Reviewing the situation

I’ve been meaning to post a review for AGES… I got sent some Rice Dream on June 4 and was asked very nicely to share my thoughts on it… and I never got round to it. Oops.

But as I suddenly remembered… here are those thoughts, such as they are… 🙂

I’m sure most UK readers have tried Rice Dream before but as I’d only ever had the original version, I was interested in these:

I used both, in smoothies…

Green monsters…

And as my main use for milk is in tea and coffee, a lot of these:

And both were great. I remember the original being nice but slightly watery but neither the organic nor the calcium one was at all. I don’t like sugar in tea or coffee but the slight sweetness from this wasn’t off-putting and might be a real bonus for someone trying to stop having sugar in hot drinks…

I have to say I couldn’t tell any taste difference between the two but then I didn’t try both at the same time; I opened one carton once I’d finished the other… not the most scientific of approaches!

But definitely a good choice for someone who wants to avoid dairy and doesn’t want soya milk. The enriched version has almost as much calcium as semi-skimmed dairy milk and although neither has nearly as much protein, both are slightly lower in fat and have a higher carbohydrate content, less of which sugars.

One other noteworthy thing from today though, was a continued quest to make the perfect GF chocolate chip cookie, for the cafe. He sells mahowsive giant ones at the moment, so mine were no tinies either:

Oh, and in case you thought otherwise, that’s no side plate… 🙂

Recipe to come once it’s perfected!

Thank you very much to Rice Dream! Have you tried rice milk, especially the other flavours of Rice Dream? What’s your favourite dairy-free milk?

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24 Responses to Reviewing the situation

  1. ~Jessica~ says:

    Rice Dream is my go-to dairy free milk for precisely the reasons you’ve listed here, aka I have a raging sweet tooth! It’s also mild and easy on my tum, where as I find soy and even hemp milk can make it play up sometimes. I adore the original+calcium (heal bones, darn you!) but can’t taste much difference between that and the vanilla or the hazelnut/almond one that everyone else seems to love. I tried the chocolate one once, but it was too much even for me! I felt my teeth aching with the sugar and my dentist having a coronary all at the same time 😉

    I bow to your almighty cookies. Three is a serving, right?


    • Ha ha, yes, definitely one serving… I meant just to break off a corner to “try” one and ended up scoffing that quicker than I could think!
      Interesting that the nutty/chocolate ones aren’t amazing though; I’d half-hoped they’d send those 🙂

  2. I really liked the rice dream in oats/cereal/smoothies but not so much in tea and coffee, although maybe I didn’t use enough when I did try it. I realllly need to try the hazelnut one though!
    The cookies look divine, as your baking always does.

  3. Errign says:

    I’ve never had rice milk, but I’ve enjoyed most other non-dairy milks. I guess soy milk is probably my least favorite, but I’ll still drink it.

  4. Maria says:

    I really liked rice dream, especially the calcium one. I found the flavours (like hazelnut etc) very sweet. I love Kara coconut milk too. I only wish they had more protein in them as they do not match up to dairy in that respect.
    Yay for those cookies too- they look amazing

  5. I’m a big fan of rice dream as its just so versatile but I have to say that recently I’ve started to lean more towards hemp and coconut milk plus my home made milks as well. Those cookies look out of this world good! I can imagine they are the perfect chewyness!

  6. Sarah says:

    I cannot wait for the cookie recipe! Thanks for the Rice Dream review. I have to say, when I tried it in my coffee, I found it too watery, but this review has made me reconsider trying it and using calcium or organic one instead. I just wish we could hold of almond milk easily over here without having to make it ourselves or spend a fortune! x

  7. The cookies look great – I’m looking forward to the recipe 🙂
    I do have Rice Dream occasionally, but as you said the original is a bit watery. My usualy go-to milk is oat or coconut.

    • I haven’t tried oat milk… I’ve got a feeling it wouldn’t be safe for me because it’s not GF oats but my mum loves it.
      And thank you; got to get it perfect first, which means more testing *sigh* 🙂

  8. i used to drink it all the time but got hooked on almond milk and have yet to go back .but in the winter i drink rice milk more often and i love the sweet taste of it, especially if i make hot chocolate!

    xoxo ❤

  9. I tried rice milk way back when and remember it as being watery, just like you. Guess I should probably give it another go, but I am TOO in love with almond milk. My one recent deviation–hemp milk–was a rather awful disaster, so I lost some of my experimental-milk-bravery 😀 And those cookies look GOOD! I’m always up for a new vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe 🙂

  10. I’ve never really drunk almond milk, just made it for cooking – it’s too expensive over here! I’d wanted to try hemp milk too but it’s so expensive, I’m put off… sounds like I’m not missing out 🙂
    And thank you… I’ll share it when it’s sorted!

  11. pbbrittany says:

    I’ve never had Rice Dream, I usually drink Light Vanilla Soymilk because i’m lactose intolerant….. oooh- and coconut milk is really good too!

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever had rice milk, but I’d definitely try it. I hate cow’s milk! My favorite non-dairy milk is soy, but I rarely buy it because I can buy almond milk in bulk for a lot cheaper 🙂

  13. I love love LOVE rice dream rice milk! it saves me from added sugar every morning with my oat bran and I think its way more refreshing than the other alternatives.. although i think that kara coconut milk is pretty good to for replicating real milk

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