The good, the bad and the Buzz Lightyear

The good is that I’ve had four days off. Four beautiful gold and blue autumn days.

Time to ride, time to potter, time to make delicious breakfasts

Cooked grated carrot and chopped apple, mixed with oats, egg white, flax seed and mixed spice, microwaved into a cake and topped with blueberries and maple syrup. I’ve been having frozen blueberries because the fresh ones are £silly again but Sainsbury’s was offering two for the price of one – and who am I to argue?

More good things came in the shape of two parcels. One, last week, of German gluten-free deliciousness from Shannon:

Those hazelnut wafers got demolished pretty quickly and I’m sure these, sent to me by Rachel, will go the same way:

Thank you very much!

To move on to the bad, it was when I clipped Inka yesterday. She said she’d rather I didn’t clip under her chin and she made her feelings clear by lashing out with a front leg just as I tried to do it – catching me just above the knee.

You know when at first you think it doesn’t hurt then two nanoseconds later, it kicks in and hurts like buggery? Yeah. I’ve got a huge swollen bruise but it was lucky really; two inches lower down and it would have been a different story. Just to clarify, I’ve left her beard as it is. Call me old-fashioned but I’m quite fond of having kneecaps.

And the final bit of the title?

That’s the metal box we use to get on the horses – and that’s Buzz Lightyear waving from on top of it. No idea why or how.

What good or bad (or Buzz Lightyear-related) things have been happening to you lately?

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38 Responses to The good, the bad and the Buzz Lightyear

  1. Alexandra says:

    hahaha I love the randomness of the buzz lightyear. Did he just show up out there?! Maybe it’s aliens 😉
    You got some awesome goodies in your packages! Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. Maria says:

    Maybe he fell there with style 🙂 Love it!
    Good? Had a nice walk in the wintery sunny weather and Andy treated me to a chai latte 🙂

  3. ~Jessica~ says:

    I never thought Buzz Lightyear could be creepy until now.

    I’m so happy you enjoyed your time away from such a manic and busy job. Shame Inca had to be a bit of a madam though – I’m very pleased that your shins are still in tact!

    Good? Being able to run so far every day in November…bad? It looks like icy pavements tomorrow 😦


    • It was a little bit creepy – especially the pose not to mention the fact he just appeared! And thank you very much; it was lovely to have a couple of extra days – not so great about the kick though 😦
      And glad it’s been ok so far but urgh, feel your pain about the ice, take care!

  4. Glad she didn’t get your knee cap, that could have been nasty! Buzz Lightyear aways reminds me of my nephew who watches toy story pretty much on repeat! This weekend has been a pretty good one, especially this mornings lie in! no bad’s to report thank goodness!

    • Made me go cold to think what could have happened – it’s half a ton of horse behind a kick like that!
      Bless your nephew, I used to be like that with Mary Poppins. Glad you’ve not had any bads 🙂

  5. Errign says:

    I love your post titles. Sorry about the kick, though quite glad it wasn’t your kneecap!

  6. I’ve always been fascinated by horses but I’ve never ridden. I can’t wait until we move to New Mexico. One of my plans is to learn to ride. I’m really looking forward to it!

  7. Woah girly! That grated carrot + oat situation you have going on looks fab! Like a carrot cake pancake!

  8. sue says:

    Poor Buss he just wants to go for a ride too!

  9. Hannah says:

    That breakfast looks amazeballs! Bad is how I had to work a six day week with 14 hour days last week, good is I’m therefore leaving work at 2pm today to visit my mum and eat chocolate 😛

  10. The days off are good, but I’m sorry about your injury! May you heal quickly. 😉 Nothing like Buzz Lightyear to end a post, right?

  11. I haven’t had any Buzz related incidents recently, but I guess the good is that I’ve published my book, and the bad is that it’s got pretty cloudy lately (though it’s good that they haven’t poured with rain!) ♥

  12. Hahaha whatttt that Buzz lightear is so so random
    I am sorry about your injury! I am sending healing vibes asap

  13. Those fruity pieces sound delicious! And oh, ow. Horses hurt. Don’t even want to admit how many times I’ve been stepped on, and that doesn’t even involve kneecaps!

  14. Haha – I love the random Buzz Lightyear action 🙂
    I love the look of your breakfast – I’ve never made anything like that, but it sounds like a good idea.
    I hope your leg is feeling better today.

  15. A random Buzz Lightyear is the best omen over!!! 🙂

  16. Your breakfast looks so great! I’m loving the random Buzz Lightyear! 🙂

  17. Glad you like my package! 🙂 I agree, those hazelnut wafers taste great!

  18. Haha the Buzz Lightyear thing really made me smile – how random! 🙂 x

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