A superhuman feat

I think it’s fair to say that on Wednesday night, I achieved a superhuman feat. It was tough, mentally and physically, and I very nearly just – gave up.

But in the end, I was triumphant. The human will, it appears, is capable of withstanding more that you would ever think.

Have you ever tried icing a chocolate cake without stuffing any excess into your mouth with a spoon licking your fingers? Then you’ll know where I’m coming from 🙂

I hadn’t made any cakes for the café since Christmas but I bumped into the owner last week and he asked for one, a chocolate one, in time for Easter… which meant making this Fudge Icing of Untold Deliciousness (and also of Supreme Unhealthiness)

And as well as virtuously washing the whisk up straight away and resisting the siren song of the scraped-off excess, I even managed to decorate the top with seasonal Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and avoid any of them jumping into my mouth *pats self firmly on the back*

It did make me laugh though when I got an email from the owner of a farm shop near me, also asking for a chocolate cake – which meant I had to show the same restraint last night as well 🙂

I didn’t take a picture because it was exactly the same as the one above, except with chocolate buttons decorating instead. And while I was at the shop dropping it off this morning, I spied this little lot, on sale for £2 for the whole box:

What a result.

As was not setting my alarm when I went to bed last night. It had been a knackering week, with a couple of late nights so I was tired – enough that I didn’t wake up till 11.30am! I hadn’t done that for ages but it was lovely 🙂

On a more serious note, did anyone see the Samantha Brick article the other day? If you didn’t, it was a feature in the Mail about how she’s struggled in life because of her beauty and how other women hate her for it. People everywhere were talking about it and of course, it attracted more than 5,500 comments on the Mail’s website, as well as countless spin-off pieces and a follow-up in the next day’s paper, in which she said: “my detractors have simply proved my point. Their level of anger only underlines that no one in this world is more reviled than a pretty woman”

But if she’d just written a piece saying: “I’m happy with my looks; I’m beautiful”, I don’t think anyone would have been bothered, other than thinking “good for her” to be self-confident; it’s brilliant to be happy with your looks and she is good-looking. It was the way she blamed her beauty for every perceived slight in her life, from friends dropping her to female bosses turning against her which I think got up people’s noses.

And this is from someone who once wrote a piece about using sex appeal to get ahead, in which she said she’d put friends on the “back-burner” when she was pursuing a man to advance her career… any thoughts?

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine, which has made a surprise return – have a great Easter weekend!

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20 Responses to A superhuman feat

  1. Alexandra says:

    What a gorgeous cake! I’m foaming at the mouth and swimming in drool….guess I’ll have to come over there for a slice…or seven 😉
    Hope you have a blessed Easter weekend m’dear!

  2. Pretty cake! And you made frosting with no finger/spoon/spatula/bowl/cake licking? I am very, very impressed. Oooh, but you get chocolate again so soon, don’t you? Gotta know–what’s the first chocolate item you’re going to go for?

    • I actually had a chocolatey finger almost to my mouth at one point, having forgotten! But yep, chocolate tomorrow night and I think ice cream might actually be the first chocolate… swiftly followed by the biggest bowl of chocolate raisins ever. I fear a sugar coma approaching… 😉

  3. ~Jessica~ says:

    A superhuman feat indeed – I’d have caved and licked the spoon, or my fingers, or just snaffled the whole cake 😛

    Have a lovely Easter, and I hope you get to enjoy some chocolate if you wish!


  4. That is a superhuman feat! I always have to taste-test frosting. It’s mandatory.

  5. I think you did very well resisting licking the bowl! I’ve just caught up in that story, I think she sounds like a total idiot to be honest, as you say it’s one thing to be nicely confident in yourself but saying things like that makes her sound like a grade A up her own arse bitch 😉

  6. The cake looks wonderful and I would have also had difficulty keeping my fingers out of it! 😉

  7. runningcupcake says:

    Oh man that article was ridiculous! I am sure the wail just put it online to get more hits to their website (although there is a way around it somehow). I mean, it just made all women out to be paranoid jealous types, and plus she was not even that good looking.She just had a bad attitude I think. I mean if she looked like Angelina Jolie then you might believe her, but she still has an awful attitude.
    And well done on the cake front!

    • I know, they must have had thousands and thousands of page views, both days! That’s what annoyed me, her attitude because she made all other women (apart from her, naturally) look horrible ;what she looks like is irrelevant.
      And thank you 🙂

  8. £2 for the whole box?! What a steal!

    And I saw the Samantha Brick article as well. At first I was like huh? This woman? I mean don’t get me wrong she’s attractive, but she’s not necessarily someone I would see walking down the road and go “OMG that is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! I’m going to go give her free stuff because she’s so beautiful!” And isn’t she as the bride supposed to ask her friends to be bridesmaids not vice versa? Sometimes our egos get the better of us I think!

    Happy Easter!

    Amy x

    • I think that’s exactly what it is; good for her to be self-confident but she’s got herself into the frame of mind now when anyone trying to say she isn’t all that is by definition jealous… not good!
      And thank you, hope you’ve had a lovely one 🙂

  9. wow that is a superhuman feat!! especially not eating the mini eggs thing…..I deffo would’ve popped one or two of those into my mouth! :0)

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