little big things

Good things come in small packages, they say, and similarly, it’s often the small things that count most.

On that theme, I was really pleased to be asked whether I wanted to post about a new AXA PPP healthcare initiative, on something that means a lot to me. The company has set up a pinboard designed to provide tips, advice and support for anyone affected by cancer, be it directly or indirectly.

The aim of little big things is to highlight things which may seem insignificant but which can mean so much, make such a difference to anyone trying to cope with cancer, in whichever form it has chosen to strike. Manuka honey, for example, is apparently really good for mouth ulcers that appear during chemotherapy.

The pinboard, on which people are invited to share their tips and stories, is part of a six-week focus on cancer support, including more advice and information on its Twitter and Facebook pages, blog and dedicated cancer centre. The company is also running TV adverts featuring members helped by AXA PPP’s one-to-one cancer nurse service, sharing tips that made a big difference to them.

Race for Life, Folkestone 2012

Something I think will be really helpful is the series of live web discussions with experts, all this week. I was disappointed to miss the nutrition and nutritional therapy one today, as I personally think the right diet is absolutely imperative to overcoming cancer.

But I’m also really interested in the chat on supporting someone with cancer, tomorrow between 10am and noon, as I think it’s something not often discussed but crucial to those indirectly affected.

If you’re interested in any of the chats, you can reigster here and of course, AXA PPP wants people to share their own “little big things” on the pinboard. This one, Laughter, really struck a chord and this one’s lovely, there’s a practical tip saying ginger biscuits help during chemotherapy – and the positive news that the lady concerned “came out the other side”.

With recent medical advances, and the fact science is making strides forward all the time, more than half of those diagnosed with cancer now survive it. But it’s not only down to that… those little things can mean everything.

This post is sponsored by AXA PPP healthcare – but I’m going to donate the fee to Cancer Research. Hopefully that little thing will help too x

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4 Responses to little big things

  1. AnnaTheApple says:

    That’s lovely that you’re donating the fee! Cancer is a very scary and very real disease 😦

  2. Kirsty says:

    What a thoughtful thing to do. It all adds up to make a difference.

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