Time – is of the essence

There was I on Monday morning, happily thinking it wasn’t going to be too much of a missionous week.

I’m editing this week, so I knew I’d be finishing later than usual on Monday and Tuesday – but then I got a helpful little email reminder about a meeting last night – and then a message about a planning application I’d been covering, which was to be decided at a meeting on Tuesday night. Two 12-hour days in a row? Owe ya one, Outlook 🙂

When you get in starving at silly o’clock, you don’t want to be faffing around with dinner so it’s been all about fast food – but I ain’t talking McDonald’s. Tuesday’s dinner was some fish cakes, made by my mum on Good Friday…

… frozen and reheated by me on Late Tuesday. Mashed potato, white fish and salmon, + veg pile = balanced, delicious dinner, ready within five minutes. Thanks Mum 🙂

Yesterday’s dinner was just as speedy – and similar, now I come to think about it:

I went into Waitrose before the meeting (serious crack red pesto shortage – but while I was in there, I happened to notice that Lindt excellence bars are on buy two for £2.50. You’re welcome) and saw a reduced-price fish pie, meant for children. It was cheap, it was gluten-free and as it was meant for kids, it was crap-free too 🙂

Also because it was supposed to be a children’s meal, there wasn’t too much of it, which was a bonus, as I ate it at gone 10pm. I hadn’t bought any form of ready meal for years and don’t plan to again – but for a one-off, ready in three minutes dinner, it was all good.

Other things I do to save time during the week include making two or three helpings of porridge at once and keeping it in the fridge. It might mean you have to cut a slice of porridge when you want it… but by the time you’ve added more water, stirred and reheated, it tastes no different from usual. Honest!

I did think I had to work tomorrow night too but as it turns out, I’m not. I can’t say I’m sorry. It was great to leave the office at 5pm today and when I saw the best ice cream ever (I’m not joking) in the farm shop up the road on my way home (I’d stopped for spinach but what can you do when one of these grabs you by the throat?!) I couldn’t resist treating myself.

Ice cream’s quick and easy too, you know 🙂

How do you save time during the week? Favourite speedy meal?

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25 Responses to Time – is of the essence

  1. Alexandra says:

    Sometimes speedy meals can be the tastiest! 😀 I don’t know what I’d do without my microwave haha

  2. Jessica says:

    I am rather partial to ‘sliceable’ porridge – I often make mine the night before because I can’t even wait for it to cook in the mornings, and I don’t always bother to reheat it. So, technically even though I plop it into a bowl when I take a pic, I could technically use a knife and fork to eat it!

    Glad you finally have an evening to yourself 🙂


  3. Yumm that ice cream sounds sooo good!

  4. My favorite speedy meal is tuna with cottage cheese and fresh veggies. Sometimes I find steaming veggies can just take way too long! 🙂

  5. Haha, I imagining a slice of porridge now! Your late night meals look way better than mine, I had some proper random things! Two 12 hour days back to back can be a killer, hope you have a more relaxing weekend ahead!

  6. When I was working, I always had my breakfast things measured out (oatmeal usually) with the measuring cup for the water with it to cook it up in the microwave. I would usually take salad for lunch. I had 5 salads ready and then each night I would come up with the extras I wanted and have them all ready in containers to pack in my bag in the morning. I even had the coffe maker set up, ready to push the button. Dinner…now that was not nearly so organized. Did I ever even eat dinner?!

  7. I try to do my prep and cooking on the weekend. I also don’t grocery shop during the week so I try and make sure to have everything on hand for the week.

    • In theory, I make things at the weekends, but I always seem to run out of time then too! I’m lucky in that there’s a supermarket within walking distance of work so I get bits every day and hardly ever have to go and do a big shop 🙂

  8. cottercrunch says:

    saved by a kids meal! sometimes those are the best CRAPFREE meals. Hope you get some rest this weekend. xxoo

  9. I’ve started making batches of dishes over the weekend to freeze and re-heat during the week. It’s been a lifesaver!

  10. runningcupcake says:

    Isn’t there some poem about slicing porridge? Some scottish one possibly?
    My fave quick meal (which I am having a lot at the mo) is a variation of sweet potato (zap in microwave), spinach salad, hummus, and some frozen veggies. Yum. I had it yesterday and Andy cooked some baby sweetcorn to go along with it- very tasty.
    Enjoy the weekend 🙂

    • I haven’t heard a poem like that but if there is, it probably is Scottish – and if there isn’t one, I think I need to write one!
      That sounds like a gerat meal; I’ve had something like that with pesto and cheese and it was amazing 🙂

  11. I make lunches for the week on Sunday, and since I have the same thing for breakfast every day, bam, two meals a day already out of the way. And yup, every once in awhile life calls for a frozen meal. Usually a frozen amy’s burrito, if I’m in a rush.

    • I have the same breakfast (and lunch, saying that!) every day, it definitely makes life easier!
      I saw one of thoseAmy’s burritos here the other day, a gluten-free one – might have to give it a go!

      • It sure does–and it really doesn’t matter if those meals are repeats, I rarely ever get tired of a breakfast. And definitely try out the Amy’s burritos. I mean, it IS a frozen burrito, so it’s no gourmet item, but it’s quick, pretty healthy and not bad for those days when all you want to do is stick something in the microwave and then eat.

  12. I need to try and start making a few days worth of porridge at a time, I quite fancy a slice of porridge haha. I eat a lot of stir frys when I’m rushed for time although this week I have been eating a lot of peanut butter on toast for every meal. I’m cringing thinking about how much I’ve eaten actually, and also just been grazing my way through days on chocolate. Not great! Hope your weekend is a bit more chilled!

    • Slices of porridge are the way forward 🙂
      Making loads at once is really good; it saves so much time – and washing-up 🙂
      Thank you and having seen your workout schedule this week, I think you can get away with any amount of peanut butter and chocolate – and at least they’ve both got their health benefits!

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