Hooray for Tuesdays!

Not every Tuesday, to be fair… it’s our deadline and – well it’s Tuesday, innit?

But this one’s good. Not only because I’ve got the rest of the week off but because we had some good news today. It’s work-related so I won’t go into details but just to say a threat’s been hanging around since July and today – we found out it’s not going to happen. Happy days 🙂

Other good things involve keeping within the spirit of the budget challenge, like this old-school dinner:

Fish fingers and oven chips or fish finger sandwiches were my ultimate pre-coeliac and unhealthy days comfort food. I must have bought those GF fish fingers ages and ages ago but they were still in the freezer and still good. And the butternut, free as it was given to me by a neighbour, was cut so thinly that, sprinkled with garlic and roasted, it tasted exactly like oven chips – but better!

I also stuck with the not-buying-biscuits-etc rule by making more quinoa cookies:

From start to baked in less than 20 minutes, plus they cost about 1/10 what GF biscuits do in shops = winner.

I also got round on Sunday to picking the last apples off my tree:

Some of them might be the size of cherries but they’re still so sweet and crunchy! Free + delicious + mini versions = winner again!

I made use of some of the bruised and part-bird-pecked ones by roasting them and blending into more apple sauce – so smooth and creamy:

In porridge, with granola on top = apple crumble for breakfast. Kind of 🙂

And I went on the scrump to my dad’s garden, coming back with possibly the maddest vegetables yet:

Those two were massive on their own but I loved the way they’d grown together! When I pulled them apart, you could see where they’d fitted round each other:

That’s a good few days’ carrot cake porridge there, especially as I snagged myself a 2kg bag of oats in Asda for £2.08 today… if anyone else is coeliac or avoiding gluten but can eat oats, all Mornflake ones are guaranteed “pure”, ie uncontaminated by other grains, as standard – so don’t shell out £3 for a 500g bag of supermarket “free from” ones!

So altogether, that makes two months of breakfasts costing about 3p a go, not bad!

Now I’ve got to work on dinners… what are your favourite budget meals?

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16 Responses to TGIT

  1. Aw, I love all the little apples! So cute. I would love to grow my own fruits and vegetables. I took a horticulture class in high school and grew the weirdest looking turnip- I have a picture of it somewhere. It looked like a face!

  2. dipfreshdip says:

    what do you think they’ve used to make the crumbs if they were really GF?

  3. My breakfasts cost waaaay too much. Because I love greek yogurt + blueberries. Neither of which are cheap! 😦

  4. Maria says:

    Love the baby apples! My fave cheap breakfast is porridge (just buy the cheap oats!) and raisins 🙂 Only a sprinkle so a bag lasts for ages.

  5. Great idea! And, I like fish fingers for dinner.

  6. I might have to take a look in Asda, sounds like they have some good bargains on the go! Those carrots are so cute, I love that they grew together like that 🙂 I had sausages last week and they totally reminded me of an old skool dinner!

    • They do love a bargain in Asda, although it annoys me that they’ll sell the “free from” oats for six times the price in the same shop! And ooh, sausages would have been just as good. haven’t had them for too long 🙂

  7. Love the photo of your’s sad that supermarkets would get rid of little ones like that x

  8. Those are some crazy carrots! At first I thought they were sweet potatoes!

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