A Transatlantic giveaway

What would you call these?

If you’re from the UK, you’ll be thinking “a courgette and an aubergine”. If, however, you hail from t’other side of the pond, you’ll instantly have recognised a zucchini and an eggplant.

120g flour – or half a cup? Garbanzo beans, or chick peas? Pavement/sidewalk, rubbish/trash, runner in your pantyhose/laddered tights – there’s a language barrier going on here 🙂

But I’m not just rambling completely at random; there is some point to it, believe it or not.

Take the courgette (or is it a zucchini?) I bought some yesterday, specifically to make this dinner:

Courgette frittatas:

90g courgette

2tsp egg white

2tsp wholemeal flour (I used Doves Farm gluten-free brown blend)

2tsp milk

2tsp nutritional yeast

1/4 tsp garlic powder

40g ham, chopped (optional)

Pepper, to taste

Grate the courgette, squeeze out excess water and set aside. In a bowl, whisk together the egg white, milk, flour, nutritional yeast and garlic with a grind or two of pepper. Stir in the ham and courgette. Heat a large frying pan, with cooking oil or spray, over a medium heat, then dollop on the batter. Saute until browned, then turn over. Make sure the heat’s not so high that they crisp and brown before the middles are cooked.

I used to make these years ago, usually with double or triple quantities and I’d keep the rest in the fridge for a quick dinner, as they’re delicious. Especially with home-made garlic coleslaw, asparagus and broccoli 🙂

But that’s not the only Transatlantic-ness to this post.

I was emailed this week by Sue from SlimKicker, which turns healthy eating/living goals into a game, with points, challenges and rewards. You progress by tracking food and exercise and completing certain challenges. There’s also an app for those of you in the 21st century, unlike me, and a collection of healthy recipes.

Sue asked you, lovely readers, to come up with fun and creative healthy living challenges, such as giving something up for a certain amount of time, or including a certain amount more exercise into daily life. And the prize *drumroll* is different depending on which side of the Atlantic you’re on. (Finally, she gets to the point, Ed.)

If you’re in America and you’re the winner, you’ll get this slow cooker (or is it a crockpot?!)

But if you’re in the UK and you win, you’ll get a $25 Amazon voucher instead 🙂

To enter, leave a comment suggesting a healthy eating/living challenge (compulsory).

You can get extra an extra entry if you link to this post on Twitter, or blog about it and link back – leave a comment for each. This competition will run till the end of next Sunday, June 24. And as I ain’t going to work out the time differences, I’ll draw the winner on the Monday after work… good luck!

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36 Responses to A Transatlantic giveaway

  1. Alexandra says:

    Very cool! Hmm I guess a cool challenge would be to try to do an entire meatless week– I think it’d be hard for a carnivore like me haha!

  2. Ooh, how about trying to prepare/serve chocolate in a healthy way other than as a dip for fruit.

  3. sarah says:

    A week of desserts all sneakily hiding vegetables!

  4. the challenge is to eat real cake but good portion control!!!

  5. Christine says:

    What a cool giveaway! A good challenge, depending on where you live, would be to not use a car or any form of public transport for a week. So you could walk, bike, swim, skate or hang-glide to your destination only. Might not be feasible for everyone…

  6. thehungrymum says:

    I’m in Oz so I’m not able to win either prize 😦
    But! These fritters look the bomb. Yummo. And for a healthy life tip: keep a jug of water on your bench/desk/coffee table – you’re more likely to drink water if it is easy to top up your glass.

  7. I think I heard about this it sounds like a fun app! I think a good healthy challenge would be to get points for glasses of water you manage to drink 🙂

  8. Great giveaway! I think a great challenge would to see how many steps you walk in a day and increase the count every day.

  9. Errign says:

    I think a good challenge would just be to hit 30 minutes of moving a day – that sounds easy enough, but some days, it’s hard! 🙂 And to answer your question, people call them both slow cookers and crock pots!

  10. squigglefloey says:

    I’d suggest to drink 5-6 cups of water a day! sometimes 8 can be tough…

  11. nik says:

    Well, seeing that it’s going to be above 90 all week, a good challenge would be to eat raw for a week. So lots of sandwiches and wraps, pesto and hummus, blender soups, raw chili, raw cookies and snack balls, raw cakes and tarts (yes you can, and they’re soooo good!) and so on. And popsicles…lots of popsicles. 😉

  12. Weighting For 50 says:

    What a great giveaway. I’m in Canada, so likely can’t enter, but my idea for a challenge is to try at LEAST one new fruit or vegetable this week.

  13. Love this! My challenge would be to get some vegetables at every meal – sneakily or otherwise 😛

  14. cottercrunch says:

    when we are in new zealand, we say courgette. sounds fancier! hehe. And whole meal does too! Great recipe. healthy living challenge with be to sit down longer at meal time. no distractions!

  15. This is a great post, Elle!! It’s fun to read blogs from your side of the ocean so that I can hear what you call things! What ever you call them…the frittata sounds delicious and I think I have to try it. I would enter your giveaway but I already have 4 crock pots/slow cookers so I’ll let someone else win. I do think they are one of the most useful kitchen tools. My healthy living challenge…I gave up chips (potato, Dorito, Sun chips) all of those things on March 9, 2011 and have not had any since. I’m working on giving up peanut butter right now…I can’t have it in the house because I can’t control it. Have fun with your giveaway!!

    • Haha, thank you – sure I can’t tempt you with a fifth?! I’d quite like to try one because I bet they;re usefuly; your slow-cooked apples sound lovely!
      I’m so impressed you haven’t had anything like that for over a year, I couldn’t do it 🙂

  16. Jenna Z says:

    Try and drink 100 ounces of water each day for a week!

  17. Liene says:

    My healthy living challenge is to lose the baby weight while still breastfeeding. Exercising is hard when tired and chasing after 2 little ones – although I guess chasing is a form of exercise as well.

  18. Darla says:

    My challenge is to do something healthy with a friend everyday, whether it’s going to the gym with them, cooking a healthy meal together, or taking a walk together.

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