The heat is on


There was a “heatwave” forecast today but I wasn’t overly confident. especially seeing the miserable-looking grey sky this morning. But suddenly, about 11am, the sun came out and it was HOT!

I was just about to ride and took great pleasure in saying things like “look how hot Dave is already” and wondering whether I needed to take a jumper or not (I didn’t) as oppose to “how many jumpers do I need?”

Happy, happy days 🙂

Summer food is looking good too. I saw my dad yesterday and he said the raspberries “needed picking”. Being the dutiful daughter I am, I obliged. Big time.

Cue lots of ’em, with Onken coconut yoghurt (found it, eaten it, loved it) and the obligatory swirl…

With hindsight though, I should have known it was going to be roasting because it was Derby day at Hickstead. I had to be inside this afternoon to watch it on TV… what an amazing achievement for Tina Fletcher. Last year, she jumped double clear and came second, almost unheard-of for the Hickstead Derby, but this year she and Promised Land jumped the only clear to take it, bless her 🙂

It was so lovely to see her, after her round, pointing at the horse to say he had to get the credit; so good to see someone as lovely as her win.

I then cycled back to the yard, then went for a long ride on the way back. Beautiful countryside, hot sun… perfect 🙂

Dinner was also kind-of summery, as it was a kind-of salad:

I don’t usually go for salads and strictly speaking, this wasn’t one because most of it was cooked! Raw spinach, coleslaw, asparagus, soya beans, broccoli and grilled halloumi… does this count as a “salad beast” Laura?! (All Laura’s food looks great but especially her salad beasts, and the name’s brilliant!)

I might buy some lettuce though and venture into “proper” salads, because it was delicious 🙂

And, of course,

It wouldn’t be a proper summer day without Pimm’s…

And if the pictures on this post suddenly look better, it’s thanks to Zoe. I had come to the end of my free upload space on WordPress and when I asked on Twitter whether it was worth shelling out the $20-ish a year to WordPress for more space, she said she used Flickr. I went straight there and found out it’s free and the pictures look better… score!

It’s supposed to be just as much Phew What A Scorcher tomorrow too – love it.

No post tomorrow because I’ll be on my “safari” – but hopefully an update Tuesday… have a great Monday!

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16 Responses to The heat is on

  1. I think that salad definitely counts as a “beast”, especially looking at the size of the brocolli florets 🙂
    I’m loving raspberries at the moment – they are so sweet and fresh!

  2. Little Bookworm says:

    Love the raspberry photo – that salad looks great as well! Hope you have fun at the “safari” tomorrow! 🙂

  3. ~Jessica~ says:

    Your salad reminds me very much of Chocolate Covered Katie’s mixes of roasted/raw vegetables. I think you’ve put together a really original and wonderful combination of summery flavours there.

    Enjoy your ‘safari’ 🙂


  4. Anna says:

    I lovelovelove Pimm’s when it’s hot… that’s basically all I’ve been missing today! Would it be weird to drink Pimm’s by myself? I thought so. Woohoo, heatwave! I was the same, this morning, taking weird joy in not having to wear a hoodie to walk to the gym, haha.

  5. ohh have fun on your safari!! hehe 🙂

    Those raspberries look amazing!!! I wouldn’t mind picking those babies! Oh and I’m the same way when it comes to salad. I’m not a big lettuce fan… I’d rather fill it with other veggies!

  6. I love hot weather! Glad some headed your way. Mmm, haven’t had any raspberries yet this year, what a shame!

  7. Errign says:

    I think any huge bowl of veggies counts as a beast! 🙂

  8. Yeah, me too! They also always count as good, in my book 🙂
    Thanks for the comment!

  9. I want to go raspberry picking! I went once at a farm near my grandparent’s house and it was really fun but so expensive. I need to grow my own!

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