Cake, compliment and a challenge

Hurrah for weekends – the bank holiday version especially 🙂

It’s been another long week with a couple of late work evenings but at least one was more interesting than the usual council meeting – On Wednesday evening, I went to meet a bloke who’s doing the Live Below the Line challenge next week.

It involves raising money for charity by spending only £1 on everything you eat and drink for five days. Because that’s the international definition of “extreme poverty”, it highlights how hard it is at the same time as raising money for various charities working with people in that situation.

I thought it was a great idea, although I couldn’t have gone with the suggested shopping list of value sausages and battery eggs, with hardly a vegetable in sight, but as he said, he hopes it’ll help him rein in his own spending too, as he tends to be extravagant in the supermarket and buy lots of chocolate. Now what does that remind me of…? 🙂

As far as cake goes, it was this one:

For my best friend, whose birthday it was on Tuesday. I babysat for her beautiful daughter so she and her husband could go out for dinner. I used this recipe, leaving out the coffee, and it worked really well. You probably couldn’t call it a Victoria sponge as it’s gluten and dairy-free but it’s as near as damn it anyway.

I used raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream to fill and ice and mini meringues to top it.

And as far as compliments go, I wrote a feature for this week’s paper on the police’s new unmarked HGV, which they use to catch lawbreaking truckers as it means they’re high enough to see into their cabs. And although we didn’t see anyone cooking a fry-up on a mini stove as he drove along the motorway (which they’ve seen before, believe it or not!) it was really interesting.

Then a reader rang on the day the paper came out just to say he’d liked it so much, he’d made another cup of tea and piece of toast so he could enjoy reading it properly. It sounds silly but I don’t think you can get more of a compliment than that 🙂

Now for a lovely three-day weekend, and a three day week next week as I’ve got Wednesday off too! Anyone got any exciting plans?

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16 Responses to Cake, compliment and a challenge

  1. Alexandra says:

    Ooh enjoy your three day weekend and day off on Wednesday! That cake looks fantastic 🙂

  2. Emily Cooks Vegan says:

    That cake does look incredible 🙂
    Definitely couldn’t do that challenge though… I’d be living off Sainsbury’s 11p noodles every day! x

    • Me neither, I was trying to add up my meals on the way home and even a fiver a day would be a problem, let alone a week!
      And thank you, the cake’s dairy-free and because the eggs aren’t used for volume, I reckon a substitute would work to make it vegan 🙂

  3. What a yummy looking cake! And very well decorated as well 🙂 Enjoy your time off!

  4. Weighting For 50 says:

    Wow….fantastic challenge, and glad for the compliment. Happy birthday to your friend. I think a night of babysitting is a wonderful gift. Have a great long weekend.

    • Thank you, I think they appreciated being able to go out on their own and it’s a pleasure for me to look after my beautiful goddaughter…! Hope you had a good weekend too 🙂

  5. Errign says:

    Love long weekends 🙂

    This week coming up is a bit mad since I’ve got finals the week after, but it’s all good 🙂

  6. That cake looks incredible! Yey for long weekends eh! Hope you enjoy your short week too!

  7. Your cake looks so tasty! I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend! 😀

  8. Cooking and driving?? Now THAT is multitasking I can get behind. Errr…I mean, that’s a “dangerous idea” ;D Gorgeous cake, and nothing like a good and well-deserved compliment!

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