Taking the biscuit – and WIAW

Hooray for WIAW!

Thanks Jen 🙂

But first, What I Opened In The Post Wednesday

As a reporter, and I’m sure this applies whatever publication you work for, you get a lot of strange communication.

There was the woman who rang to complain about us putting the weekly mention of lost and found cats next to the birdwatchers’ column because “cats and birds are natural enemies” for example, or the one who said the “wretched paper” had “ruined” her house – because the delivery boy had left it stuck in the letterbox rather than pushing it through.

But the post I got today took the biscuit. In more ways than one.

The letter itself was a fairly standard reader’s complaint about traffic wardens but with it in the envelope were these:

And this:

Yep, that’s two toilet signs and a stale gingerbread man.

No idea what purpose they’re supposed to serve.

And in case you were wondering, the gingerbread man (so soggy it folded rather than breaking) is Not What I Ate Wednesday.

What I did eat included this:

Normal breakfast of strawberries and plain soya yoghurt, topped with mango/coconut granola, which was amaaaazing… especially when you mix it all up:

I love the way the crunch went with the other textures and flavours. I also loved my second breakfast; a caramel rice cake with coconut butter and jam:

Lunch was standard and boring – and made at silly o’clock last night (9am-7pm in the office, 7-8.30pm at council meeting, then about 10-11pm writing the story) so no picture.

And dinner is still technically in the planning stages 🙂

But it will probably include some of this lot:

It will possibly be followed by one of these:

And there’s half a chance some of these might also feature:

Other snackage of the day harks back to the biscuit theme, ie these:

I’ve never tried to find gluten free substitutes to food I used to eat but instead appreciate things for themselves – but those Trufree digestives break the rules. They taste, crunch and dunk exactly like the normal ones. And, just like the normal ones, they might seem the most boring biscuits ever (no chocolate, raisins, topping, nuffing) but are weirdly great and addictive – and a definite improvement on soggy gingerbread men!

What’s your favourite biscuit – and have you ever been sent one in the post?! If not, have you ever been sent anything else strange?

Happy WIAW!

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24 Responses to Taking the biscuit – and WIAW

  1. OMG that is such a random parcel to recieve! My favourite biccies are bourbon biscuits. I haven’t had them in a long time as they are a total binge food for me and now I prefer my own home made cookies but I used to love eating a whole packet dunked into a cuppa!

  2. How strange for someone to send you a gingerbread man in the post like that! I love a good oat and raisin cookie and or a white chocolate and raspberry cookie. YUM!

    • I know – it makes you wonder what his point was – I’d love to know what he was thinking by it!
      And those two sound right up my street… I couldn’t choose between them though; I’d have to have both 🙂

  3. movesnmunchies says:

    ahhahaha a gingerbread man in da post?! ahah love it! my fav cookie is a ooey goody choc chip one!

  4. I love biscuits like those. Sainsburys makes lovely ones!
    granola + yogurt is always a delish combo, to be sure 🙂

  5. lol at the stale gingerbread man! and mango coconut granola? ummm! sign me up! =) Happy WIAW!!!!!1

  6. Maria says:

    What a weird parcel!
    I did a cookie exchange a while back and got some cookies in the post 🙂 But I was expecting them!
    I did get sent a stick once, and nearly threw it away. Then I read the paper and it turned out to be a blackcurrant bush from ribena (I don’t drink it, but someone I knew had sent off for it for me)- I put the twig in my garden and now it is a blackcurrant bush! 🙂

    • I’d like to get cookies in that way – sounds like a brilliant idea! This comment really made me laugh when I read “I got a stick in the post”! But how great that they sent you that, brilliant 🙂

  7. ~Jessica~ says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh at that parcel or be very, very disturbed by it. Is the fact that the gingerbread man is broken in half some kind of threat (like the Mafia leaving a horse’s head in someone’s bed) or did he just suffer an accident in the post? Perhaps if Mr Gingerbread was iced like a Traffic Warden I might be able to understand what the person was getting at more.

    I’m amazingly flattered that you’d allow me to send in a review! Would it be okay if I e-mailed a couple of questions about it to you?


    • Oh, if he’d iced it to look like a traffic warden, it would have made my day! Sadly not and it wasn’t broken when it arrived; I was just demonstrating to someone at work how soggy it was and half fell off! Otherwise you’re right; it would have been a bit sinister!
      And of course, look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  8. That is so weird!! Why did she send a toilet sign?! Haha, did you eat the gingerbread man? I would be too scared too. Who knows what’s in it?!

    • I know! Somehow the signs (two of them too!) are almost more weird than the gingerbread man! And no, I wasn’t tempted; even if it was gluten-free it would have been far too frightening to eat it 🙂

  9. cottercrunch says:

    ahh yes, the biscuits. I need to try these. Where can I buy them in the states?

  10. Sadly they’re only available in the UK… but I made a GF version yesterday!

  11. Trufree says:

    That parcel really did take the biscuit – very random! Glad you liked the digestive biscuits 🙂 there a favourite in the office, always handy to have underneath the desk. Cottercrunch – Eatinglikeahorse is right about them not being available in the states at the moment unfortunately, but if we come across an online supplier will let you know 🙂

  12. They’re great! The chocolate nobbles too; only they’re too dangerous to have around because they’re so addictive 🙂
    Thank you for the comment!

  13. Karen says:

    Oh fess up you took a little nibble on the gingerbread man’s big toe, right?

  14. Welllll…… maybe just a nibble! 🙂

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