Cor blimey Gov’nor

Warning, some readers may find the extreme sympathy-seeking in the following post slightly irritating.

*strikes up the violin music*

It’s been a slight mission of a week. Take a lovely neighbour, who’s obviously so fond of her dog’s squeaky voice, she lets it shout at the top of it every night (usually at about 10pm with the occasional bonus of an early weekend morning but on Sunday night till 12.15am) and it’s a good start.

Add a council meeting after work the next day that lasted till 11.30pm, then another last night till 8ish and a week trying to get the Jubilee papers done with two people missing and it’s even more fun 🙂

*turns off violin music, which is probably getting annoying by now*

But there’s a silver cloud to every lining, the first being that it’s a long weekend and although I’m working on Tuesday, there’s going to be loads of good stuff going on for the Jubilee. All the towns and villages have got their bunting up and the flags out and it looks beautiful. The weather’s supposed to be crap but you can’t have everything 🙂

Another silver lining to the cloud of getting home at midnight and wanting to get a quick breakfast made was this:

I had an open carton of Kara coconut milk so I just sloshed some in a bowl, added oats and fruit and left it to soak overnight. How have I not done this before?? It was so fresh-tasting and delicious and if you stir the fruit in the night before, the coconut milk takes on the strawberrry and blueberry taste, which is so good. New favourite, especially as it takes approximately 4.5 seconds to make.

Another bonus was the parcel that arrived yesterday, with this lot inside:

The lovely people at Naturally Good Food had sent me a selection of Orgran gluten-free products. I’ve been a fan of their buckwheat pancake mix for a while (so good in these pancakes) but hadn’t tried any of the other products, which looked great.

The pasta came in handy last night. I liked the sound of it because it was made of vegetables as well as (maize) flour which must give a nutritional boost, but also made it look pretty 🙂

I had it with this easy mushroom “stroganoff” sauce, broccoli and asparagus.

Which was amazing. The pasta had a great texture and flavour and it went perfectly with the mushroomage.

And because I’m so greedy dedicated and hardworking, I’ve also managed to try everything else in the box in the last 24 hours 🙂

I had a couple of the Rotondo biscuits as a second breakfast and they were really good; not overly sweet but they tasted almost like digestive biscuits – and with 1.9g fibre per two biscuits, you can’t go wrong really. I was actually not as hungry as usual by lunchtime, so maybe the fibre had something to do with it…

I had a packet of the Crimpers snacks with my lunch and they were delicious. I can’t have most salt and vinegar flavoured things, as it’s usually malt vinegar flavouring but these are fine. And as the main ingredient’s brown rice flour and the ingredients list is really short, these have to be a winner. Plus there were loads in the packet, which is always a bonus…!

Then I had a few of the animal biscuits just now… I’m such a child.

I’m not 100% sure what outback animals those are, exactly, but I am sure they’re crunchy and vanilla-y and lovely, so I think I can cope with that ignorance 🙂

This seems to have turned into a slight marathon of a post so I’ll bail out now. I’m going to an airshow tomorrow, where there’s a competition to win a wingwalk at the end…. eek!

Have a great Saturday.

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19 Responses to Cor blimey Gov’nor

  1. Kailey says:

    for some reason I think tri-color pasta always taste better 🙂
    the dish you made looks great – craving pasta now haha

  2. Super simple overnight oats! I love it! And anything that gets me out the door faster (or rather, allows a few extra minutes to snooze…) is a win in my book!

  3. I’m excited to see some of the Jubilee coverage this weekend!

  4. Great box of goodies! Enjoy the Jubilee and share pictures!

  5. runningcupcake says:

    Yum to the overnight oats- I love that for breakfast in the summer (although I use muesli for some variety and not plain oats).
    Have a lovely weekend 🙂 (oh and you are allowed to moan too)

  6. Sounds like a crazy week! I love just soaking oats in milk, especially soy milk which I find the creamiest. Those little biscuits are so cute! Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy covering all of the Jubilee celebrations on Tuesday 🙂

  7. Looks like a wonderful prize package you got there, Elle!! The pasta looks delicious! It must be so much fun there right now with everyone celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee! Love it!

    • It’s such a great atmosphere, I love all the bunting up everywhere and the river pageant in London yesterday was so lovely… just a shame we got typical British weather to go with it!

  8. Wow you have been busy! That creamy pasta sauce looks lovely!

  9. I can never identify the animals in animal cracker boxes (especially if they’re storebrand versus name brand). That doesn’t stop them from being yum! And I like the sound of that breakfast. Fast and easy is always a necessity for me in the mornings.

    • Glad it’s not just me – I thought they were elephants at first – but I don’t think they live in the Outback 🙂
      And time is of the essence in the mornings – anything for a few more minutes in bed!

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