Sugar, oooh, honey honey

Dave looks like he’s had LOTS of sugar. Even though he hasn’t.

I’m not quite sure how he’s done it, as we’ve had no rain and have therefore got no grass but… he’s been looking curvaceous for some time but I suddenly realised the other day – he’s HUGE – look at that belly!

Especially when you compare him today to how he looked in February…

He’s also got the worst timing in the world in that just before I’ve got a week off, and the day after the farrier was at the yard, he pulled a shoe off. Grrr.

I rode him on the soft surface today and yesterday but as he can’t go on the roads without the shoe, I went out for a ride with my friend on one of her two horses this morning. It was actually better I didn’t take Dave as the gale force wind we’ve been cursed with for weeks was still with us – and he’d have been all over the place 🙂

So I had to get up earlyish today – but as it was Sunday and as it’s been far too long since I’ve had pancakes…

I used 35g oats, mixed with a mashed half-banana and 1tbsp egg white, topped with coconut butter, a bit of jam and – surprise surprise – fresh strawberries and a dollop of plain soya yoghurt. Heaven.

Then, this afternoon, I made cookies….

Hooray for cookie towers!

I’d seen Adopt A Gluten Free Blogger around on a few sites but never quite at the right time. Started by Sea at the Book of Yum, it involves adopting a GF blog, or one with a GF recipe section and making a recipe or recipes from there and sharing them. This month, it’s being hosted by Zoe, of Z’s Cup Of Tea. I love her blog so that was the choice made 🙂

The only problem was deciding which of her recipes to go for. I’ve made (and eaten within hours) her delicious coconut pudding in the past so I tried something new – her honey cookies.

Hence the post title – I’ve had two lines from that song going round my head all afternoon.

But to good effect. The recipe’s really simple and – as I only realised afterwards – not only gluten-free but also dairy-free, egg-free and vegan! It’s also sugar-free and full of healthy fats – a winner all round.

I seem to have lost my big cookie cutter, so mine were buttons rather than cookies – but that means you can eat more of them 🙂

They’re not overly sweet but the almond/honey combination is perfect – they’re delicious, whether you follow a GF diet or not! And I’ve got my eye on a couple more of Zoe’s recipes too…

They also went perfectly with a cup of tea after I’d battled back through the hurricane on my bike this evening. I can’t tell you yet whether they go just as well with coffee; I’ll just have to investigate later *sigh*

And I’m looking forward to going to bed WITHOUT setting the alarm tonight – happy days 🙂

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21 Responses to Sugar, oooh, honey honey

  1. Enjoy your lie in you lucky thing! Your pancakes look fab and those cookies sound great too!

  2. Maria says:

    Love the mini cookies! Everything is better in miniature! 🙂

  3. Those cookies look delicious!! I love shortbread-like, crisp cookies like that.

    I can’t say anything about Dave’s belly. CoCo’s a little porker!! haha

    • Crisp biscuits are always good 🙂
      And I’m glad it’s not just Dave…! Last year, I had a lesson and the instructor took one look and said “He’s been enjoying his grass” – how rude!

  4. Teddie looks like a preggo mare at the moment. And not just any preggo mare. I think he’s secretly carrying twins. The first gelding to have twins, perhaps. Oi, vei. The boy is fat on air, I swear!
    Anyways. The cookies look SO good!! Checking that recipe out stat 😉

    • I know – how do they do it?! At least you save on the feed bill though 🙂
      The cookies are amazing; I thought at first I’d prefer them sweeter but actually they’re perfect!

  5. Zoe says:

    You did a fantastic job, the cookies look great! So glad you liked them and also the coconut pudding. Your horse is beautiful as well. Although I don’t have great knowledge of hippology, it looks like he’s just been having a good feed. 🙂 Thanks for participating in this month’s Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger, it’s so lovely to meet new bloggers.

    • Thank you! They’re great and I daren’t make the coconut pudding again now I know how addictively good it is!
      And thank you; Dave is photogenic, bless him, and I prefer your description 🙂

  6. Sonia says:

    Dave is so cute! Do horses really get bigger with more sugar?!
    I love how he’s looking right at the camera in the second picture!

  7. awww that belly! 😉 its summertime he’ll trot it off once he gets his shoe back on… or a new shoe? not entirely sure how that works! ❤ enjoy an alarm-less morning darling! ❤

    • Same shoe, nailed back on – luckily, as it won’t cost me as much! Hopefully he will work it off, just means I have to work hard too!
      And thank you so much, it was great. so great that I think I’ll have another alarm-less morning tomorrow… 😉

  8. Any day I can go to sleep without setting an alarm is a good one 🙂 Even though I still wake up early, I love waking up on my own terms!

  9. Yay for waking up without an alarm! It’s strange–I always feel more tired waking up with an alarm even if I get over eight hours of sleep. Those cookies look delicious! Haven’t had shortbread cookies in a while.

  10. Dave is such a cutie! Enjoy sleeping in!

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