Romeo and Julienne

There’s nothing at all about a Romeo in this post.

After all, the only tall, dark and handsome man around here is this one:

But I couldn’t resist. And there is a julienne.

I saw on a blog somewhere (can’t remember which one, sorry!) that someone had been using a julienne peeler to make vegetable noodles. Intrigued, I looked on eBay and found one for the princely sum of £1.70, including delivery.

Then I scored this bad boy, out of my dad’s garden:

I set to with my julienne on the howge courgette and was very impressed. The cheeky teeth on it work a treat:

I blanched my “noodles” briefly in boiling water and added green pesto and cheese, as well as some mushrooms sauted with garlic:

Looks revolting, I know but trust me… very, very nice; I much prefer the flavour of the courgette to normal spaghetti and am now eyeing up a butternut squash for my next bowl of noodles…

Other random deliciousness from this week also involves one of those giant courgettes:

My mum made an outstanding ratatouille from my dad’s courgette, onion, aubergine and tomatoes, with garlic, olive oil, coriander seed and bay leaves the other night. It’s usually her baking I can’t keep my hands off but I was picking bits of this every time I walked past the oven… I ended up taking a boxful home and grating cheese on the top for a plateful of vegetable heaven.

It’s a simple recipe too so I’m going to have to use the rest of my yellow courgette to make my own, as well as more noodles of course, and am thinking a more wintery version, with butternut and sweet potato, should also be on the cards… with goats’ cheese on top too… *drool*

And talking of winter… 3C this morning – and dark when I woke up. Not impressed 🙂

I’ll have to re-read the jokes left on my last post to cheer me up, they were brilliant and right up my street! If you haven’t left one, to enter my Jordans giveaway, you’ve got till Saturday.

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24 Responses to Romeo and Julienne

  1. Jess says:

    Totally back on form with the post titles – love it!

    Oh God, the temperature this morning was depressing, wasn’t it? Bah. It’s meant to warm up on Friday though I think! Or is that just wishful thinking…

    I think it was Peachy Palate with the veggie peeler (well, the original concept was Oh She Glows). I only know because I was thinking how much less work it would be than using the spiralizer. Both blogs are brill though – lots of amazing ideas & creative recipes 🙂


    • Haha, thank you *takes a bow* 🙂
      It’s been lovely here today so far and fingers crossed for tomorrow, but there’s no denying winter’s on its way… boooo!
      It is much easier – and that was it, thank you, I saw the link to Oh She Glows from your blog. I haven’t read Peachy palate though, thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Love the yellow courgette! And I also love the courgette noodles, I’ve been meaning to give them a go for a while.

  3. Delicious looking ratatouille!

  4. I love your post titles 🙂
    And I love yellow courgettes too- those noodles look yummy.

  5. Mmm, roasted veggies with goats cheese are on my list to make a.s.a.p!

  6. Dee says:

    Yum this is such a great a idea! I do a lot of spaggetti squash recipes when it is in season because it naturally turns into “noodles” when you scrap it with a fork. I’m going to try this. Next step find a peeler like that! lol

  7. Dannii says:

    I have a julienne peeler on my amazon wishlist. I can’t wait to get one!

  8. I love roasted veggies, such a simple dish but so tasty!

  9. AnnaTheApple says:

    Ahh amazing, I’ve been wanting one of those peeler things, I’m definitely going to have a look at that one! So chuffed you mentioned it, I love a bargain as well 🙂 yeah roasted veg is always a winner, especially now it’s chillier. It’s like the winter version of salads!

  10. I really want to try making squash noodles! And here I was letting the cost of a spiralizer stop me–but hey, there’s a cheaper option! Time to find a peeler.

  11. I’ve been away but I’m catching up! Can you use a regular vegetable peeler to do that with the veggies?! I think I’ll give it a try! Looks delicious!

  12. LOL!!! Love the title, the horse and the peeler. Have a wonderful day.

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