Football final and Bakewell tarts

Well that’s the football over – bring on the Olympics!

It’s not often you see a major championship final finish 4-0 but it was a great game… all the more so because I had Spain in the office sweepstake 🙂

It’s been a busy weekend all round, including working yesterday at a festival. We were selling the paper in goody bags which included a carton of Oat Dream… I couldn’t have any because it’s not made from gluten-free oats but it looks good and there’s no added sugar – have you tried it?

Something that is gluten-free though is this lot:

I thought it was great when Waitrose brought out a gluten-free selection as part of its Love Life range and impressed with the quality of the seeded brown bread, which my mum bought me, bless her. But then Waitrose gave me that lot to try as well.

I used the pasta in my vegetable bake:

Which was delicious; I don’t think you could have told the difference between that and normal pasta.

I have to tell a story about my grandmother at this point. Once at a party, she met a lady who said she came from Bakewell. “Oh yes”, said my grandmother, “where the tarts come from”…. 🙂

I’ve never really liked normal Bakewells but these went down a treat at the Jubilee picnic; no one could tell any difference. The fruity teacakes were really good, especially toasted with peanut butter and jam, but you’ll have to take my word for it as I’ve been an eejit and managed to lose the picture, believe it or not!

I wasn’t overly impressed by the oat biscuits as I’d expected them to be soft and they were crunchy; also the cinnamon was a bit strong for my personal taste but the muesli was delicious:

I soaked it in Kara milk overnight with the fruit and by the morning, the dried fruit had absorbed some liquid, giving the whole thing a great flavour. I loved the taste and the crunch of the nuts too; definitely a winner.

The “country cake” slices were lovely; flapjacky, with dried fruit and crunchy sugariness on the top – and I don’t think I need to say too much about the chocolate muffins. Dense, squidgy, almost like brownies…. the best chocolate muffins I’ve ever had, gluten-free or not.

I like the way the Love Life range is general too; not something “special” for a free from section. Have you tried anything from it?And Bakewell tarts, yay or nay?!

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21 Responses to Football final and Bakewell tarts

  1. runningcupcake says:

    Well I have only had a bakewell tart once, when I was little, and I didn’t like it at all. But I think I would (although I am not a fan of pastry) because I like almond things, and jam!
    I have some of the “Normal” love life things, like their dried quinoa – I always like the quality of the Waitrose things 🙂

    • It’s the pastry that puts me off too, I’m not a fan, but I love almond/jam too so maybe I should look into a crustless version… and I wish I could afford to shop at Waitrose all the time but sadly not 🙂

  2. I think it is great that supermarkets are getting on board with special diets. I love bakewell tarts- cherries and almonds. yum!

    • It’s great, they’re doing stuff like almond milk and the new Tesco dairy-free range, all good! If I’d been a coeliac 20 years ago, there wouldn’t have been nearly as much choice!

  3. “Where the tarts come from!!!” I think our Grandmothers might have had a lot in common…my Mom, too! That’s a great lot of goodies you got there, too. Excellent!

  4. I love bakewell tarts! That looks like a fab range from Waitrose, its brilliant that more brands are expanding their free from ranges 🙂

    • I know, it makes life so much easier! I would never buy cakes or pastries, free from or even if I could eat the normal ones, because i’d make my own but it’s so good the supermarkets are getting on board and the bread products are so much better than they used to be 🙂

  5. Wow that vegetable bake looks so tasty!

  6. Dannii says:

    For some reason, I have been craving bakewell tarts all week and after reading this post, i’m just going to have to eat one now. Thanks :p

  7. Jessica says:

    All of the gluten free stuff looks fantastic – I’m not really a fan of Bakewell Tarts (they’re okay, just not my favourite thing) but I did used to love Cornflake Tarts when I was younger.


  8. I felt the same way after the NBA finals were over. Now that Euro ’12 is done, Olympics can’t come soon enough!

  9. Ive never heard of Oat Dream! I’d try it through ! And those chocolate
    Muffins sound soooo good!!

  10. Kailey says:

    you sure do know how to make a delicious looking vegetable bake 🙂

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