I meant to post about my safari yesterday but, as they say, time and tide wait for no man – and that they definitely didn’t.

So I wanted to do that today but as I couldn’t miss out on the Peas and Crayons party, I present What I Saw, Did and Ate Wednesday.

Breakfast yesterday was unusual, in more ways than one.

It only consisted a giant one of these:

A banana, however large, is not enough for me for breakfast. Neither is it my usual practice to eat with a group of people, most of whom I have never met before.

Something slightly more unusual though, in my opinion, was that I found myself saying: “Are those two antelopes fighting, do you think – or just playing?”

From experience, I can recommend watching zebras, wildebeest and giraffes have breakfast while you eat yours; it definitely beats watching Richard and Judy.

The safari had started at 4pm on Monday. I left work early to get to the animal park, where I was greeted with a glass of champagne (didn’t mind if I did, thanks).

We (the other journalists and researchers, my friend and I) were then taken, in a safari truck, into the 100-acre reserve, where African animals can just roam around.

It was amazing to be able to look back and see elands wandering across the road, or zebras grazing next to wildebeest. After about 90 minutes (which went so much more quickly than that!) we got to the camp:

It was beautiful.

There were 10 individual “luxury safari tents”, each with its own veranda, looking out over hundreds of acreas  of stunning countryside… and all the animals! It was so peaceful and, even though I was only there one night, like going on holiday 🙂

The food was good too… dinner!

The buffet starters, which included pates, salads and a fruit bowl (with the best strawberries I think I’ve ever had!)

The main course was also a selection, cooked on this open pit oven:

There was some gorgeous stuffed butternut, king prawns and a delicious “julienne” of roasted veg, kind of like a ratatouille. I blame the rangers, who kept pressing food on us, for how much I ate… what’s a girl to do?

I couldn’t have the banoffee pie or fruit tart for pudding (sob) but the chef also flambe-ed pineapple:

This wasn’t my cup of tea at all! But the picture’s cool, so it goes in…

And I more than made up for my lack of pudding, with the huge quantities of truffles, red wine and lovely coffee…. maybe that’s part of the reason why I really wasn’t hungry for breakfast the next day… 🙂

The whole experience was truly amazing, only enhanced by the fact it’s all only to raise money for the charity that owns the park, which does amazing conservation work, all over the world.

Top dude of the day award though, has to go to this elephant. The reason he’s got hay on his head (I love this) is camouflage – how good is that?!

Sadly for him, the hay fell off just after this – busted! We’d never have spotted him otherwise… 🙂

All in all, I think it’s fair to say, a pretty good way of spending time…!

Happy WIAW! Thanks Jen 🙂

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24 Responses to WISDAW

  1. Little Bookworm says:

    Sounds like an amazing trip! Love the photo of the elephant at the end of the post. 🙂

  2. ~Jessica~ says:

    I too love the aesthetics involved with incinerating food, yet the taste? Not so much. Grilled pineapple is just a bit too sticky and sickly. But I agree: it is indeed a cool picture.

    Glad that the safari place is actively involved in conservation too: I’m always a bit wary of places that use animals for ‘entertainment’ purposes, so it’s good to know they have a sound ethical means of practice.

    The elephant is so sweet! Makes me want to hobble down there and take him home with me, although an elephant-shaped suitcase might be a bit of a giveaway 😉


    • Definitely – I wouldn’t have been comfortable if it was a profit-making thing; even though the animals are happy and have got so much space, it would have bothered me a bit!
      And it’s actually that the only reason they have the park is not only to breed endangered species but to raise money for the conservation, which is brilliant. They’re also actively engaged with education in Africa and re-releasing where it’s safe – winners all round!

  3. That elephant is soooo cute! I love elephants for some reason. I went to the zoo when I visited Australia and saw them being fed- my heart melted!

  4. Mike and I plan on going to one of those safaris once he gets here and I can’t wait! they seem like so much fun!

  5. my husband and I are dying over the little hay topped elephant! ohmygoshhh!!!!! i want to hug him!

  6. Green Groats says:

    Wow!! This looks spectacular! Beautiful pictures 🙂

  7. Maria says:

    Ha ha love that elephant picture!
    And I love grilled pineapple (but not when it is cooked in alchohol).
    Cool pic indeed

  8. It looks like you had a good time – the photo of the elephant is hilarious 🙂

  9. That looks like such a wonderful day! I have such a soft spot for elephants, love that picture 🙂

  10. Awww all of teh animals are beautiful. It looks like a fab day out!

  11. There’s an elephant in that picture?? But I can’t see him! Haha, awesome.

    And looks like SUCH a fun adventure! Glad it was a good time and you got to see so many animals.

  12. Errign says:

    Great pictures – sounds like you had a pretty amazing trip.

  13. It was amazing – the pictures don’t do that stunning view justice either!

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