Saving for later

When I was little, I always saved. Whether it was pocket money, unopened Christmas presents, sweets and chocolate… I’d keep it stashed away, always preferring to have some left for later.

I’m the same now in that without meaning to, I save my holiday, which means I’ve had to squeeze it all in in the last couple of months… and that means, I’ve got this week off 🙂

I’ve used part of the time to do…

Starting the Christmas shopping! In case you’re wondering, the one wrapped in newsprint is my work Secret Santa and it’s office tradition to wrap a reporter’s presents in an article with his byline on it; I’m not that tight when it comes to paper 🙂

I got this for my six-year-old nephew, who’s really got into sealife recently:

I love the tiny Nemos and it looks great; it’s so cool having children to buy for at Christmas 🙂

And these for the bloggers’ Secret Santa:

Who could they be for?!

Plus, of course, I couldn’t resist a present for me too:

Have you tried that yet? If you have, you’ll know why I’m, er, rather taken by it. If you haven’t, it’s on offer in Sainsbury’s and Tesco…

But, of course, I haven’t eaten it all – I’m saving some for later 🙂

Are you a save till later sort of person or do you prefer to have the good things at once?

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22 Responses to Saving for later

  1. So excited about Secret Santa! Honestly, its really lovely and I’m feeling so chuffed that I’m spreading a bit of cheer! I wish I was a saving for later person but I’m so not 😉

  2. Alexandra says:

    Your nephew is going to love that gift! Those little nemos are cute 😀 I really need to start Christmas shopping asap…hopefully I can find some time this weekend haha

  3. ~Jessica~ says:

    Nope, I’m the total opposite – I have no patience and can never save anything for later, especially food!

    I love the article wrapping tradition – so thoughtful 🙂

    I am also very excited for the Secret Santa – I can’t wait to see all the posts coming together and figure out who was paired with who (or should that be ‘whom’ Argh, my supervisor would kill me!)


    • Haha, I think technically it should be “whom” but I’d leave that as “who” in the paper because it’s one of those where what’s wrong actually sounds better! But the Secret Santa is brilliant, I loved finding what to get and I’ve just got mine, it was so lovely 🙂

  4. Maria says:

    So so exciting!!!!! I prefer to have things to save- I will buy loads of treats but knowing they are there means I often save them for the next day and then the next day. 🙂
    I love wrapping presents too- that fish thing reminds me of something I used to have when I was little. Oh and Andy’s brother always wraps in newspaper (to be environmentally friendly) but we always tease him about being a cheapskate! And that chocolate looks amazing!!!!

    • Me too; I love having a big stash, even if it takes forever to get through!
      Was the aquarium you had a Living Reef? That’s what I had too and it’s what I wanted to get Isaac but they don’t make them any more and I think this is better – you can change backgrounds and take the fish out 🙂

  5. I save my food like that which is why I still have issues with Michael coming near my food. I ration it out and he’ll tear through it all at once!

  6. I love Lindt chocolate, butI’ve not tried that variety before. The orange intense is probably my favouite, but I’m also partial to the 99% stuff.
    I’m ok at saving stuff up, but I can’t wait to rip into my secret santa present when I get it 🙂

    • I don’t think I’m hard core enough for the 99% one but the orange sounds delicious… try this one though, it’s crispy bits of caramel/butterscotch and it’s so good.
      I’ve just got my Secret Santa and it was opened in minutes 🙂

  7. I am much better about saving things now… I used to tear into treats and good things like this!

  8. The best present it the one for yourself!

  9. I try to save for later, but it doesn’t always work! You are the tricky girl getting things wrapped so soon! I love the idea of wrapping the present with the reporter’s byline! Great idea!~

    • Well it’s only a few things so far but I know from past experience that if I don’t wrap when I buy it, I end up with a mountain to do on Christmas Eve – not good!
      And I don’t know where that office tradition started but I really like it – and it’s environmentally friendly 🙂

  10. Kate says:

    I’m pretty much the most impatient person ever- I can’t save anything! If I had that chocolate bar, it would be gone before I knew it 🙂

  11. You’re on top of the shopping! Way to go–I WISH I was a getting-it-done-at-once person, but I’ve barely started thinking about shopping. But that fish tank reminds me of sea monkeys, and now I want sea monkeys. For myself. That doesn’t help with shopping for the family, does it?

    • Well I wouldn’t quite say “on top of” – more like “started to scale the foothills” 🙂 but at least it’s started which is good for me!
      And as I was looking for something aquarium-ish for my nephew, I saw Sea Monkeys and wondered about them, great minds! You could always buy them and tell your family that your pleasure in them is your gift to them… 😉

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