Plans made…

You know what they say about the best-laid plans going oft awry? It’s not just the best-laid ones.

I had plans for Thursday and yesterday and they weren’t that well-laid. But they definitely went awry. 🙂

I was going to go to Westfield shopping centre with my friend Emma on Thursday, to the cinema with my friend Laura on Thursday night and to Leeds Castle for the day with Laura and her baby daughter (my goddaughter) on Friday.

what actually happened was, I got a text from the farrier at the last minute saying the only time he could put Dave’s shoe back on was Thursday at noon. Because he’s so busy, if I’d said no, Dave would have stayed shoeless for weeks and probably ended up lame/with a broken foot, etc. So that was the shopping off 😦

Then, Laura took her daughter to the doctor because she’d not been looking well, to find out she had a chest infection. I spent Thursday afternoon with them anyway and poor Jessica was so poorly, she howled when anyone but her mum even held her. So of course the cinema was postponed and yesterday’s day out rescheduled for Monday.

But at least some parcels arrived, which is always a bonus. First up:

I know I’m officially an old granny but one of the things I love about my bike is it has a rack to put panniers on at the back! I’m always taking bits up to the yard, going scrumping from my dad’s vegetable garden or getting things from the shops and cycling with a heavy carrier bag on one handlebar ain’t good. (My record is a red cabbage as big as my head and the weight of a bowling ball – nice ride home that was…)

They were £30 from the bike shop but only about a tenner from Amazon. But I blame Amazon’s recommendations for my next purchase:

I’ve got lots of recipe books. I fell for the clever marketing. I don’t care 🙂

The last thing was this….

I’d seen liquid smoke on a few American blogs and just assumed it was a barbecue-flavoured sauce. Then I found out it’s exactly what it says on the tin, ie real smoke bubbled through liquid. On the same day, I say the amazing-looking aubergine “bacon” Jess at Healthy Exposures had made, looked on ebay and found some for a reasonable price…

I had to make the bacon first 🙂

It didn’t get quite as crispy as I’d expected but I think I need to cut it more thinly – but it’s really good. I love the smokiness of that sauce, thanks Jess 🙂

Having eaten a packet of green beans in two days, I roasted asparagus with olive oil instead last night and had it with more coleslaw, on raw spinach, a mushroom and leek frittata and broccoli…

It was delicious and I really rediscovered how good broccoli is. I mean, I do eat it every. single. day. But I always steam a load of other veg with it and somehow just on its own, with a bit of nutritional yeast on top, it tasted so much better… 🙂

I meant to post last night because I went to more yoga this morning (I think I’ve been bitten by the bug now) I’d planned to go to zumba again but what I loved about the Body Balance on Wednesday was, I felt I’d had a great all-round workout. I also think the balancing and strength/stability work will really benefit my riding.

I found a class called “fitness yoga” at a health club 10 minutes’ drive away and it was cheaper – perfect. I wanted to ask readers who know more than me about “proper” working out (ie everyone, I reckon!) whether it would be silly to go as my stomach muscles were still aching from Wednesday (was impressed the legs and arms were fine though). But I got home too late to post -so I just went  🙂

Luckily, there was no abdominal work this week but I still enjoyed it – and in both classes, I completely lost track of time and couldn’t believe it had passed that quickly! Going back next Saturday and I think Laura’s going to come too so all good 🙂

Question of the day, the class is 9.30am and because I’m lazy, I only got up about 8.50. I just had strawberries, raspberries and plain soya yoghurt, with a little apple rice cake, before I went, then toast afterwards; is it protein or carbohydrate, or both, that’s more important beforehand? Or does it not really matter if it’s yoga; ie not as intensive as a gym workout or running…? Any tips appreciated!

Have a great weekend 🙂

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22 Responses to Plans made…

  1. I only really think about the carb protein thing for intensive cardio or weights sessions – I usually go for faster release carbs pre workout (like dates or dried fruit) and if I’ve been doing weights then something rich in protein (to aid muscle repair) afterwards. I think techincally if you’ve done a very intensive workout then you need to go with some carbs right after (30 minute window for optimum refuelling I think) followed by a protein ‘reconstruction’ meal a couple of hours later. There is proper ratios you can aim for I think but to be honest I just eat what I’m craving!

    • That’s really helpful, thank you! Like you say, you could probably work out the weight in grams to the nth degree but if you’re craving a certain type of food there’s got to be good reason! 🙂

  2. I love your bike!! I’ve been in search of one just like it for cruising around campus on. Delicious meal, too! I rediscovered brocolli last time I was home as well. It’s funny how we love stuff so much but somehow get out of eating it. But it does make for a treat when we get to rediscover it and become obsessed all over again!

    • Thank you! I’ve always loved cycling but this bike makes it so much better somehow and I just go everywhere I can on it – definitely makes sense from every point of view, especially petrol prices!
      And that’s a really good point – they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, obviously works with food too 🙂

  3. Little Bookworm says:

    Yoga question – I’m not sure. When I’ve been to a class mid-morning time, I just eat my normal breakfast before hand, and would then eat lunch after. Not sure if that’s much help?

  4. I LOVEEEEE Stubb’s BBQ sauce!!

    In response to your question, I think yoga is gentle enough that it doesn’t matter too much…unless of course you go to an intense one. When I eat before yoga, I usually try to choose whatever is easiest on my stomach. I definitely wouldn’t drink coffee beforehand cuz that gives me a stomach ache. Sometimes toast does too, so I’d probably go with yogurt (which happens to have protein!)

  5. ~Jessica~ says:

    Everything Laura said is spot on. I’d go with whatever you fancy unless you feel fatigued or like your endurance is suffering. I’m obsessed with protein both before and after but it’s done very little in terms of preventing injuries. Everyone functions best on different ratios/foods so really I wouldn’t be too prescriptive about it.

    Abs need time to rest in order to develop just like any other muscle, but I think it’s okay so long as you’re not doing continuous abs classes every single day.

    I’ve been coveting that recipe book too: would love to hear what you think of it 🙂


  6. awesome bike!! I’ve always wanted panniers on the side of mine as well but mine is more for sports. Perhaps I can try. I’ve always wanted one of those old fashioned looking ones so I could ride about with my flowing dress and straw hat 🙂
    Your yoga class sounds like fun. Regardless, I’d fuel up.

    • Oh yes, and a wicker basket on the front, brilliant!
      You might be able to put them on ayway, if you could fit that flat frame bit on to your bike…? They’re so useful!

  7. Darn those amazon recommendations…they get me everytime, too! I love that cookbook though, and think you will, too :]
    Glad you tried the liquid smoke! Isn’t it awesome? As for the bacon, yes, yes – I slice it veeeeery, verrry thinly. Then it gets crispy :] Either way sounds great, though – smoky eggplant!

    • I love their other ones so I couldn’t resist this; glad it’s not just me!
      And the sauce is so good – I can see myself getting through that bottle very quickly – brilliant idea on the bacon and thanks for the tips!

  8. When I’m doing yoga I try to eat normally because I haven’t burned that many calories (although it is an awesome workout in loads of other ways and I always come out aching!). Having said that, somehow yoga makes me really hungry, so I always make sure I got something healthy to eat straight afterwards to stop me reaching for the chocolate.

  9. applesnoats says:

    ohh I’ve been eyeing appetite for reduction…it looks awesome!
    for yoga I normally just have carbs before because I get really naseous if I include protein or fats!

  10. I’m super jealous of your bike!!! I haven’t gotten one yet but I totally want one with a basket, so I can ride it to the farmers market!

  11. AlisonM says:

    I love panniers on my bike — it’s so much more pleasurable riding when you don’t have a rucksack on!

    With eating before workouts, there are general guidelines, but you’ll often hear people talking about what works best for them personally. For anything that involves a decent cardio or resistance effort (this will depend on exactly what type of yoga class it is), then you probably want to replenish your carbs after sleeping. If you’re only leaving 30 mins between eating and exercise, then something that’ll get into your bloodstream fairly quickly is also good. From that point of view I think what you ate sounds good. Some people don’t eat at all though, and others need a lot more. Really though, if you felt like you had a good workout, then stick with what you’re doing!

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