Born to run

I’ve decided it’s time to reveal a secret. Bruce wrote that song for me.

Never mind the fact I wasn’t born at the time… The Boss just knew that one day, there would be someone like me, a queen among runners.

And let’s face it, the only reason Usain Bolt doesn’t race with a watercolour paint-reddened nose and a homemade reindeer tail sewn on to his shorts must be because he hasn’t thought of it yet.


I’ve run two 5ks and if you’d said to me the day after the first one that I’d not only volunteer to do another but actually actively enjoy it (and during the race too, not just afterwards) I’d have laughed. Loudly. 🙂

But I loved the second one. Having thought I’d collapse in a heap of knackeredness within the first hundred yards, I really enjoyed the feeling of being able to do it – of having the energy to accelerate going up hills, of being able to enjoy the experience of running along the seafront – and, of course, overtaking people on the finishing stretch!

I decided straight away that I wanted to do the Race For Life this summer. Then, when I saw there’s a 10k being put on in the town I work in this year, I was tempted by that too. But of course, to do that, and even to do another 5k, I need to do more than the preparation I did last time, ie diddly squat. Which brings me on to the point of this post.

To prevent eejits like me hobbling around for days after a race, and because with summer (hopefully) on its way, more people will be getting into running, AXA PPP healthcare is holding a live chat session on running next Thursday, April 26.

It will involve a team of experts, available to answer questions on training for people at every level, from beginners upward, to diet and nutrition, to preventing and dealing with injuries – and lots of other lovely running stuff. The timings are:

10am-noon: John Grudington, personal trainer, fitness and physiologist.

2-4pm: Personal trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read

5-7pm: Nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker

If you want to take part, you can just join in on the day, or you can submit questions on the website, or use Facebook or Twitter. My question would be: How can I fit in training for a 5k, and then a 10k, round a full-time job? I included the 10k bit in case that motivation stays with me. I think it’s fair to say I won’t be trying that one without any preparation!

AXA PPP is also sponsoring this year’s Race For Life and there’s a competition to win £100 to add to the money you raise doing the race (£200 if you’re a member of AXA PPP) You just have to have a Just Giving page and have raised at least £50 to take part. It’s a weekly prize draw, until August 3, full ts and cs here.

Are you a runner? How did you get started? Why do you do it?

This post is sponsored by AXA PPP healthcare but it’s entirely my own thoughts and opinions 🙂

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8 Responses to Born to run

  1. You look so sweet all dressed up for the race. It’s great to see that AXA PPP will be sponsoring Race for Life this year too as I think it is such an amazing race and cause.

  2. How cute do you look in that pic 🙂 awww 🙂

  3. I’m not a runner, but I’m so proud of all of my blogger friends who get right in there and do it!!

  4. Maria says:

    I totally agree about the nose and tail- surely it would make them run faster?
    I started running by doing a race for life, and most years have done one since, so they are always a bit special to me 🙂 But then I found out I liked it and carried on!

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