Summer’s end

Time’s just flown this week!

We got back late on Thursday, then I was out most of Friday and had my colleague’s leaving drink that evening. Then I was out a lot of yesterday, went for dinner in the evening and was out all this morning too, followed by some cooking advance dinners for work evenings this afternoon.

But the time away was really good. You’ll have to take my word for it as I didn’t get any photos of it but our hotel was lovely. Not as lovely once I’d managed to rip the blind from the wall on our last morning but still. That’s another story.

Warwick Castle was great too.

Although as you might guess, soon after that was taken, it absolutely poured down. We got soaked to the skin, decided the better part of valour is discretion and got back to the car pretty smartish. Luckily, our tickets covered two days’ admission so we went back on Thursday.

That time, we got to see the birds of prey display:

An American bald eagle, which we then saw in action.

The water mill, which was stunning.

They also had displays of duelling and a “sword in the stone” play; there was loads going on…

… and the state rooms and great hall, with armour and weapons displays, were brilliant.- well worth going. It was lovely to get away for a couple of days 🙂

Not so lovely was the way autumn seemed to have snuck up while we were away – 8C on Friday morning!

That called for porridge…

A much more seasonal breakfast… although holding on to summer with the fresh raspberries and blueberries.

As it’s September too, I thought I’d put down some goals for the month, which I’ve not done before:

1) Go to Pilates once a week. I haven’t been able to since the first class, as I was editing every week at work, which means late Mondays. But I won’t be for a bit, plus, I’ve found out there’s also a later class on Tuesday evenings. I enjoyed it and it’s so good for riding balance, which leads me on to my second goal:

2) Take the Horse With No Name to his first show. There’s dressage on September 16; that might be the one 🙂

3) Cut back on silly spending. Not to go into detail but the Inka saga has left me in debt. Tighter reins (geddit?!) needed on the finances.

4) Er

5) That’s it.

As De La Soul said, three is the Magic Number 🙂

Have a great week.

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16 Responses to Summer’s end

  1. Haha the horse with no name bless him, that made my chuckle! and I don’t know what the deal was on Friday morning being so cold, glad we seem to have a warmer week ahead 🙂

  2. Looks like a beautiful little get-away! Have a great week.

  3. The weather is beautiful here today! Almost like summer. We did have a bit of a cold snap though the other day.

  4. Warwick Castle looks really interesting – I love stuff like that. Shame about the rain, but that’s been the story of the summer!
    I used to do a lot of pilates, but I prefer yoga at the moment. It’s brilliant for core strength and posture, so I imagine that it will really help with riding.

  5. Errign says:

    I need to cut my spending back too – trying hard to not drop silly money on silly things!

  6. Dannii says:

    Warwick Castle does look really nice. Maybe next summer 🙂

  7. What fun! I love Renaissance festivals and such things. And falconry. I’d love to own an eagle 🙂 And I hope you keep us updated about this potential show–and potential horse names…

  8. AnnaTheApple says:

    Haha I love that you’re referring to your house as The Horse With No Name…like the horse version of Voldemort! Sounds like a lovely little trip. I love looking round old castles and buildings, it’s so British!

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