Back to normal

Well, not quite normal:

You’ll have to take my word that it was 32C just before I took that picture; it was beautiful at the weekend when summer made a late but heartfelt appearance. It was also a brief appearance, sadly, and apparently we’re in for a “soggy” bank holiday weekend.

That’s much more what we’re used to. Also more in the normal run of things was this lot:

Made for a boot fair I did the other Saturday. Ground almond sponge, banana, date and hazelnut ring cake and a chocolate version of the classic Victoria sponge.

6oz self-raising flour (I used Doves Farm gluten-free SR blend)

6oz caster sugar

6oz butter, softened

3 medium eggs

2tbsp cocoa powder, mixed with 4tbsp hot water

1tsp baking powder.

It’s so easy. Preheat oven to 180C and grease and line two loose-bottomed sandwich tins then… chuck everything in a bowl and attack with an electric mixer till smooth and delicious-looking. Pour into the tins, level the tops and bake for 20 minutes, till the cakes are starting to shrink from the edges of the tins and an inserted skewer comes out clean.

I filled it with vanilla buttercream and topped with this icing and it went down well. I did make about £18 profit from the boot fair but as I was there from 9am-ish until 1pm-ish, it ain’t exactly a great rate of pay 🙂

I also made these, that weekend:

My friend and I had a bet, agreeing that if I lost, I’d make her some flapjacks and if she lost, she’d give me a lunge lesson on her horse (very good for seat and leg position). We then decided just to do both anyway – and making flapjacks is no punishment, after all 🙂

Plus one more thing.

My colleague Adam is leaving and as he’s off this week and I’m off next, it was my last day working with him last Friday. He was one of the loudest in praise of the cornflake cakes I took in a while ago; his only complaint being that they were too small. He jokingly suggested using a whole box-worth of cornflakes at once and as my lovely mum had seen my previous post on the subject and bought me a 400g bar of Dairy Milk, which I can’t eat as it’s a “may contain gluten”…

I used the whole thing and although it wasn’t quite a box-worth, it was a serious slab of chocolatey cornflakey joy… he loved it and all I can say is, it’s a good thing I couldn’t eat it, as I don’t think he’d have had much of it otherwise.

Cake and chocolate – definitely back to normal!

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24 Responses to Back to normal

  1. Alexandra says:

    Good Lord woman, you’re a baking machine!! Can I be a little troll in your kitchen and lick all the spoons and take leftovers???? 😀

  2. You have been baking a whole lot lady, love it 🙂 Sometimes I get in a baking groove and try out a bunch of recipes I Have been wanting to test!

  3. Yum, all of the cakes look awesome!

  4. All of that baking looks amazing! Your work mates are lucky indeed! It wasn’t quite so hot up north but it was good to experience more summer weather however briefly. I have to say I’m starting to feel those autumn vibes already, cooler and darker mornings – but you never know, last year we had some great weather in September and October so fingers crossed!

    • Thank you 🙂
      And I know, it’s been feeling dangerously nippy and autumnal here too, I’ve needed gloves a couple of times… definitely keeping my fingers crossed for another autumn like last year’s

  5. Jess says:

    Ah, my love for all things cornflake and chocolate. Stick a candle in a dark chocolate version and it would be me ideal birthday cake.

    It’s cooled off up North today, thank goodness. The humidity was getting a bit much for me!


    • I’ll send you one for your birthday; after all, it was your comment that inspired me to make them – I’d forgotten how gobsmakingly delicious they are!
      And although you’ll never catch me saying it’s too hot, it was very sweaty and humid here on Sunday – raining and cold again today though…

  6. All of your bakes look awesome as always. I’ve loved the warmer weather too!

  7. I’d like to come and work at your office so I could enjoy the treats!

  8. Weighting For 50 says:

    Holy smokes, you are a baking MACHINE!!!!!! OK…have to ask. What is a boot fair? Is it as in the “boot of your car”?? I’ve never heard that expression here in Canada. 🙂

    • I didn’t realise but it’s probably only used in this country – it’s as in car boot, you drive to a field and sell all your unwanted stuff basically – great for picking up bargains 🙂

  9. Dannii says:

    Lots of cakes – yum! I am going to get some baking done this weekend too.

  10. OMG – I want to face-plant into that cake. Chocolate cake is my #1 fav dessert.

    • That chocolate icing is the most amazingly addictive substance known to man, in my opinion… you heat the ingredients to make it, ending up with a warm, thick concoction of deliciousness – so, so hard to resist 🙂

  11. AnnaTheApple says:

    Oooh so much baking! All looks amazing. Your cakes always seem to come out so well. I’m so rubbish at baking. I’m better at just throwing ingredients together while cooking, whereas I guess baking is more of a science…chocolate crispy cakes are the best. Satisfyingly crunchy 🙂

  12. Hannah says:

    Sugar, chocolate, and friends who love dessert are definitely indicators of life returning to a normal state of joyfulness indeed. Hurrah!

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