Cookies and quinoa

The weather’s gone a bit mental again.

So mild, it’s mad! Not that I’m complaining though: in my opinion, the best winter is the shortest one possible – it’s bad enough that it’s dark when I get up in the mornings and that the clocks go back in two weeks’ time 😦

But enough of such meteorological mumblings! This post is all about:

You know when you see a recipe and although you’ve only got one of the ingredients needed, you make it anyway?

I wanted a quick and easy dinner on Tuesday, just as I happened to read this post of Laura’s. Her “cheesy” millet and kale bowl sounded so good, I made my own.

I used slightly-wilted spinach, with garlic granules sprinkled on top, and added sauted leek and mushrooms. Instead of millet and tahini, I used quinoa flakes and cashew butter:

It was delicious, really reminding me of cheese and onion crisps! One to do again, thanks Laura 🙂

I also used the quinoa flakes to make some granola:

Obviously, it wasn’t the same as the oaty version but it was really light and fluffy. I had it on top of some thawed and pureed mango, with yoghurt and pumpkin seeds:

I also used the quinoa flakes for one more thing, to do with this:

The only problem with the 12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies and Sweets lasting for, you guessed it, 12 weeks is, it means I just have to make crunchy biscuity deliciousness every week *sigh*.

Quinoa cookies: (makes 12)

50g rice flour

30g quinoa flakes

20g brown sugar

3tbsp maple syrup

2tbsp almond butter

25g butter, softened

¼ tsp vanilla

¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda.

Preheat oven to 180C. Whisk the butter, almond butter, syrup, sugar and vanilla together till well mixed. You can use an electric whisk but I just did it by hand and it was fine. Add the flour, quinoa and bicarbonate of soda and mix till well combined.

Drop spoonfuls on a lined sheet and bake for 10 minutes till golden.

These were delicious. I say were because although I made them on Tuesday, there are already *does the mental maths, checks her working* not a lot left.

It’s not my fault though, the taste really reminds me of something and I can’t work out what it is – however hard I try 🙂

The obligatory Christmassy shot:

Mmmmm… and because of the quinoa, that means they’re healthy. Fact 🙂

It’s weird because I’ve never been that into quinoa before but I think that’s because of the way the whole grain looks weirdly like frogspawn when it’s cooked… do you like it?

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31 Responses to Cookies and quinoa

  1. Maria says:

    I like it but only in savoury things- I had the flakes but could not eat them as porridge and ended up using them mostly in bean burgers. I also had (have?) some flour and again it is a bit too savoury for me, for some reason. But I love actual quinoa (love it when it goes squiggly!) – nice for lunch.

    • “Squiggly” is exactly the right word! It does put me off a bit though… 🙂
      I was going to try porridge from them but wonder if they will be a bit savoury – I know what you mean, now you say it!

  2. I love quinoa, but I’ve never tried the flakes. They seem really expensive compared to oats so I’ve not bothered yet. I believe that anything with quinoa in must be healthy 🙂

  3. ~Jessica~ says:

    I agree entirely about winter. It’s depressing to get up while its dark…I can feel my SAD kicking in already 😦 Plus, walking home from Uni in the dark is a bit scary, particularly in the area where I live!

    I made that recipe of Laura’s too, only without the oniony garlicyness. I just wish the light had been good enough to get a decent pic of mine, because the sauce was wonderful and reminded me so much of macaroni cheese.

    Hungry Hungry Hippie has a brill quinoa granola recipe here if you haven’t already seen it…I think the flakes would work too?


    • I know what you mean,it was a bit like macaroni and cheese! I never used to like the real version of that though… and I know, dark mornings and evenings are so wrong, in fact winter’s wrong all round!
      Thank you for that too 🙂

  4. BrocStar says:

    I tried it once or twice before I knew much about food, and didn’t really know what to do with it. I’ve been wanting to try it again lately, but every time I see it in the store I think it’s too expensive.

  5. I like the look of your cookies! Plus, they’re healthy so that’s an automatic plus!

  6. Cookies every week?! Gosh, however will you survive 🙂 Seeing the talk about Christmas has made me SO excited for holiday baking!

  7. I’ve never thought to put quinoa in cookies before- what a fab idea!

  8. I love quinoa flakes IN baked things (espcially cookies!) but have a hard time with them plain as a hot cereal. Hmm, something about the taste maybe? Regular quinoa is the bomb-diggety, though, and I almost always use it in place of pasta or rice these days (maybe because i bought a five pound bag of it at Costco…)

  9. kaliesthoughts says:

    I havent had quinoa!

  10. quinoa cookies! cool! i must try these soon! i really like quinoa…..quinoa porridge is good 😉

  11. I love quinoa! It’s delicious. I don’t like in sweet dishes though.
    Although I recently bought the flakes kind and haven’t tried that yet.

  12. lindsay says:

    great idea!! i should use this for cookies. I’ve only used it for porridge. So smart woman!

  13. I’ve only tried quinoa once in a soup, but I did like it! I’ve got to try it in cookies next 🙂

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  15. Simply Life says:

    what a creative way to use quinoa!

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