A few good things

A few good things happened today, which is always, well, good 🙂

Not the weather, sadly, which went from Mediterranean-style scorchio, “I wish I’d worn a skirt” yesterday to winter-style, pouring rain, howling gale “I wish I’d worn another jumper” – in less than 12 hours. Mental.

But good things also happened, the first of which is… my brother’s back! He’s been in South Korea teaching English all year and apart from less than a fortnight at Christmas, I hadn’t seen him since last August. There was a massive bear hug and a tear in my eye – and there’s going to be a few drinks at some point… 🙂

And the second good thing was, when I saw my brother, I also saw my mum and dad, and my mum’s food shopping was delivered. As she usually does, knowing my addiction bless her, she’d bought me a few of these:

I’ve said before just how many of these I get through but seriously, to get scientifical, if you took all the Mullerlight pots I scraped clean in a year and laid them end to end, they’d reach from England to *quick and amazingly detailed mental calculation* a VERY long way away. Yeah.

But, if it’s not too over-indulgent to quote from one of my own previous posts, as I said in this one, “if Mr Mullerlight should want to offer me a year’s supply of these , I’d bite his hand off to get to them be pleased to consider it. Or, if he announced plans to bring out a coconut or chocolate-sprinkled coconut version, and wanted me to be an official tester, I’d be in seventh heaven maybe think about agreeing…”

I love coconut, I love yoghurt. I prefer low-fat yoghurts’ texture. But I never thought I’d see these:

My mum said casually “I got you some of the coconut ones”.

How can that be a casual thing?! These are… well, I’m sure you can imagine. The only negative bit is the words “limited edition” on the lid. I’ll just have to eat so many, they realise they’re a winner and keep making them. It’ll be tough – but I’ll take one for the team here 🙂

And as if that wasn’t enough pleasure for one day, I went to meet a contact for coffee this afternoon, in a little independent cafe. I’ve done business pieces on it before because it’s such a great place. Because the owner’s always bringing in new ideas, it’s so unique, as someone said, like a piece of Brighton in Kent.

One of the new things they’ve started doing is vegan and more vegtarian food so I asked him if he’d be interested in taking any home-made cakes – and he said yes! He’s more interested in gluten-free than vegan for now but he’s really keen. I’ve just got to decide whether to make one of these:

Or maybe one of these:

Hmm. Tricky one… but it might have to be chocolate for the first one!

I love baking cakes so it’d be great to have a way of doing loads – and making a few quid for it 🙂

Tell me a few good things you’ve experienced lately…

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13 Responses to A few good things

  1. Ohhh that cake looks so delicious!! I’d be all over that M&M one.

  2. Maria says:

    Oh that news is so exciting! Baking for a cafe! I would love to do that!!!!! Gosh what to choose- they both look amazing but I bet the chocolate one sells faster.

  3. Wow that is awesome news! I’m sure your cakes will go down well in the cafe, without a doubt!

  4. ~Jessica~ says:

    I’d go for the second cake because it has a real ‘wow!’ factor in terms of presentation. Though I am sure they both taste equally delightful!

    I really hope the baking endeavours take off for you: it’s obvious you have talent and skill, and it would be fab to earn something out of your abilities too.


  5. Errign says:

    Hmmm..good things today: a run, yoga, grocery shopping, getting money for old clothes – all good stuff 🙂

  6. That sounds like a pretty much perfect day to me!

  7. vivoir says:

    tip – pop a mullerlight in the freezer. ice cream yumminess is all yours in a few hours 🙂

    amazing mid-summer!! just thought i’d share that really… random!

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