Bad things, good things

It was good to see, from comments on my last post, that I’m not the only one who takes pleasure from a pink swirly bowl 🙂

I need to get some more raspberries, clearly.

And talking about berries, everyone knows they’re amazingly healthy but a study, published this week, found that people who ate 1lb strawberries in a week had at the end something like four times the level of antioxidants of the ones who didn’t – as if I needed more excuse to shovel them in 🙂

But to go to the post title, my car went for its MoT yesterday.

It was bad that it failed, but good that it was only on a headlight.

It was bad that the garage quoted me £175 for a new one (unfitted), it was good that my friend John the mechanic thought he could get one much cheaper. It was bad that he couldn’t…

It was good that, a quick look on eBay and a few phone calls later, I found one for £42, which the seller posted immediately straight to the garage. They put it on today, did a free retest – and it passed.

That was definitely good 🙂

My work week has been similar too – bad that there was only me and one other reporter. Good that we got quite a bit done, bad that I worked late Monday and Tuesday and had a council meeting after work yesterday, good that it’s over.

Also good is that I’m going to spend Monday night somewhere like this:

I’m not going to Kenya for the night. But there is an animal park near me which offers not only safaris round its hundreds of acres, where all the animals are free to roam about, but also an African “experience”.

You go in the late afternoon and go on safari first. Then you go back to your “luxury safari tent” and have a full-on meal, of traditional African food cooked on an open pit, while a native African ranger explains about conservation and working out on the real thing. Then it’s cocktails on the verandah (get me!) and the next day, you go on an early morning safari – I can’t wait!

I’ll go straight from work on Monday and go straight back on Tuesday morning but I’m so looking forward to it – hopefully I’ll have some pictures to share next week 🙂

Not much planned for this weekend, except riding and I’ll probably go and see my friend Lisa tomorrow, but other than that, sleeping and chilling are the order of the day!

Have a great weekend 🙂

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16 Responses to Bad things, good things

  1. ~Jessica~ says:

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend: nice to go on ‘safari’ but avoid the spiders the size of your head…

    Good news about the car as well 🙂


  2. That safari thing sounds like so much fun! We have something like that around here, but I’m not sure about the dinner part. I’d definitely love to go to it even if food weren’t involved though!

  3. Maria says:

    Re the car stuff- you should look at Halfords next time- they sell lights and fit them cheap- I think mine was £5 fitting and a few pounds for the bulb. So might be worth a look next time (you can look on the website I think)- to replace my headlights you have to take some of the bonnet off and once the renault garage did it for me and it was about £50 something ridiculous. So next time might be worth a look?
    The safari sounds brilliant- have fun 🙂

    • Thank you – but do they stock whole units? This wasn’t just the bulb, it was the actual light… I’ll definitely look though, as it is ridiculous how much garages charge!
      And thank you, can’t wait!

  4. How cool to have a safari so close to home! I traveled to Singapore a few years ago and did a safari there- it was amazing and I wish I could do it again!

  5. My car failed it’s MOT at Christmas of all times. I needed a brand new exhaust- I wanted to cry! I hope it passes this year. Car repairs can be really pricey. Have a great weekend!

    • Christmas would definitely not be a good time! It’s when they ring you in that tone of voice and you know it’s not good news… fingers crossed for this Christmas for you 🙂

  6. Hope you have a great weekend and get nice weather for your safari experience! Great news on the strawberries, I’m eating mountains of them at the moment!

  7. Why is everything related to cars so expensive?? That “Safari” sounds awesome, however, and I’m jealous you have something like that nearby! And now I want strawberries…

  8. vivoir says:

    I did so not know that they offered the safari experience like that! I thought it was a tour and then, that’s it- all of the extras sound great! I’m guessing it’s the famous UK one anyway… begins with ‘L’ no?! Would be a great gift for my Mum and Dad 🙂

  9. It might be…!
    There is that too but this overnight stay is a fairly new thing – I’ll do a review afterwards!

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