

I woke up at about 4am on Sunday and was a little bit worried, thinking my house might actually fall over.

Luckily it didn’t 🙂

The wind’s been fairly howling the last few days though and it’s matched what I’ve been doing; all a bit manic. Thursday’s election count wasn’t too bad but I didn’t get home till about 12.15am. Then I was up at 6am to exercise THWNN and muck out before work. I put him to bed on the way back, then had half an hour to get changed and back out to see Dodgy.

There were two support acts; the first, Hank Foreman, was brilliant. I could see him being the next Ed Sheeran so if that happens, remember where you saw it first. I’m all about cutting-edge new music and that. Innit.

The second support act was the daughters and son of one of the venue’s management. And I’m not going to say any more about that.

But Dodgy were brilliant. It was only a small room and they were talking to the audience, singing Happy Birthday to one lady… really good 🙂

And I apologise; of all the crap phone pictures, that’s surely the crappest.

Saturday was more chilled, just not great as it rained solidly all day, and on Sunday, I went to my first proper jumping show with THWNN. I was nervous beforehand as it was a proper competition but he was a star; just one unlucky fence down so all good.

I’ve been back to zumba as well, last week and last night and am still loving it – it’s like clubbing but without the hangover.

It means getting back quite late though, without time to have dinner beforehand, hence this:

Feeding my obsession with goats’ cheese, I just sliced some over sauted mushrooms, spinach and steamed veg pile… I know it’s not an ideal dinner – and probably quite weird – but it was quick and it was delicious… you can’t argue with that!

Hope everyone had a good weekend and hasn’t been too badly affected by the hideous weather.

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18 Responses to Gale force

  1. AnnaTheApple says:

    Woa you must be shattered! Sounds busy! Well done on your jumping show 🙂
    Zumba always sounds so good but I’ve never done it. I’m it sure how good I’d be as I don’t have much rhythm, but I guess it’s the effort you put in rather than getting the moves exactly right?
    I think your dinner looks great! Anything with goats cheese rocks my world. Healthy and quick!

    • Thank you 🙂
      Zumba’s brilliant, the best fun exercise class I’ve done and it doesn’t matter if you’ve got no rhythm; I’m not sure what I’m doing half the time but as long as you keep moving, it’s all good!
      And I agree, goats’ cheese is immense whatever it’s with!

  2. runningcupcake says:

    Yes it is SOOOO windy! I went to the allotment on Sunday and found that our shed had been blown over- no-one around to help so I had to put it back up- not easy seeing as it is 6ft high and made of metal! I hope the wind dies down now.

  3. Jess says:

    It’s certainly getting interesting up here in Durham – might have to swim to the gym if this continues! I hope the wind eases off and doesn’t move up North as the floods have done.

    Ha, I remember Dodgy – I was never sure whether to classify them as Indie or Grunge. Or possibly neither.

    Glad you’re enjoying the Zumba – I actually went back and tried another class because it had been a year and I thought it might change my mind. The instructor wasn’t as godawful and flourescent as the other one, but I’m still not quite sold. I just don’t have the confidence and I’m not the booty-shaking type!


    • I saw it was really bad in Durham and felt for you and Laura! Hope it’s eased off for you now, although the current minus temperatures aren’t good either…
      I’m not sure what I’d class Dodgy as but they were brilliant – and their new stuff sounded good too.
      I’m not confident or a booty-shaker either – and the fact I have to face mirrors doesn’t help! – but the instructor in the class I go to is so lovely and no one cares if you get it wrong… I think as long as you’re moving, it’s ok 🙂 xx

  4. Glad your house is still standing!

  5. Nicole says:

    Your take on Zumba made me laugh! I’ve only tried it via a Zumba dvd workout – it was fun.

  6. Ah I love Dodgy! Remind me of being 16! This weather has been awful, we’ve had terrible floods up here :-/

    • Staying Out for the Summer really look me back, it was brilliant! Real Britpop stuff… I just replied to Jess, I felt for you and she, hearing how bad Durham had it, hope it’s drying out now 🙂

  7. Fran@BCDC says:

    Dinner looks yummy and your evening at the show sounds like such fun! I love hearing live music!

  8. Oh I have a major addiction for goat’s cheese too! The weather has been crazy- we have fields that look like lakes here.

  9. Hahahaha it’s like clubbing without the hangover. LOVE IT. I do enjoy Zumba, and you’re totally right haha

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