Sunshine and sambuca

What a lovely weekend it was. Not just because this was what was promised – and what we got – it felt like spring had finally come and it was beautiful.

Yes, I have only recently worked out how to do screen grabs on this computer because it’s fecking awkward and I’m proud of my new ability… and it’s been cold and raining again today, which wasn’t forecast. But I’m trying to be positive here… 🙂

Also great about the weekend was Saturday night. No Jagerbombs this time but there were plenty of alternatives, including a sambuca at about 1am, which I can confirm is not a good idea 🙂

I’m not quite sure what was going on at this point but it’s a good thing it was fairly early and that bar was still quite empty…

But it was all good, although it’s fair to say I was struggling slightly yesterday 🙂

Carrying on the postitive theme, here are some things I’ve been loving lately:

Breakfast apple crumble with plain soya yoghurt and blueberries is perfect in the mornings. And I’m also loving the fact that blueberries are cheaper now they’re (almost) back in season – looking forward to strawberries and raspberries too.

Something else in season now that I can’t get enough of:

Fresh new asparagus – the woody overpriced stuff in supermarkets in winter just can’t compete.

On a slightly less positive note, I managed to forget to put the bowl of my new ice cream maker in the freezer on Saturday night and as it has to be frozen 24 hours in advance – I couldn’t play with my new toy yesterday. Hmmph. Flicking through the book my mum gave me though, there are definitely a couple of ideas that jump out – roasted banana flavour, chopped caramelised nuts mixed in… pralined oats?!

Go on then, don’t mind if I do 🙂

Have a great week.

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20 Responses to Sunshine and sambuca

  1. snenny says:

    Crumble brekkie has induced cravings, that looks farkin’ great! I have genuinely been thinking about getting a blueb tree to combat the insanity of supermarket blueberry prices.

    That’s normal right? I wouldn’t kill it, right?

    Ice cream makers are fantastic, I got one a while back.. Is this David Lebowitz’s book by any chance?

    Congrats on your screengrabbing! And a fantabulous night out ;D

    • Thank you, it’s amazing! It works in the microwave too, kind of, if you cook the apple first then heat again with the topping on it – but nothing beats the crispiness from oven-cooking 🙂
      I like your style on the blueberry bush – I actually thought the same thing myself the other day…! And yes, it is that book! Have you got the same one and if so, which recipes would you recommend?

      • snenny says:

        Knowing that it works in the microwave makes me a happy woman. A happy woman who may be trying this for breakfast before long 😀

        These would be my blueberry babies: Totally cost effective if I don’t water them to death/accidentally neglect them *will totally make a great mum*

        I freestyled a bit with the ice cream, but the recipes look amazing – some really unusual combos 😀 I tried a few of the sauces, mix-ins and toppings though. All SO GOOD they nearly didn’t make it into the ice cream. Marshmallow sauce, dulche de leche, pralined almonds, fudge ripple.. are just a few I remember off the top of my head. If you make something, definitely report back! The oatmeal praline sounds out of this world.

        • It’s not as crisp in the microwave – but still good! That pic of the blueberries look so tempting but I think my gardening ability is like yours; I’m definitely not green-fingered 🙂
          I agree about those toppings, I’d had my eye on all those too!

  2. I hate being patient with things like that ice cream maker! My brother got me a popcicle maker that makes them instantly! It’s SO cool!!! Literally, 2 minutes and I have a popcicle 🙂

  3. Maria says:

    Yay for the screen grab! I can’t do that yet 🙂
    MMm those ice cream flavours sound amazing- they will be worth the wait I am sure.

    • Haha thanks 🙂 on this computer, you have to press and hold “fn”, bottom left, and delete and the print screen button, then paste into Paint rather than just pressing print screen, might be something similar on yours? I was so chuffed when I did it!

  4. I LOVE Sambuca, its been way too long since I’ve had a few shots of that! I can’t wait to see what ice cream you make!

  5. Great photo fo you and your friend. Her eyes look a bit possessed! Can’t wait to hear what you’ll make with your ice cream make!

  6. My ice cream bowl’s been freezing all weekend to gear up for the warm weather on Friday!

  7. Sambuca is great on a night out. I haven’t had any in ages!!!

  8. Mmm, I can’t even begin to calculate how much fresh asparagus I ate this spring! Yep, it isn’t even sort of the same thing as the grocery store/out of season options.

    • It’s on a different planet isn’t it – I tried freezing some last year as there was so much of it and so cheap – but it turned out rubbery and hideous, such a let-down!

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