Mr Messy

I bought this yesterday:

I love a howge mug of tea or coffee, I thought the character was quite apt – and it was half price 🙂

But even though it was only £2.50, I won’t be spending on things like that for a bit.

I got paid today, which is always good, but obviously the money tends to make its way back out of the bank pretty rapidly. I’m really over-consicous of how much I spend and know to the fiver how much I’ve got in the bank but with petrol as ridiculous as it is (it costs me about £280 a month just to get to and from work!) I’m trying to cut down on food shopping.

My problem is, I’m a hoarder so once I like something, I buy lots of it. Some of it then doesn’t get used for ages and although I eat or freeze fresh food and don’t waste it, and cook just for me so there aren’t any wasted leftovers, I spend money on stuff I don’t really need.

A couple of weeks ago, for example, I bought a balsamic vinegar dressing. Even though I’m not a huge fan of salads. Even though I’ve got about a quarter-bottle of balsamic vinegar and could have made my own. It’s still sitting there, unopened.

And, as my mum used to say, “look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves” 🙂

So although that dressing won’t be wasted, and it wasn’t expensive, it was a waste of money and that’s what I’m going to stop. For this pay month, no silly things like that, no gluten-free biscuits or bread (expensive and I can make my own alternatives) and keeping an eye on what I do buy – no random ingredients I might use one day!

I think I might go for online supermarket shopping more too; it is about £3-4 delivery but I’d pay that in petrol to drive to one and also, it means I can only get what’s on my list…

So this week’s been short, not only on money but also on time. Getting in late has meant quick dinners…

Another of those amazing beany burgers – so good! I mashed the carrot and swede with nutritional yeast and garlic powder which was delicious…

And the other bit of my H&B deal, some mini vegetable bites:

With some more familiar-looking accompaniments, of course 🙂

So now I’ve been paid, there’s a bit more money about (at least for today!) and I’ve got a day off in lieu tomorrow, so hopefully more time in the next few days too, to plan more money-saving ideas 🙂

One thing I did indulge in though was another order of this crack:

Some things you just can’t economise on 🙂

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8 Responses to Mr Messy

  1. Maria says:

    I find online shopping makes me spend way less as I do not get tempted by everything! Plus when I see the total I can delete things.
    Gosh that is a lot to spend on petrol though!

    • Yes, that delete button is a bonus!
      And tell me about it, it used to cost about £43 to fill the same tank – not good, although the added bonus of a week off work is saving about £70 🙂

  2. ~Jessica~ says:

    Firstly, loved the pic of Dylan in the previous post. I was cooing over it like most people do human babies (which I can’t stand *shudders* too smelly and sticky and wrinkly…and shrivelled).

    Secondly, I need to get a better handle on my budget too. A cheaper protein powder would be a good start, and less online ordering with shipping! SO hard to make that happen.

    That’s a scary petrol cost though: I never realised how expensive cars are to run!


    • Thank you! He was so cute as a puppy; handsome now but not that cute little face 🙂
      And that’s another weakness; online healthy-type websites; I need to ban myself but you’re right, so hard!
      And yep, it’s horrible. Add to that tax and MoT (both last month), repairs, insurance = aarggghh!

  3. I can totally relate to this having just spent a fortune on random food stuffs in Brighton, but as you say some items you just can’t miss out on. I think my problem is that list is expanding every day!

  4. I Spend waaaay too much money on food. Like, it’s ridiculous. It’s really sad how much I waste 😦 I’ve started limiting my trips to the grocery store, and ONLY buying things I know for sure I’ll eat!

  5. Exactly! When I look in the cupboards at stuff I’ve bought in the past… not good 🙂

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