Cor blimey Guv’nor

Warning: This post contains examples of extreme sympathy-seeking.


I’m glad Tuesday’s over.

It was a bit of a mission, to say the least. But as I took pictures of What I Ate on it, I’m going to join the party!

Breakfast was a (very minor) variation on my current (very major) obsession:

I enjoyed the combination of ground almonds and raspberries so much in Sunday’s pancakes, I added a tablespoon of one to a bowl of the other today. Such a great combination, with strawberry yoghurt, a sprinkle of granola and the obligatory pink swirl.

It was late by the time I had lunch but it was worth waiting for; something I haven’t had for years, literally:

A proper sandwich!

I never use bought GF bread for sandwiches because a) I’d be bankrupt and b) I never believe it’s going to be much good untoasted. But I knew it was going to be a long afternoon/evening and I thought the multiseed Genius bread I got at the GF show would be more filling than my usual lunch.

I filled it with ham, my dad’s lettuce, a bit of mayonnaise and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast – and it was amazing! Even though the bread had been frozen, it thawed perfectly – amaaaazing texture and delicious taste – the best sandwich I’ve had for years.

And it’s lucky it was so filling. In a nutshell, there were only two of us in yesterday, on deadline, and Mike had to go to a public meeting all afternoon and then write it up while I wrote and sent everything else.

Then we both had to go to the second half of the meeting, which started at 7pm and finished at about 10pm, 45 minutes’ drive away 😦

It wasn’t the best fun I’ve ever had, especially after a mad day! But at least, apart from a couple of stomach rumbles at about 8pm, I wasn’t hungry at all, probably helped by this:

My mum had never seen Nakd bars before but when she spotted them the other day, bless her, she bought me a box of these 🙂 Chocolate + filling + healthy = perfect.

I got home at about 11pm, having had an apple on the way, and was going to go straight to bed… but was struck by what I really wanted:

I hadn’t had banana porridge for ages and this was amazing! Quickly made, quickly eaten and although going to bed on a stomach full of oats might not be the best idea ever, I slept like a baby – until 6am today anyway 🙂

I love my job but am starting to see what the benefits of not working could be… my office lottery syndicate has entered the Euromillions draw this weekend because it’s such a ridiculously huge jackpot – even with 18 of us, we’d still win almost £10m each…

It sounds ridiculous but I think that’s far too much money for anyone; it would scare me! Does anyone else think that?? Not, of course, that I’d turn it down… 🙂

Have you got your WIAW on yet? If not, go and join the party, thanks Jen!

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18 Responses to Cor blimey Guv’nor

  1. movesnmunchies says:

    AHH i wna porridgeee NOW!! i love that naked flava!

  2. I could eat another bowl now too… it was goooood 🙂

  3. I have never played the lottery, but I keep fantasing about winning … I think I ought to enter the euromillions!

  4. I’m glad you found some good GF bread! Those Nakd bars were SO good and I’m sad we don’t have them here in the states! I loved the pecan pie one you sent me! So delicious 🙂

  5. Maria says:

    I never play the lottery as I think once I start I would not want to stop in case the numbers came up the next week. I just put stuff in my ISA instead! Boring 🙂

  6. It would scare me but I know exactly what I would do with it working with charities and what not. I really should actually put the lottery on considering that my job is funded via the lottery!

  7. I wouldn’t even know where to start with so much money- it is very scary. I think a lot would go to charities and towards medical research considering that I work in that field.

  8. Jenni says:

    the genius multiseed is possibly the best GF bread ever. amazing. don’t even bother trying the others if it’s not for toast!

    also – have you tried the berry nakd bars? even better than the choc ones. sooooo tasty.

    just come across your blog today – will be popping by again!

    Jenni x

    • Definitely with you and the slices are so big compared to most GF loaves!
      I’m not too keen on the berry ones but my mum bought some of those too so I’m sure I’ll give them another go…!
      And thank you for the comment 🙂

  9. Joint lottery entering sounds just genius! oh gosh is that a lot! You could do a lot of good things with it though for other people and for your family =)

    The multiseed sandwich bread looks sooo fluffy! hooray for finally getting a sandwich! =) haha happy WIAW girl!

    • IT’s a really good idea, in that the receptionist just collects everyone’s money and then we all get more chances! And I’d definitely give most of it away…

      The bread was so good – bad really, because it’s not cheap!

  10. That much money would scare me, too–so much would change! But yeah, I’d still take it…

    Way to go with the sandwich! I never make real sandwiches either, and I’m not even limited in my bread choices. It’s just rarely a first-choice sort of meal. Pretty yogurt!

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