Full steam ahead

Where did the weekend go?!

Bearing in mind it was a long one, it went pretty quick… I’m not quite sure how 🙂

It’s been a bit weird on the weather front – we got drenched yesterday out riding, then 10 minutes later, it was bright sunshine again and less than two miles away, it hadn’t rained at all.

At least it didn’t rain today. We went to the Festival of Transport at Hellingly.

And it was really good. Loads of brilliant old vintage cars; the one on the left’s a Model T Ford:

I liked this old fire engine best…

There were also loads of amazing old machines and steam engines:

Poor bloke must have mis-read the label on that one and put it on too hot a wash…. 🙂

I loved the way the engines all had names. That one was Emma and it was powering a straw-baling machine which can’t have been much slower than modern ones.

It was nice to think that, as that was all farming land, they could have been baling straw like that, on that spot, for years 🙂

There were also fairground rides, including a proper old-fashioned roundabout:

I’m glad I was on the inside on that one so you can’t see the truly ridiculous face I’m pulling 🙂

It was all good but amazing how knackered everyone was by the time we got home!

I hadn’t had a huge amount to eat either; events like this not being renowned for their gluten-free eating options, so I had a HUGE plate of dinner. I like the way that sounds like I don’t normally eat plates the size of Kent packed with vegetables….

I grilled aubergine slices, then layered them with a mix of wilted spinach and vegan cheezy sauce… plus carrot and swede mash and steamed vegetable mountain… looks revolting, tasted great. Perfect.

Now I’m just looking forward to not setting the alarm tomorrow – hooray for weeks off!

Did you get up to anything exciting this bank holiday weekend?

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16 Responses to Full steam ahead

  1. BrocStar says:

    I love old vehicles like that! Old things are so much more unique and personalized then new things. (Houses, cars, etc.)

    • That’s exactly what we said – back then, machines looked beautiful as well as doing their job whereas now, it’s just churning out clones… there was a lovely old Triumph I’d have quite liked to take home with me too!

  2. Leigh says:

    That old fire engine is cool! Isn’t it awesome how things like that used to be in use!

  3. ~Jessica~ says:

    Steam festivals are so quintessentially English, like a lot of your summery posts. I love seeing things from such a Midsomer Britain point of view (I have a slight obsession with Midsomer Murders…)

    Please make me that veggie plate, stat 😉


    • I always appreciate the Englishness of things like this! This was in East Sussex too, proper English rural farming country 🙂
      And pop round for dinner any time – it’s a safe bet that a plate like that will be on the menu!

  4. Fun! I’m not super into old cars like that, but they are really cool to see driving down the street.

  5. Wish I had some time off coming 😦 Next Monday’s a holiday here, but I still have to work. Boo. I love old cars! That festival sounds pretty awesome. As does your humungous plate of veggies–definitely does not look revolting to me 😀

    • Oh no, is that Labor Day? and you still have to work?? Not good 😦
      This wasn’t the sort of thing I’d have chosen but it was really good – and I always love huge vegetable plates; glad it’s not just me!

  6. I laughed out loud at the comment about the guy shrinking his engine in the wash 🙂 What a fun festival! I was totally jealous of you having a day off and then I realized that next Monday is a holiday here, whoop! I wish I had a festival to go!

  7. My boyfriend loves anothing to do with engines, so we always end up at events like this. I enjoy them for a while, but Peter likes to spend literally hours looking at them and chatting to the owners, so I usually try and find somewhere comfy to sit and wait!
    Your dinner looks delicious – I love aubergine!

  8. Looks like a fun event! I don’t blame you for having a nice big dinner, that looks delicious!

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