Running scared

I remember once thinking I was going to be good at running.

I was at school and I’d just finished the 100m in under 11 seconds. My brief period of glory was cut short, however, when I was told I’d started from the 75m mark instead.

Since then, apart from when I’ve been late, the only time I’ve ever run was in the Santa Fun Run in the town covered by my paper three years ago:

I’m not sure what the holding my number up like an eejit was about 🙂

We all did the 5km race except one colleague who took the children’s route. We wondered why we’d passed him and he managed to finish first and eventually it came out. He said he didn’t realise it was the wrong way; he’d obviously managed not to notice the 800-odd other Father Christmases running a different way, easy mistake to make (he still gets grief for that now)

This is going to sound pathetic to most people reading this, who can run five times that distance without thinking twice but although I was all right the next day, I couldn’t walk the day after that – the PAIN! And now, as confirmed by a story in this week’s paper… I’m doing it again. So help me.

I’d like to ask for training tips but it’s only three weeks away tomorrow and I know that even with the best will in the world, I won’t be able to fit in any training… so any tips on how not to die after a race you haven’t trained for?! I’d appreciate anything 🙂


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24 Responses to Running scared

  1. ~Jessica~ says:

    Yikes, okay…I’d say, make sure you have good shoes that fit well, stretch a LOT after the run but don’t do any static stretches and make sure to ice and elevate those legs (particularly shins!) afterwards – not an ice bath if you don’t fancy it, frozen peas work wonders too 😉

    Most importantly, enjoy yourself and take plenty of pics of your Santa suit!


    • ~Jessica~ says:

      Grr, I meant don’t do static streches BEFOREHAND – save them for afterwards. Dynamic stretches beforehand are better – jog around a bit, make sure you’re warmed up, etc!


      • That sounds good, I don’t think I could handle an ice bath but if peas work, I’ll give them a go! And thanks for the tip about dynamic warming up; I’d always assumed it was static stretches beforehand 🙂

  2. Errign says:

    I think just try to get a few runs in – maybe a mile one day, 1.5 miles the next time (ideally a day in between), etc. Warm up with a light jog or some spastic jumping about beforehand, hydrate and have a good stretch afterwards.

  3. Maria says:

    Martin Yelling reverse taper I say! In the next 3 weeks maybe try to run a bit- like Errign said- do a mile 3 times this week (with walk breaks) next week 1.5-2 miles, then the next week 2/2.5 miles. Just take walk breaks, don’t go too fast, enjoy it 🙂
    Cool down after, stretch after, I like to spray with the cold shower as it helps (and not as bad as an ice bath). 🙂

  4. Alexandra says:

    I wish I could offer some advice, but I’m the world’s worst runner haha Hope you get some good tips!!

  5. That’s a scary bunch of Santas! I admire you for even trying to run. I am not a runner.

  6. Good shoes, easy pace, and ice baths!! Ice baths work WONDERS for recovery!

  7. Cat says:

    Grab your iPod and go for a walk/run. Walk for the first song, jog for the second, walk for the third and so on. Do this for a week and gradually build up the jogging time with each run. Be sure to stretch well afterwards — Google some quick yoga workouts and do them when you get home. The most important thing to remember: if you can’t do it on the day, just do as much as you can and walk the rest. It’s better to finish with a slower time than finish fast and be unable to walk for a month (I speak from experience!) Good luck!

  8. I agree with what people said here… ease into it, a few miles per week, and good shoes!

  9. I would say my biggest tip would be to just enjoy it! It looks like so much fun!

  10. I agree with the commenter above, just try to enjoy it and have fun 🙂

  11. That sounds like a fabulous race to run–too much fun to dress up. And I can’t run more than 3 miles to save my life (well, maybe to save my life…), so I will certainly not scoff at anyone running a 5k, woot woot!

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