Summer loving

As anyone who read this blog between November and February might have gathered, I’m not the biggest fan of winter.

It’s not like I ever said anything specific, of course, but there might have been a general tone to comments… 🙂

I once had a “discussion” about (British) winter v (British) summer with some people at work – two of whom were trying to say winter was better. The rest of us told them they were quite entitled to their (wrong) opinion.

I know that in really hot, humid countries, proper summer’s not good but when you’re talking about this country…compare this:

To this:


I can appreciate that winter is beautiful, but I’d rather appreciate beauty in a way that doesn’t risk my fingers falling off through frostbite. I’m fussy like that.

Seriously though, getting up in daylight, getting home in daylight, long warm (not so much in England this year!) evenings, the smell of freshly-cut hay, lying in bed feeling a breeze drifting in through the wide-open window…

Every year, every time it’s a nice day, I remember again just how stunning the English countryside is in summer.

More so with Dave’s ears in shot of course. Be warned though kids, taking phone pictures while riding is not clever. Don’t try it at home.

It’s fair to say that as summers go, this one’s been pretty rubbish. and as summers go, it’s fast going 😦

But today’s been beautiful again. Hot, blue skies, that perfect gold, late-summer sunlight… good things. If anyone’s reading that can sort it, a nice hot summery finishing burst would be great. Ta.

Have a great (and fingers crossed summery!) week.

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22 Responses to Summer loving

  1. ~Jessica~ says:

    Anyone that prefers winter is officially nuts. Quite a few people I know like xmas, but not winter itself 😛

    Love the view from Dave’s head: it was worth the risk just to get that shot 😉


  2. It would be pleasant if summer was actually nice…but it’s so miserable here that I cannot wait until winter!!

  3. stenfalk says:

    I think most people who have horses, prefers summer 😉 Unless it’s raining none stop… Still, no reason to hope for winter to arrive.. it will be here soon enough… brr… 😉

  4. Little Bookworm says:

    Love the comment about not taking photos whilst riding. I agree with the commenter above – winter is not fun when you have a horse, especially when there is snow!

  5. I definitely like summer more than winter! I like spring and fall too though. Here in Virginia they don’t get too cold! I’m not a fan of snow though. I’m from the northern part of the states, so I’ve had enough snow in my life!

  6. I think this weekend may have just been the summers final farewell, the early mornings have a very autumnal feel to them at the moment, even the leaves have started falling!

  7. I loved the sun this weekend, but I don’t think it will last. 😦

  8. It’s been gorgeous over the weekend and today! I love the autumn as well, but it means that winter is just around the corner.

  9. I LOVE summer! Thank you for the ode to my favorite season 😀 I agree–the long days, the smell of hay, the SUN. It’s all good. That said, I hope yours picks up and you get a last hoorah of summer

  10. I don’t think I could survive a winter like that! I’d like to live someplace with four seasons so I can experience a real fall (California has one season- warm!) but I would DIE if I saw all that snow. Brrr!

    By the way, I got your package a few days ago and totally forgot to thank you for it! The granola was AMAZING. I finished it all in one day, and my mom loved it too! THANK YOU!!

  11. BrocStar says:

    I can appreciate a good bit of snow for 2-3 days.. then I’m sick of it! I’ve lived in places with snow all winter and it’s a pain. It gets cold and rainy here but we only get snow 1-2 days per winter… and barely any at that!
    Sorry your summer has been short. Hopefully it holds out for most of September!

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