I’m beet

Thank you for all the nice comments on my last post! I’ve propped my certificate up on my bookshelf for the moment, so I see it every time I walk past… I’m sad like that 🙂

It isn’t very rock ‘n’ roll to say that to celebrate on Friday, I went to the mad lengths of…. going to bed at just gone 10pm. Pathetic though it sounds, I’d not had much sleep on Thursday night 🙂

I had a lovely lie-in on Saturday and, despite the huge amounts of food downed on Friday, was well up for breakfast straight away.

On that note, although it might sound completely irrelevant, my dad dug up the rest of his root vegetables last weekend and among them was one of these:

More than one, to be honest; a lot more.

It’s also honest to say that beetroots and I have a love-hate relationship. And by that, I mean a love-hate relationship without the love part. It’s not my fault either, the beetroots just don’t want to compromise.

But there were so many, they needed eating, they’re being widely touted as having the most amazing health benefits – and they were free.

I took a deep breath – and the offending beetroot- and made breakfast:

I grated the beetroot really finely and cooked it in the microwave, then stirred it into porridge, made on the hob with ground flaxseed and ground mixed spice. I added some maple syrup, braced myself – and dug in.

I was impressed by the colour, although it’s fair to say my white sink didn’t look quite as impressed, and it was actually ok. The things I don’t like about beetroot are its “earthy” flavour and its texture but the texture wasn’t relevant because it was grated and although I could still taste the earthiness, the spice and maple syrup actually worked with it. I don’t think I could exactly be classified as a beetroot lover yet, but still. One step at a time 🙂

I went out for a few drinks on Saturday night, which was great, then made pancakes on Sunday morning, back with the safety of carrot cake for breakfast:

These are definitely my (current) favourite-ever pancakes. With maple syrup on top, it’s just like eating hot, crisp-edged carrot cakes for breakfast and the juicy blueberries on top just take them to new extremes of breakfast bliss 🙂

And of course, no Sunday is complete at the moment without making cookies. Or a version of these cookies, to be precise. This week’s attempt (and I don’t know how I didn’t think of this before) involved chocolate hazelnut butter:

Chewy, crispy and chocolatey – need I say any more?!

Cookes: soft and chewy or crispy?

Beetroot: love it or hate it??

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35 Responses to I’m beet

  1. Alexandra says:

    I’ve never had beetroot before, but the color of your concoction sure looks good! I’ve had plain ol beets in syrup at my grandma’s before, but they tasted pretty gnarly…I don’t think she put a lot of effort into them haha

  2. I’m loving the colour of your oats. I love beets especially in my green smoothies.

  3. The beet porridge is beautiful! Bet it was tasty too~

  4. I missed commenting on your last post, so a belated congratulations 🙂
    I love beetroot, but it is the one thing that gives me stomach issues and I usually have an iron stomach. I try to have it in small quantities now. I love beetroot, but it hates me.

  5. ~Jessica~ says:

    Wow! What vibrant oats 🙂

    I’ve had beetroot in smoothies before but it is very hard to cover up that ‘earthy’ taste as you say. I quite like the texture and love it roasted, but like Sarah it does a number on my stomach for some reason.

    Chewy cookies for me all the way – I have to dunk crispy ones to make them soggy by default.


    • That’s weird, I hadn’t heard of it being an issue, wonder why… the texture’s not bad, although I don’t like that vacuum-packed stuff… I think I’ve just got to try harder to like it!
      And dunking is the ultimate; I remember chocolate digestives or Hobnobs especially, mmmmm 🙂

  6. Unfortunately, I’m going to pass on beetroot, but I do like the color it gives food.

  7. Jemma says:

    I am definitely a beetroot fan, but only now I’ve worked out how to cook it like I like it! My favourite is grated together with an apple, slowly sauteed in a large pan (covered for first 20 minutes). Then add some orange juice or cider vinegar and brown sugar or even some apple juice. Sautee until liquid is well-absorbed and the beetroot is tender. I think it completely looses its earthy flavour this way and is a comforting and delicious topping for a baked potato – I like to pair it with hummus.

  8. Cookies = CHEWY! No other way for me 🙂

    The color of those beets are beautiful. I made red velvet cupcakes with beets instead of food coloring and they looked great but tasted AWFUL!

  9. Maria says:

    Crispy and chewy cookies for me- I like them crispy on the outside and more chewy in the middle. Yum.
    As for beetroot, I do like it but I don’t love it. I prefer it cooked with savoury things like tomato and quinoa. Or I quite like it picked too.

  10. Glad you had a nice weekend! 🙂 Your eats look great!
    Haha I’m not really a beetroot fan 🙂

  11. I love beetroot and usually find them quite sweet. I’m loving them juiced up at the moment with carrot and ginger, yum!

  12. Soft and chewy! There are no other cookies. Unless they are soft and chewy with the teeniest crisp around the edges–THAT is cookie gold right there. And I’m a weird one in that I love beets (my parents grow ridiculous numbers of them as well), but I can see how they wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste.

    • Definitely; crisp round the edges but gooey and falling apart in the middle…. 🙂
      I wish I did really like the beetroots because there are so many going begging! In teacher-speak, must try harder 🙂

  13. I’m fermenting some beets right now… I love them so! 🙂 That COLOR!

  14. I’ve avoided beets because I’m afraid I’ll have red fingers for months after cooking them!

  15. Ewwwyyy I am not a beet fan! But I don’t think I have had good experiences with them, so maybe trying them in a new dish would change my mind.
    oh and soft and chewy cookies for me!

  16. I do like beetroot, but usually at dinner time with salsa or other savoury toppings!

  17. hmm.. i wasn’t aware that there was a bad type of cookie 😉 … and beetroot: I will definitely use the term ‘earthy’ in the future instead of ‘soil’ because my mom is always trying to convince me that a new way of cooking beetroot is actually glorious & even i’d like it…. hasn’t happened yet 😉 although your mixed spice version looks beautiful & that one sauteed with apple is definitely sparking my curiosity -p.s. CONGRATULATIONS on your award 😀

    • Thank you very much! It’s still propped up where I can see it every time I go into the kitchen… 🙂
      And yep, I have to agree; if I was suddenly diagnosed with a beetroot allergy, I wouldn’t be crying into my pillow, although it does look lovely – but that porridge is one of the only edible ways I’ve found to eat it! The apple combo was good though, I need to get off my backside and try to recreate it!

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