Short skirts and vodka

I was feeling a bit, er, delicate this morning.

I had a brilliant night a friend’s party yesterday. Suffice to say, there was vodka, there was karaoke, there was vodka jelly… and there was a headache this morning.

Sadly, there was no camera, which is a shame as it was an Essex-themed party. Most of the girls, including my friend and me, were dressed in our shortest skirts – but so was at least one man 🙂

It was great but all I wanted this morning was porridge.

That’s not saying much, as all I want every morning at the moment is porridge. But it’s a far cry from back in the day, when all I wanted when I was hungover was McDonald’s and/or chocolate… I think porridge is possibly the better option…

Then for some reason, I got a burst of energy, sorting the house out completely, doing everything that needed it… and making these:

I’m slightly addicted still to these cookies, so I made one batch with almond butter and one batch with coconut. The coconut butter had gone really thick and almost solidified, even when it was melted, so making cookies with it seemed the perfect option. Both are absolutely delicious – cashew butter’s the next to try!

I hope everyone’s had a good weekend and if you haven’t yet, try making those cookies, you won’t regret it 🙂

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32 Responses to Short skirts and vodka

  1. Oh wow, I LOVE LOVE your idea to use coconut butter!!

  2. Kate says:

    Vodka jelly?! Sounds interesting! Is that similar to Jello shots? Sounds like a fun party. A few years ago, the only thing I could eat when I was hungover was greasy fast food- now that sounds awful after a night of drinking!

  3. Vodka jelly sounds amazing! And those cookies do look addictive!

  4. Hannah says:

    Bravo indeed for baking with a hangover! I would’ve wanted to bypass the effort and just buy cookies, I think 😛

  5. By vodka jelly, do you mean like jello shots??? Because I went to a jello shot party on Friday and it was awesome 😉 and then Saturday morning I was craving a green monster. Isn’t it funny how hangover cravings change?!

    • Yes, just Googled and they’re the same thing – great minds drink alike! There was a HUGE tray of them and they were free, what’s a girl to do?? 🙂
      And it’s so weird; I knew I’d changed about a year ago when I woke up proper hungover and just thought “I need an apple” – very strange…!

  6. Haha, glad you had fun! I used to go for McDonalds too, so glad my tastes have changed 🙂

  7. Maria says:

    Those cookies do look very tasty indeed- love the idea of using coconut butter.

  8. Hahha I am intrigued by this vodka jelly idea!
    And yesss I have made those cookies before and they are so so good!

  9. Omg..hangovers. The first one I had was HORRIBLE. Fortunately I’ve been much smarter the few other times and they haven’t been quite as bad. But yes, oatmeal definitely does help. That’s the only thing that helps me!

    • I think the other thing that helped this time was a banana before I went to bed… I took one because I knew I’d have the munchies and wouldn’t be able to eat anything at my friend’s house but then read something about they restore potassium levels after drinking, lucky choice really 🙂

  10. foodiefiasco says:

    I think porridge is a very good post-party choice, if you ask me. 😉

    Happy Monday!

  11. Sounds like a great night 🙂 Porridge is the perfect breakfast for rebalancing in the morning – no matter how tempting a fry-up is!

    • It’s weird because I used to crave nothing but salty, savoury junk all day after I’d been drinking but you’re right, porridge must be ideal so I’m quite glad that’s what I want these days!

  12. Hahhahaah too bad you didn’t get pics… I bet the outfits were pretty epic. 🙂

  13. Love the blog post title! Sounds like you had a great night!

  14. Those cookies DO sound good. And vodka jelly–is that like Jell-O shots? If so, I empathize with your pain…

  15. Errign says:

    Oh gosh, jello shots are terribly dangerous but oh so delicious!

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