As everyone knows, getting a parcel is good. Getting two parcels is better – and getting a parcel with excitingly-unknown contents is the best yet!

I had all three today 🙂

First, because it’s the less exciting one:

Weird to think that the first time I ordered a pot of nutritional yeast, I wondered whether I’d get through it all – now, I order two at once so I don’t run out!

But THE parcel, the exciting parcel, the parcel with delicious contents….

It was from Liz at I Heart Vegetables, my food swap partner!

I don’t know if she’s just amazingly clever and intuitive, I think she must be, because not only does this lot look like my ideal parcel, it also contained this:

I think Liz must also be psychic because almond butter was the first nut butter I found and fell in love with – it’s only because of that that I tried and loved pb, cashew and the rest. And, this morning, before the parcel came, I suddenly realised I hadn’t had almond butter for ages because my pigging of coconut butter has pushed it aside.

So I made a mashed banana/oat microwave cake and topped it with almond butter sauce:

It was delicious. And to make almond butter sauce, I’ve always mixed it with milk and a drizzle of maple syrup because I think maple/almond butter rocks… Liz must have known this was the one I wanted to try most!

I’m also looking forward to trying the Amazing Grass; I tasted some in Whole Foods, ages ago, but was too mean to shell out the £30-odd they were asking… the bars (banana/flax/date and a dark chcocolate raw brownie one) look out of this world! Thank you so much Liz and also huge thanks to Jemma, from Celery and Cupcakes, who organised the swap.

I think it’s such a great idea, not just because everyone ends up trying new deliciousness but, and I know this sounds cheesy, because of the “meeting” people bit. I loved thinking of what to send Liz – and I definitely loved getting this parcel!

Thank you both very much 🙂

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10 Responses to Parcels

  1. ~Jessica~ says:

    I’ll be posting about my foodie swap tomorrow, as my eyes are coming out on stalks tonight. Strange that I bought three tubs of Nutritional Yeast on Thursday: fellow hoarders clearly think alike 😉 Your microwave oat cake also looks delish, and I would love to see what you do with the Amazing Grass powder.

    The interaction between bloggers is the best thing about the community in my opinion: I had great fun choosing stuff for my partner (which I’m having kittens over wondering if it arrived safely!) and thoroughly enjoyed the Clif Mojo bar I received as part of my swap tonight (licking crumbs off my fingers as I type…)


    • It’s weird, especially as I haven’t quite finished the last one yet! I hate running out of things 🙂
      And exactly. I love how you get to know people and make links, if that doesn’t sound cheesy! Look forward to seeing what you got too 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    Yes you are so right. The “meeting” of people and the fun of deciding what to send was really great. I love the blogging community anyway, it is nice to have shared values and that sort of thing, and I think everyone who comments is always so supportive etc. Plus, of course, flavoured pb = amazingness!

  3. That almond butter sounds amazing – I love trying new foods 🙂

  4. Getting your package seriously MADE my week!!! I’m posting about it tomorrow!!!! (And I just ate some of the chocolate spread, hehe it’s SO delicious!!)

  5. I love that spread! So glad you liked it, I love the whole swap thing 🙂

  6. Swap sounds great and love the parcel you sent Liz as well.

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