Shepherds’ delight

What mad but brilliant weather – I can’t believe it!

I love working by the sea when it looks like that  – and living in the countryside:

My dad’s always travelled for his work. and wherever he’s been, whether it’s Hong Kong or London, if I’ve spoken to him during that time, his first question, after the hellos and how are yous, has been: “What’s the weather been like there?”

I can’t take the mick though because I’m exactly the same – and I’m far from being the only one. Take this week; every phone conversation I’ve had at work has been like this:

Me: How are you?

Other Person: Fine thank you, especially with the sun out!

M: Me too, isn’t it gorgeous? And it’s supposed to be like it all weekend!

OP: Well we didn’t get a summer, did we? *pause for both to laugh* Anyway. How can I help you?

It could have been the other way around of course 🙂

And I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said “Isn’t it beautiful?” or someone else has asked “What’s it like out there?” when I come into the office – so stereotypically English… but I love it!

But although I think I could quite easily write a weather blog, this ain’t one. And gorgeous unseasonal sunshine apart, this post ain’t about that.

It’s about these:

Warning: Possible TMI moments to come 🙂

I got that little lot from a nutritionist/homeopath yesterday. To cut a long story short, I’ve had a swollen stomach for about the last 16 months and  no one seems to know why. I’ve had CT scans, X-rays, a colonoscopy, however many blood tests… and all the first doctor came up with was IBS.

The second said it was “brave” to diagnose IBS, which after all is only an umbrella term, in someone with confirmed coeliac disease – but he didn’t come up with anything else.

So I went to see this woman yesterday. I saw her a couple of years ago and she said it was some parasite causing all the problems. But I was sceptical and didn’t go back.

Now though, I’m sick of feeling rubbish. a friend said to me a while ago that you never know how ill you felt till you feel better and it’s so true. A few months after I was diagnosed with and been treated for coeliac disease and my blood condition, I felt so amazing – full of energy and just… well. And I want to feel like that again, not constantly tired and lacking energy – and with this huge stomach, which is the same whatever and whenever I eat, from first thing in the morning till I go to bed.

I’m not looking for sympathy or trying to imply that I’m struggling bravely on because I’m not in pain or anything – it’s just not good. Also, two years ago, I started losing weight for no reason, till I got thinner than I’d ever been as an adult. I don’t know why – but now I’m putting it on again. That in itself is a good thing because I look much better and was too thin before – but why’s it happening?!

This therapist uses kinesiology to determine where and what the problems are. I’ve been told to take two of those herbal supplements together for alternate weeks for a couple of months and then go back. If things look better, I’ll then do a “liver cleanse” day and then, she said, I should feel a lot better.

I have to admit I’m inclined to be sceptical but I’m going to give it a go. They’re herbs, they can’t do me any harm and no other treatment has done me any good! The other bonus is, she did food intolerance testing too and I’m apparently fine with everything, including chocolate. Phew.

Anyway. Fingers crossed. And because I’ve got a childish sense of humour, I’ll leave you with this picture:

Tee hee 🙂

Have you ever tried any “alternative” therapies? What did you think?

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21 Responses to Shepherds’ delight

  1. I personally haven’t tried any alternative therapies but I have heard from other peoples experience that they can be quite good. I hope your new remedies cure your stomach issues.

  2. ~Jessica~ says:

    I think people either tend to be highly pro totally anti-alternative therapies. I think if it helps then great, but it’s good not to become too invested in the the therapist themeselves, because I’ve come across a fair few that like to foster a kind of dependency in their clients. I’m not one to trust ‘conventional’ medicine by any means, but there are some devious alternative practicioners out there and I tend to approach them with caution (particularly when there are ‘detoxes’ or lots of expensive products involved).

    That said, if it works for you then great 🙂 I would very much like to catch whichever bug it was that makes you lose weight for no reason!


    • Well that is my worry, especially because the products are pricey… but this woman’s been highly recommended by a couple of friends and I know she diagnosed PCOS in a friend and it was later confirmed by the hospital so hopefully. I’ve got to the stage where I’ll try (almost) anything!

  3. Maria says:

    I was told by a uni lecturer that the weather obsession is totally a cultural thing, and apparently in China (he went to china a lot) they always ask about food- eg Hi, how are you, have you eaten? As opposed to Hi, lovely weather etc 🙂
    I am not really convinced by many alternative therapies, but I think they are worth a try, my Nan loved having acupuncture for her arthritis, so if you have tried other things then it is worth exploring those too.

  4. BrocStar says:

    I typically don’t go for alternative medicine… but I can see how you would be inclined to try it out after nothing else has worked.
    That’s not to say that I believe everything in traditional medicine works… the medical text books change all the time as science evolves. But I DO believe in things that can be scientifically proven, and a lot of alternative medicines cannot.

    • That’s really true and my background is biology, which is why I’m sceptical!
      But there does seem to be science involved in this too, if not the conventional type so I’m definitely going to give it a go!

  5. We’re FINALLY getting under 90* here and I’m loving it! It does look beautiful where you are!

  6. Haha, everyone I know talks about the weather here too (US)! I guess it’s just a really good conversation starter.
    I’m not sure how I feel about alternative medicines only because I’ve never done it. But I’m all for it if that is what the person wants to do. I’m actually tempted to go for a food intolerance test or appointment, to figure out some digestive/discomfort issues. I’d love to hear how it works out for you!

    • That’s true, it’s something everyone has some interest in I suppose!
      And thank you – food intolerance is a big area because so many conventional doctors don’t think of it so hopefully it’ll work for you too if you go that way 🙂

  7. I’m always talking about the weather so glad I’m not the only one! I tend to think any thing is worth a try if it could help. I completely agree with your friends comment that you don’t know how bad you were until you feel better – that’s exactly how I feel about the changes in my diet and how much better I feel eating healthier. I do hope they help your tummy troubles 🙂

    • Hee hee, far from it!
      It’s so weird isn’t it that you get used to operating on a lower level of wellness but realise afterwards how good you’re capable of feeling! Thank you 🙂

  8. lindsay says:

    girl I am in the midst of alternative medicine right now. I have had sever stomach issues and weight loss. No doctor could pin point it except for my holistic doctor. I am confident that you will heal from this. I think its good you try it! keep me posted please!

  9. I’ve never tried any alternative therapies, but I would definitely think about it if I had any health problems. If it works, then it must be a good thing – I hope it does!
    Haha – I love that photo 😉

  10. how strange! I think we are living semi parallel lives (digestion wise)… my tummy has been mimicking yours and like you I also lost loads of weight (all time low) for absolutely no reason but have recently put it all back, again for seemingly no reason.. and I feel so tired and sometimes even breathless… BUT, I made an appointment a couple weeks ago to see an alternative lady who is into gut healing and the likes. going next wednesday – fingers crossed super tight for both you and me! Can’t wait to hear your long-term results

    • That’s weird; sounds exactly the same! I’ll definitely keep updated although I haven’t felt good on the supplements so far…!
      It sounds like you got to the same point as me, had enough of it! Everything crossed for you too 🙂

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