By George

Happy St George’s Day!

I only remembered it was when I saw an offer on something random like double cream at Sainsbury’s on Saturday 🙂

But as it is the patron saint of England’s day, what about some classic English food? Like this, for example:

Ya can’t get much more classic English  than apple crumble. Admittedly it’s not usually eaten in the mornings – but who says you can’t have pudding for breakfast? You can when it’s this one.

I’d forgotten just how good that is; it was perfect with a dollop of plain soya yoghurt on top – even I couldn’t quite go for custard or ice cream for breakfast 🙂

It started so well but the rest of the day’s food wasn’t patriotic at all; although Mullerlight yoghurts are made in Shropshire, for example, the company itself ain’t exactly home-grown… the name’s a slight giveaway… but hey, some credit for a partial effort, surely!

So here’s something else that does fit the day’s theme:

You can’t get much more English/British than talking about the weather and I think it’s probably quite apt that it’s poured down all of St George’s Day. Also, notice the fact it’s going to rain every day this week – as it did last week – and this is a county that’s not only in the grip of a drought, but where there’s a strict hosepipe ban. And you also can’t get more English than something that mental.

I love it 🙂

What’s your favourite classic English food?

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24 Responses to By George

  1. Gotta admit, I don’t really know what would count as classic English food (other than fish and chips, and that won’t go down as a favorite for me, just not my style). But crisps/crumbles for breakfast? Rock on. That IS my style. Apple crisp is a legit breakfast, and no one will convince me otherwise!

  2. Alexandra says:

    St. George’s day?? I’ve never heard of that but yay for a holiday!! 🙂 That food looks fabulous, too!
    I don’t know many English foods…does fish and chips count? haha 😉

    • Sadly it isn’t a public holiday – but I’m sure it should be! And fish and chips is definitely an English signature meal; not one I’ve had for years as it’s never gluten free but that’s probably no bad thing 🙂

  3. Errign says:

    I don’t know many classic English dishes, but I do love fish & chips. I also realize that the other two people said the same thing, so I hope we’re not stereotyping hah! I also really love chips with garlic mayo, but I think that’s an Irish thing.. 🙂

  4. I have never actually heard of this holiday but what great food girl! Favorite English food dish… hmmm I don’t know! Fish and chips? How stereotypical

  5. Haha when I think classic English food… I think nutella. Is that right?? haha

  6. Leigh says:

    Haha I love that there’s a hosepipe ban yet it’s rained continuously here for 2 weeks. I’m from Wales so luckily have never had to have a hosepipe ban (not that I use a hosepipe regularly lol).

    Apple crumble for breakfast sounds like the most amazing thing ever. It’s like what you dream of when you’re in primary school and all you get instead is Ready Brek. My favourite english food is toad in the hole, or stew. Or a good sunday roast. Or fish and chips….not fussy!

    • Haha that’s so true, I don’t exactly use a hosepipe in everyday life – although the ban did mean my car missed out on its annual wash… 😉
      Thank you, it was such a great breakfast… and roast dinners and fish and chips are always winners too… but toad in the hole?? Now you’re talking, haven’t had that for years!

  7. Maria says:

    Tea and scones 🙂 Urgh this rain is just awful- I know we need it but can’t it just rain overnight?

    • That would be perfect… it;s true it’s needed – the horse have hardly got any grass – but it’s just so cold and miserable, not good. Tea and scones would be great though; that reminds me of tea at my nanna’s when I was little 🙂

  8. Jessica says:

    Err, I didn’t know it was St George’s day at all! I never remember the date.

    The rain up here has been ridiculous – I think we need to share some of it with parts of the South 😛

    Apple crumble is the only ‘English’ food I can think of that I like, so I’ll have to go with that! Oh, or baked beans (I guess they’re seen as British?)


    • I’ve never known what date it was! But you can keep your rain, we’ve got plenty of our own 😉
      And I’m sure baked beans count, millions of little Britons grew up great on them, after all!

  9. I Think an apple crumble is the quintessential British food along side fish and chips of course.

  10. I wish we made more of a thing of St Georges Day in this country, its such a shame! I love a proper Sunday roast, with my seitan roll instead of chicken or beef of course 😉

    • I know, it’s strange how St Patrick’s Day is such a big thing and St George’s isn’t!
      And yep, you can’t beat a good Sunday roast… I’d love to try seitan but something about the fact it’s made with vital wheat gluten tells me I probably couldn’t have it… 🙂

  11. The apple crumble looks delicious! I cook apples in my slow cooker with spices then put fat free vanilla yogurt on top of them for breakfast sometimes. It’s perfect and quick!

    • That sounds so, so good! I roast apples to make puree out of them and it’s so hard not to eat the lot – but slow-cooked with spices and yoghurt on top sounds like breakfast heaven 🙂

  12. Happy St. George’s Day!

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