In with the new – and still in with the old

If the start of a new year is supposed to blow the cobwebs away, the first working day achieved just that yesterday, with howling gale-force winds. My usual walk up from the harbour was more entertaining than usual, as I was brought to a standstill a few times and almost blown back down again… it was invigorating to say the least :-)

I’ve been trying some new food already this New Year too. The first was for my boss’s birthday yesterday. I know he loves a good cheesecake but I didn’t have any cream cheese so I made a raw coconut/cashew crust and made a pureed mango/apricot/coconut oil topping.

It sounds good but, as my colleague said when I doubtfully showed him the result at work, it looked like… an omelette. Once he’d said that, there was no going back and I sneaked it off before anyone else saw it. Lucky my boss really doesn’t like fuss over his birthday and that we’d got him a present as well :-)

More successful was this, which my sister found for me and brought down at Christmas

I hadn’t had spaghetti for years and don’t think I’d ever had the fresh sort but I thought this sounded interesting. I mixed it with roasted pepper pesto and added nutritional yeast and vegetables – and it was delicious.

Some things don’t change though, for example breakfast:

Carrot porridge with blueberries and maple syrup is the daddy, . I know I like a good food phase but this one has been just about every day for over three months and it ain’t over yet! Maybe I should have taken a bowl of that with a candle stuck in it into work for my boss instead. I know it works and it would definitely have been an improvement on the cheesecake omelette… 🙂

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30 Responses to In with the new – and still in with the old

  1. Maria says:

    Oh dear poor you! Once we were going for dinner at a friends and I said I would bring the dessert- I made a key lime pie (mainly because my friend is sooooooooo fussy and it was the only thing I knew she liked) which I had made before, but this time it didn’t set. When we got there I explained and we put it in the freezer, but it did not set still and looked more like chunks of biscuit crust swimming in melted ice cream. She said to me she would have stopped at the shops to buy something to replace it, and I felt really bad because the thought had not crossed my mind! But anyway they did eat it and liked the taste! 🙂

    • I’m glad it tasted good. I’ve had that nightmare before of promising something and it not working at all with no time to make another one… at least I hadn’t told anyone I was going to make the cheesecake thing!

  2. Alexandra says:

    That cake did sound amazing! Sorry to hear it was kind of a flop, that usually happens with my cooking haha (especially eggs blowing up in the microwave…)
    Yay for the spaghetti though! It looks amazing!

    • I don’t think I’ve ever had eggs blowing up in the microwave, lots of other things have though! I think the cake could be doable again but with some (major) alterations. That’ll teach me for not trying it out first 🙂

  3. Oh nooo I am sorry that caked turned into a dud! It sounded so promising! The spaghetti redeems it though 🙂

  4. Kate says:

    Haha, I’m not going to lie- cheesecake omelet actually sounds pretty good! Sorry to hear it was a bust. I feel like whenever I bake something for a birthday it never turns out well!

    • Well now you put it like that… it was just having it look like an omelette that was off-putting! It’s a nightmare too when it’s for someone else, it always seems to work out less good!

  5. The chickpea spaghetti sounds like such a great find!

  6. The pasta looks really tasty. You poor thing, that sounds like a horrible experience trying to get to work! I hate wind!

  7. That chickpea pasta sounds really interesting. I’m sure your cake tasted delicious even if it was a bit odd looking! I hope this windy weather passes soon, I’m sick of it already!

  8. Hahhahahahh the “omelette” sounds delicious anyway… I’d just stir it all up and eat it with a spoon! 🙂

  9. I’m sorry about the cheesecake – I’m sure that it tasted amazing!

  10. Errign says:

    Now i’m sitting here wondering how it came to look like an omelette – I just can’t picture it in my head, haha!

  11. I still feel like that after my move. Even though I got rid of a lot of old stuff, I can’t believe how much more stuff I still hung onto!

  12. Omelette-esque or not, that cake still sounds delicious!

    And I want to try that pasta! I dried brown rice pasta and found it kinda awful, and although I can eat regular pasta, I never do. I love chickpeas and chickpea-based stuff, though, so now I’m on a hunt for this…

    • Yeah, normal gluten-free pasta tastes like dust/cardboard/crap 😉
      This was great though, a really good flavour and texture, hope you find some… if not, it was only gram flour so it might be possible to make it (she says, without a clue how to!)

  13. foodiefiasco says:

    I am so interested by that chickpea pasta! I have heard of it before, and would like to attempt it at home. (And I hear you don’t even need a pasta maker!)

    And I’m going on an elimination diet because I’m a afraid I have a gluten intolerance. Help me!!! What should I do? Any tips for me, oh wise one? ;n

    • It should be possible to make it yourself; it’s only gram flour and a couple of other things…
      And sorry to hear that (although I’m liking the “wise one” reference…!) I’ll comment on your blog 🙂

  14. That pasta sounds pretty awesome! Thats so sweet of your sister to give you some gluten free pasta!
    Haha, sometimes I go through a phase where I eat the same breakfast everyday too. Mostly because I dont have time to make anything else, but also because I love it so much! 🙂

  15. Becky says:

    Where do you buy that type of chickpea pasta? Looks fab.

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