Shaking it up, take two

There’s nothing like leaving work on a Friday night.

But even better is leaving work on a Friday night, knowing you haven’t got to go back for, count ’em, ten days, woop!

I realised as I set the out-of-office on my email, that I hadn’t had a week off since December. So I can’t wait. And it was well overdue too; I’m knackered! I’m ignoring the fact that I get back on deadline day after the bank holiday and the editor’s off. I’m forgetting that, that night, I’ll have to go straight from the office to a major planning meeting, which will finish at about 9-10pm, then drive home and write the story before I go to bed. Lalalalalalala – I’m on holiday now πŸ™‚

I was glad to hear, from the comments on my WIAW post, that I’m not the only one who gets stuck in food ruts (or “grooves – thanks Laura; much better way of putting it!)

Because, having trumpeted about shaking it up, I’ve eaten nothing but this:

Strawberries and plain soya yoghurt

And this:

GF multiseed toast with coconut butter and jam

For breakfast all week. It’s so good πŸ™‚

I was going to have something different today but I was in a rush and this is so quick, as well as being delicious – what’s a girl to do?!

I was rushing because I went to my first zumba class. I may not be too good at shaking it up with my diet, so what about shaking up the exercise?! and “shaking it up” is the right description – as I said to the teacher afterwards, I thought I was fairly fit.

I’m not.

She said it was because I’m obviously too used to cycling/riding etc so the high-energy salsa/Latin dancing was – put it this way, I had a jumper on at the start but within five minnutes of warming up, that was off and I was sweating big time πŸ™‚

It was brilliant though. I love dancing but I’m not really into going clubbing any more so this is perfect and I love the Latin music – you can’t help but have a big grin on your face as you do it.

I did once join a gym for a bit but I can’t really afford it so my exercise is usually just cycling, riding and general stuff up at the yard but this – really raising the heart rate and getting moving – was brilliant. It’s less than 10 miles away too and you don’t have to block-book so I think I’ll be going back πŸ™‚

Pretty chilled for the rest of today I think; just cycling up to ride Dave and probably going to see my best friend and her daughter. All good.

Have you ever tried zumba? Or any other new fitness classes? Or do you tend to stick to an exercise routine?

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8 Responses to Shaking it up, take two

  1. Maria says:

    I must say the Zumba class I have seen leaves me rather skeptical! It is in the same studio as my aerobics, and we are squashed if there are 15 people in there, whereas Zumba has 30+ each week. It is on after body pump (and we have had a few people leave Zumba to join body pump as to quote one girl ” I want a class to make me sweat like you guys are at the end”- yeah we look awful at the end!) and I have seen a bit of it- perhaps yours is more high energy, but this one they seem to stand in their own little square of floor and sort of wiggle about- seems like low impact aerobics. But then if you enjoy it then there is nothing wrong with that- I think a lot of the people going see it as a social thing more as they are all chatting while moving too. Gosh that was a long comment! So basically, no I have not tried Zumba, but I am glad I tried out classes a while back as I love the 2 that I do.

    • I’d like to try body pump too – but this one definitely wasn’t like that! I did try talking half-way through, but was too out of breath; there wasn’t any standing still… I love your description of the one you saw though – genius πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve yet to try actual Zumba at a gym but I can’t wait to do so!! I’d be embarrassed of looking like a totaly goof, though. I have no rhythm whatsoever. Oh well, I guess for the first few classes I’ll just have fun by laughing at myself…that’ll make for a good ab workout, too. πŸ˜›

  3. I’ve never tried zumba but it does look like fun! I did do spinning but I’ve became a bit bored of it so I just gym it instead but I do love my body pump class!

  4. I’ve never tried Zumba before, but I’ve heard good things about it. My local gym does a class at the same time as my yoga class is on and the queue is always out of the door!
    I think it’s good to shake things up exercise-wise sometimes – it keeps you interested and definitely improves fitness.
    I hope you have a great week off – there’s nothing better πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you – can’t wait! And I agree; changing routines has got to be a good thing and I really enjoyed it πŸ™‚

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