The buck(wheat) stops here

There’s a double meaning to that post title.

Not only is it the end (for the minute) of talking about buckwheat, it’s the last rubbish pun on it. Maybe. 🙂

I spent Thursday in a lovely way; meeting a friend I hadn’t seen for ages for lunch. Sitting in the hot sun in a country pub garden with a cheeky drink at a time I’d normally be sitting at my desk with an office coffee? Go on then 🙂

I rode Dave afterwards, then went round to my friend’s to give her the burgers. She liked them – and they even got one-year-old Jessica’s approval… so I think it’s safe to share the recipe.

Sadly yesterday was so flat-out, I didn’t get a chance to post but as it was just as hot (and is again today, woop!) I didn’t mind the rush, especially as yesterday finished with drinking copious amount of Pimm’s with my friend Lisa – happy days 🙂

But enough rambling, time for these:

Buckwheat burgers (makes seven good-sized ones)

1 can haricot (or any white) beans

70g dry buckwheat grains/groats

150g-ish courgette, grated (or aubergine, carrot, whatever vegetable you fancy!)

2tbsp cashew butter

2tbsp red pepper pesto (from a jar or recipe below!)

2tbsp ketchup

4tbsp nutritional yeast

2tsp vegetable stock powder

1tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp onion granules

Cook the buckwheat in 140ml water (bring to the boil, then simmer for about 8 minutes till soft, then set aside till it absorbs all the water) and leave it to cool.

Preheat the oven to 175C. Mash the beans really well in a large bowl with a potato masher. This is a mission but, on the bright side, it’s a good arm workout – healthy eating and exercise in one 🙂

Add everything else and mix really well till all combined, then form into burgers on a lined baking sheet and cook for about half an hour, turning once when the bottoms are crisped and brown. Be careful because they’ll fall apart otherwise but once cooked, they hold together fine.

Serve with ridiculously huge veg mountain (optional).

I also made the red pepper and almond pesto, as I’m so addicted to the Waitrose one, I thought it worth a go. This is also dairy-free and vegan, which the Waitrose one ain’t:

2 red peppers

2tsp ground almonds

1tbsp olive oil

1tbsp nutritional yeast

1/2tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp chopped dried basil

Roast the peppers by de-stalking and seeding, slicing them up, spraying with olive oil and cooking at 180C for about 1/2 hour, till soft and browned.

Put them in a blender with everything else and blend till smooth. To do exactly as I did, stop ‘n’ scrape a few times, muttering darkly about the rubbishness of your blender, give up and scrape it into the beaker of your hand blender and get the job done properly, giving the blender a strict telling-off as you do.

This is optional though 🙂

This was one of those things that, at first taste, I thought “don’t like it”. But it grew on me, so much so that I had to restrain myself from eating the lot with a spoon… it’s delicious with the sweetish peppers and contrast of the garlic and nutritional yeast. And if we’re going on looks, I reckon it was pretty close:

I actually think using it in the burgers was wasting it slightly because the flavour didn’t really come out but it’s so easy to make, I’ve no doubt I’ll be going there again – and I’m submitting it to this Wellness Weekend, hosted by lovely Ricki… go and have a look at the great, healthy recipes on offer there!

I’m off to enjoy another roasting day, then going to see the Inbetweeners film tonight, so all good 🙂

Have you seen the film? Do you like pesto and if so, shop-bought or home-made?

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23 Responses to The buck(wheat) stops here

  1. These burgers look fabulous!! I love how you put pesto in them – pesto in any shape and form for me 🙂 And I don’t really think the huge veg mountain is optional 😉

    Oh and I have an award for your on my blog! 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  2. Me too, I love it (pesto and veg!)
    And thank you very much, on my way… 🙂

  3. Maria says:

    I love pesto but so many shop bought ones arent even vegetarian due to the parmeasan. I like a couple of brands (meridian do a nice basil and cashew one) and I like the sacla organic one too. But when I made my own it was lovely, just hard to keep in the fridge for very long! I would make it again I think when my basil plant grows a bit more!

    • I bet it would be brilliant with fresh basil… I had a plant once but killed it, I’m not the most green-fingered person ever!
      And I should have realised but never thought most of them are going to have cheese in them – but the nutritional yeast works perfectly instead 🙂

  4. BrocStar says:

    i LOVE pesto, and homemade is so much better than store bought. It’s one of those products that I feel the store bought is really a waste of money because it just doesn’t taste the same.
    Of course, I’ve always bought the stuff from the general supermarket (which is expensive enough..) the “natural/organic” stuff might be better.

  5. I recently made my own pesto and since then I’ll never go back to shop bought! I’ll have to try your version though, it sounds delicious!

  6. ~Jessica~ says:

    Aww, bugger. I was looking forward to more puns 😉

    I wish we’d been having some of your weather in the North East: it’s grey and raining here, and clammy but not nicely warm.

    Those burgers and pesto look great: I have the page bookmarked now to remind me to make them! I have had bad experiences with pesto, simply because my Great Aunt, bless her, was as useless at cooking as me and used to drench everything in it. So my childhood scarred for life self still shies away from supermarket varieties! But you’ve motivated me to give it a try again, especially since cutting out gluten and going easy on the gums (xanthan/guar) has enabled my tum to cope with garlic again. Whoop!


  7. I have all the ingredients for those burgers in my cupboard, so I don’t think that I have an excuse not to make them!

  8. amy41143 says:

    I’ve never heard of a buckwheat burger. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

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  10. I love pesto, but I’ve never made it myself! I think you’ve just given me a good idea for Make it Yourself Monday 🙂

  11. Brilliant, go for it! And thank you 🙂

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  13. Ty says:

    I’m so glad I decided to read your about page. Cuz first I read this post, and I just could not get past this part…

    “I rode Dave afterwards”.

    I naturally assumed Dave was a person and that riding was… ya know… and I was just so confused by the flippancy of it all!

    But Dave’s a horse. Fewf!

    A very lovely horse, by the way.

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