A rant

Well work’s been straight back into the deep end after my week off!

Two meetings last night, one this morning, writing all the above up today… plus a late-night by-election vote count coming up on Thursday. Still, I’d rather be busy than bored 🙂

I don’t tend to read newspapers much when I’m off but I do at work – and something I read yesterday really got on my threepenny bits. I’ve ranted about a similar subject before, a piece entitled something like “Yes you CAN eat carbohydrates and lose weight”, which contained gems such as “For years, they’ve been a no-no” and “studies have shown that not all carbs are bad”.

Monday’s piece, “Why carbs are NOT the enemy”, stated: “But carbs, often seen as “evil”, are good for you and can help with the  battle of the bulge. So you’ll be able to tuck into a bowl of pasta for  dinner  without tasting guilt.”

Dear lord.

Based on “new research”, a “diet guru” then sets out a plan which includes:

During the day avoid foods such as porridge, cereals, bread, pasta, rice,  noodles, and potatoes.” I’m sure it’s good that this plan tells people to avoid refined carbohydrates such as biscuits and cakes – but it also says you should avoid “higher-carb fruits” during the day and only have smoothies in the evening… ?!

Honestly. I’m no nutritionist but surely a balanced diet is a healthy diet – and balanced means including protein, fats, fibre, vitamins, minerals, water – and carbohydrates.

It also really irritates me that these articles’ authors assume we’re all sheep; “we’ve all been avoiding carbs for years” – er, no, “we all” haven’t. And I won’t be signing up for any of this “carbs after 5” malarkey, as proved by today’s carborific breakfast:

And low carbohydrate dinner.

And just to add, I’m not sad enough to do that on purpose, I’d been planning to make that leek and ham gratin, from a Harry Eastwood recipe, for a while… and it was worth it 🙂

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16 Responses to A rant

  1. Jess says:

    Oh, the diet pages of any newspaper are always infuriating. Not just because of the spurious advice and the same topics repeated ad nauseam – the thing that really makes me see red is when they post someone’s slimming story from a size 18 to ‘a trim size 8!’ or whatever and I’m sorry, but most of the time the person is no way in Hell a size 8. A bit of honesty would be nice, eh?

    Anyway, I have tied myself in knots freaking out over carbs and since I’m restricted to about six foods at the moment in a bid to get my stomach issues to go away, I’m afraid I shall not be removing my rice pudding for dinner (yes, really!)


    • That’s always the way isn’t it, I could quote the Sun ones almost word for word “I used to skip breakfast, then have a cola and two chocolate bars at my desk. Lunch would be a pizza, then I’d wolf down more biscuits”…! And It’s always “shedding pounds” to “a trim” size whatever – and I agree, it never looks or sounds right, aaarrgh!
      What also annoys me is the diet plans they usually propose; they’re all good but they’re just porridge for breakfast, steamed fish, veg and whatever and no one can sustain that long term, you’ve got to have treats!
      I think it’s a case of different things for different people and if lots of carbs suits someone, it’s right for them; nothing wrong with rice pudding for dinner! xx

  2. AnnaTheApple says:

    Oh I hear you with this! Newspaper ‘get thin quick’ schemes are just plain stupid. I mean seriously, it is jut not healthy to demonise one food group. Of course you’ll lose weight if you stop eating an ENTIRE food group – but it’s so wrong! It’s not sustainable, and certainly likely to drive people mad. It’s because of these articles that people think they are bad for you. Grr.

    • Exactly, the whole thing about a balanced diet is it’s BALANCED! And that includes treats, I think, no one could hope to give up puddings for ever, it should just be everything in moderation. Grrrr indeed!

  3. Oh I totally agree- fads of any kind generally annoy me- people just have to find a balance. Some people need a few more carbs, some a little less, but it is about finding the balance that works for you. And half the time (like that article) they don’t even make any sense.

    • That’s exactly it, what works for someone, ie more carbs or more protein, won’t necessarily work for someone else but there’s got to be balance – and how can they tell people to cut out bananas and porridge in the mornings?!

  4. Nicole says:

    It is all about balance!!

  5. Fran@BCDC says:

    Eleanor, I am totally with you! So many “experts” like to tell you that it’s all or nothing…all of this and none of that. That’s why I like a program like Weight Watchers that teaches you to eat a balanced, varied diet. You can’t separate me from my oatmeal…sorry! 😉

    • From what I’ve heard, the WW pro points plan is the best diet around; doesn’t it give you points based on nutrition rather than just calories? That’s the way to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle, rather than a “diet” which is exactly that, a healthy lifestyle rather than a faddy get-thin-quick plan, good for them!

  6. It drives me nuts too, even more so now that I feel I do actually know a bit about nutrition – and the fact that different things work for different people, surely that’s not such a difficult concept to grasp? But I guess the common sense stuff doesn’t sell! Its a shame, I met with a girl today (my first client!) and she was saying how confused she was about nutrition from all the mixed messages in the media, craziness!

    • Exactly, it’s rubbish like this that makes people think “carbs are bad”; or the long-term abusing of fats in the media, so people think “low-fat” is automatically “healthy”, aarghh! with the Government’s new “traffic light” labelling looming, I think the confusion’s going to get worse… 😦

  7. retrochickuk says:

    This drives me crazy too! Cutting out food groups is not the way to do anything. The focus is always on losing weight and being skinny rather than being healthy and well nourished.

    • Exactly; it should be about promoting a healthy overall lifestyle, including exercsise and a few treats, not quick fixes and going to the gym every day for shirt bursts which people could never sustain!

  8. moderngirlnutrition says:

    Just foun your blog an love it! Aren’t horses the best? An those pecan treats look heavenly!:)

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