I’m back

I haven’t posted for a long time, for reasons I won’t go into… but dry your eyes folks, I’m back… over the moon aren’t you?

You don’t have to answer that πŸ™‚

So what’s new? As this is my first post in October, I think it’s time to go back to my goals for September – and I didn’t meet all of them.

I’ve definitely done well on the budgeting side of things, by being stricter with myself, but the Pilates one wasn’t so good.

I only went once more after that post, but not for want of trying. Basically, the Tuesday class is far too late and although Monday at 7pm’s easier for me, it’s obviously easier for everyone else and as the studio’s tiny, it’s always full. To be honest though, the main reason I wanted to do Pilates was to improve my riding and as I’ve been having regular lessons in that, it’s probably doing more good anyway.

And that brings me on to my next goal, to take the Horse With No Name (Who’s Probably Going to be Called Felix, I Think) to his first show:

It was dressage, at a local show centre. Only at the most novice level, so it’s not as if we were doing any of this:

But we did get these:

We won the class! That’s not bad, for the first time out. He’s going really well and I’m hoping to take him to a jumping show before too long πŸ™‚

Other things that have changed… it’s definitely autumn. I might have to dig out the sunrise-simulating alarm clock as it’s as black as the ace of spades when I get up – and 2C this morning!

That’s meant aΒ change as far as breakfast is concerned:

Back to porridge every day, but cooking the carrot the night before, leaving the oats and spice to soak overnight, then cooking on the hob in the morning. It hardly takes any time and I find I prefer creamy, hot porridge to carving a lump off a previously-cooked block of it… πŸ™‚

And dinner:

My dad’s yellow courgette and butternut squash, roasted with red onion, garlic and olive oil spray, with crumbled goats’ cheese on top; it’s immense. so much so that I had it three days in a row last week – and again tonight – but it really is that good.

What about you, what have been the highlights of the last three weeks? I’ll be back to blogging and reading now, so I look forward to catching up with everyone πŸ™‚

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16 Responses to I’m back

  1. Glad that you are back – hope everything is ok πŸ™‚ Glad that ‘felix’ has been doing well for you! Your dinner does sound especially delish, I’ve been loving goats cheese x

  2. I’ve missed you! I love the video! Horses are such amazing animals and sadly I’ve never even ridden one. I’m living vicariously through you! Dinner looks delicious!

  3. Congrats and welcome back!

  4. AnnaTheApple says:

    Hope everything’s ok! That meal looks amazing. I love, love goat’s cheese. And cru,bled onto butternut squash sounds divine. The cold dark mornings really are so depressing. Well at least we gain an hour soon!

  5. Welcome back! Your meals look delicious (and farmer fresh!) and congrats on the ribbon.

  6. Jess says:

    Lovely to see you back!

    Massive congratulations on the ribbon – that must be impressive for only having ‘Felix’ (love the name!) for a short while, no?

    Really hope you’re okay and whatever stuff is going on isn’t too anxiety-provoking *hugs*.


    • Thank you very much! It was good for the first time out, bless him, he’s a love πŸ™‚
      And thank you, it wasn’t looking too good a couple of weeks ago but much more positive now xx

  7. You and potentially-Felix are a lovely couple! CONGRATS on taking home first! You guys will be doing the really fancy dressage stuff in no time πŸ˜‰

  8. Thank you so much, couldn’t believe it, bless him! Looking forward to jumping properly too, can’t wait πŸ™‚

  9. Kailey says:

    glad you are back to blogging πŸ™‚
    Your dinner looks great – love that butternut squash is now in season! win win

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