Fria: Tucking in

Whoever invented weekends should be given an OBE. Or a lot of money. They’re great.

The last couple of days have been a bit manic. Yesterday was my colleague Yam’s last day so we had a couple of drinks after work. I had to drive back, go up the yard, have a quick change and drive back – but it was great, especially as the karaoke came out (I gave it some to a bit of Sunday Girl by Blondie!) It’s sad to lose Yam, who’s been there for ages, but it’s a really good career move for him 🙂

One bonus of working on a newspaper is that the photographers are at nights out – with their cameras. Lots of entertaining pics to come!

Thursday was busy too, as I went up to London after work. I’d had an email from lovely Monika, on behalf of Fria. The firm’s about to launch in this country so they invited me and some other GF bloggers to a meet-up:

From left,  SianAlex, Annie,  Fiona and Irene. Jonas, owner of the Scandinavian Kitchen, was our host and he was lovely – as was everyone else. It was so nice to meet everyone, also because I don’t think I’ve met even one other person with coeliac disease since I was diagnosed! I look forward to reading their blogs too 🙂

There was food, of course:

And drink: GF beer (nicer than normal stuff) and amazing juice, made from 2,300 blueberries per bottle – and nothing else. It’s weirdly like non-alcoholic wine and very addictive 🙂

There was lots of Scandinavian food. I was brave enough to ignore my lifelong and extreme dislike and go for some of the beetroot and apple salad:

With a pickled cabbage salad, some Brie and a cheese with caraway seeds in it, tiny meatballs, some other salady things and some Fria seeded and brown bread.

I have to admit there might be a future for me and beetroot. We’re going to have to take it slowly but if it can taste as good as this salad did… I might try it again. Maybe.

Everything else was delicious too.  I loved the seedy cheese and the bread was amazing. Even though it comes frozen, it’s got the taste and texture of fresh “normal” bread. Score on that front 🙂

Then there was pudding:

Having stuffed myself to bursting with the chocolate brownie cake at the GF show in May, I wasn’t backwards in coming forwards. With hindsight, it would have been better to have a cinnamon roll, as I haven’t tried those before but I’m a greedy mare. C’est la vie   🙂


Monika also gave us each a goody bag:

More brownie cake. Do I really have to? *sigh*

Monika suggested each of us make a pizza and send the pictures to the cafe so I’ll do my best… already thinking of what could go on it 🙂

As a journalist who gets through more biros than she eats hot dinners (seriously – where do they all go?!) I was also pleased with the pen. I know that’s sad. And as someone with a very childish sense of humour, I’m looking forward to the Plopp bar. Hahahaha.

All Fria products are dairy-free too and all but the brownie cake and the apple muffins are also vegan 🙂

It was nice to try them, great to eat the Scandinavian dishes and lovely to meet everyone.

Have you eaten any Scandinavian food? Or from cultures other than those readily available in this country?

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27 Responses to Fria: Tucking in

  1. Shannon says:

    All that food looks so good! It’s making me really hungry now 😛

  2. That looks like a fantastic event! Its great to meet other bloggers isn’t it? All that food looks wonderful too. Other than a stuff in Ikea I can’t say I’ve had much Scandie food which is a shame as I know its a very interesting cuisine 🙂

    • It was – really different tastes that I wouldn’t have thought of combining but delicious!
      And definitely; brilliant to meet other bloggers; about the only time that you can take a picture of your food and no one thinks you’re weird 🙂

  3. ~Jessica~ says:

    The brownie cake is Vegan? Well, there go all my good intentions of eating less sugar 😛

    Shame the breads aren’t vegan though. Doh!

    I’ve never tried Scandanavian food, but due to my Jackass-sense of humour I too find the concept of a Plopp bar rather amusing 😉


  4. jenandberries says:

    Aw wow looks like you had so much fun! I’d love some of that GF beer, so many anti-oxidents :O
    Never tried Scandanavian food but have tried some Swedish stuff from Ikea if that counts!
    The bar of plopp gave me a childish giggle too – who could eat that with a serious look on their face really though!!?

  5. Leigh says:

    That blueberry drink sounds delicious! I want to try! I can just imagine myself turning in to violet from charlie and the chocolate factory and turning purple hehe. I love a free pen too, there must be a pen black hole in my bedroom because I have no other reasonable explanation for the disappearance of them all. hope you have a great weekend!

    • Haha, brilliant! I’d do too I reckon if I had more of it, it’s really good and I love blueberries.
      And it’s mad isn’t it – where do they go?? I think it must either be the black hole or they evaporate or something… 🙂

  6. I love blueberry drinks like that… yes please 🙂
    All of your eats look wonderful too.. I think I would have gone for the cinnamon role!

  7. That food all looks delicious! I’m drooling over the cheese 🙂

  8. Emma R. says:

    Buy one get one free of ALL Fria products now from on-line store Gluten Free Foods Direct!!!!! Offer applies only as long as stock last. Hurry!!!! Order today!!!!!

  9. Great review! And yes the lovely Estrella GF beer retails for around £7.20 ish for 4 from Waitrose and many Asda’s and Sainsbury’s. Which isn’t bad considering it tastes so good and all GF food is hiked up in price. Just remember to rummage in the Free From aisle and the normal asile as the supermarkets like to play can you find the GF beer. I’ve yet to make my pizza too and can’t wait!

  10. Maria says:

    Plopp? That is quite a funny name! Hmm.
    I lived in denmark for a little bit when I was younger, (5) and all I remember was rye bread (which I loved) and pickled herrings (which I hated!)- they do have nice pastries and things in scandinavia, and lovely toasted nuts too.

  11. Emma R. says:

    Scandinavian Kitchen is THE coolest café in Soho – trust me! They have the nicest staff, amazing home made food and tons of groceries and deli products from the Nordic countries. If you haven’t been, it’s worth a visit. They have great blog with fun tales of all things Scandinavian, and an online store. and Twitter

  12. The Plopp bar actually didn’t taste amazingly good… shhhhhhh 🙂
    Wow, must be brilliant to have lived in a country like that; would love to hear more if you ever blog about it… the toasted nuts and pastires sound great although I think I’d be with you on the herrings!

  13. Monika, on behalf of Fria says:

    Hej!! (Swedish for Hello)
    Glad to hear you had a nice time the other night Eleanor.
    For more info about Fria, please check out the website
    Twitter: http://www.twitter/FriaGlutenFree
    PS: If you wonder what the wooden knife in the goodie bad is, it’s a traditional Swedish butter spreading knife made out of juniper wood. Happy spreading!

  14. That’s so cool! I visited Sweden about two years ago but didn’t try any of the food (I was only there for a day) but I also went to Norway and my friend’s aunt and uncle made us a real Norwegian breakfast that was amazing 🙂 My friend’s name is Monika too- I love the spelling.

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  16. Alex G says:

    Well I for one found my Plopp really hit the spot. 🙂
    And the blueberry worked well with gin and a splash of lemon. *Strongly* recommended.
    Good to meet you, Elle!

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